How many tourists visit Disneyland every year

Amusement parks fight for every single visitor

New business models

In order to offset the losses caused by the corona pandemic a little, many amusement parks have come up with new ideas for their business: Among other things, the Europapark, with its subject areas dedicated to different European countries, presents itself as a substitute travel destination for trips abroad. “Where the gods go on vacation”, says the advertisement for the Greece themed area in the resort. “The representation is of course strongly idealized,” says Freitag. Amusement parks have always been known for a trip to a world without worries.

But Corona also means: masks, keeping your distance, regular disinfection - staying in the park is no longer that carefree. After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, security checks were deliberately placed in front of the actual park entrances, says the amusement park researcher. But the virus does not stop at the turnstiles.

“I felt safe in Europapark,” says Stefan Andter, amusement park blogger, who has already visited the park eight times this year alone. For him, amusement parks are a good way to distract himself from everyday life, especially during this time. He quickly forgot the mask, even on the roller coaster ride. However, the crisis is noticeable in his wallet, because at the moment he has to buy single tickets for his park visits, which take place almost every weekend. The annual passes, which are otherwise cheaper for him, have not yet been extended by many parks.

Due to the hygiene measures, visitors can only book the day tickets online. In this way, the operators limit the number of visitors and avoid crowds in front of the cash registers. Since Corona, the parks have also been directing adrenaline junkies more towards predetermined routes, according to amusement park researcher Freitag. Parks are familiar with the topic, however, as they already made sure during construction to strategically distribute the main attractions - and thus also the visitors. Digitization helps with this: Europapark, for example, offers its visitors an app on which they can register for the rides and are then assigned a time instead of having to stand in the queue. An advantage with and without Corona.