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What gives us strength with “Corona-Blues” - 6 tips for everyday life

The coronavirus hit us harder last autumn than at the beginning of the pandemic. Once again, politics and healthcare had to take measures that have far-reaching consequences for our everyday lives. Careful actions and social responsibility are required from each individual. We have to come to terms with this situation, although our fears and worries often run in the background. In order to protect our mental health and prevent a corona blues, we should use the lockdown to take the helm again and actively do something for our well-being. We have collected 6 ideas for you.

In many conversations it is currently saying how we should make the most of the corona crisis. But how do you actually make the best of it and should you really do that?

At first it is not easy to see the positive thing about Corona. Especially if you or your family members belong to a risk group, this approach even seems to be completely out of place. Maybe it's not about letting the (positive) thoughts revolve around Corona, because there are many things apart from it that make our lives rich. We're talking about gratitude.

In the spirit of gratitude, we don't have to make the best of whatever, but see what is already good. Every night before bed, write down five things you are grateful for today. This can be a good conversation with a friend, a sunny walk, your workplace, running water from the tap or a delicious meal.

2Plan power providers against the corona blues

Due to the safety precautions, there are currently many things that are prescribed to us: We are no longer allowed to eat in restaurants, are no longer allowed to go to work, at times no longer send our children to daycare or school, etc. Even if we understand the sense of these measures can well understand, they can feel like prohibitions for our psyche and let us fall into a corona blues. We ask ourselves what we can still decide for ourselves and experience a fear of losing control.

However, self-determination is essential for our well-being. Therefore, in times of the Corona crisis, we should consciously plan positive activities that we enjoy - so-called Power giver. Of course, we have to adapt to the current situation and the season: read, talk to good friends on the phone, try a new recipe, watch our favorite series, do yoga, start an online training course, etc.

Plans at least one of these strength givers for each day and over time you will notice a marked difference in your wellbeing.

To be strong and relaxed, good sleep is essential. Fortunately, there are some things we can do to actively promote our sleep. First of all, check whether you currently have good sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene means - based on physical hygiene rules, such as the now so important hand washing - that you observe a few points in order to ensure optimal sleeping conditions.

This includes, for example, going to bed and getting up at the same time as possible. You can also create a ritual to go to sleep, which can include a relaxation exercise, for example. If possible, only use your bed for sleeping and not for other things like work or watching TV (the only exception: sex!). It can also be helpful to have dimmed lights before you go to sleep and to avoid screen lights for at least half an hour before you go to bed. You can find more tips in our articles on sleeping better, having trouble falling asleep or how much sleep do you need?

Viktor Emil Frankl was an Austrian psychiatrist who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp. Even during this difficult time he dealt with the human psyche and observed that the feeling of a successful life is directly related to the Recognizing a sense of one's own actions related.

We may not be able to pursue our specific goals in the usual way at the moment, but we can do other things that are related to the same values. A value is like a direction that we can always take - regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not.

Suppose you wanted to take a trip to South Africa this year to learn about local African culture. However, due to the Corona crisis, you cannot fly now. The value behind your travel planning might be curiosity, a thirst for adventure, or a thirst for knowledge. Even if you are in quarantine, you could live these values, for example by starting an online Afrikaans language course or reading a non-fiction book about South Africa. Of course, it's not the same as setting foot on South African soil. But it's the same direction and makes for a sense of accomplishment despite frustration.

In addition to the values ​​already mentioned, common values ​​are love, compassion, self-care (everything you do for your well-being and health), and connection. Just think about it: What inner values ​​play a role in your life and what could you do to live it despite the current corona crisis?

5Stay in motion with winter and corona blues

The measures to contain the corona virus limit our usual range of motion. Many people even have to remain in quarantine at home. Psychological studies have shown, however, that exercise has a mood-enhancing effect and can even prevent depression. Sport may already be part of one of your daily strength providers - otherwise you can consciously integrate it more into your everyday life in order to increase your well-being.

Some people still find it difficult to exercise at home because they are used to group workouts and gyms. So it may take some willpower, time, and patience to create new habits. It can also be helpful to try something completely newwhat you do not yet associate with a certain environment. For example, you could practice yoga or Pilates, dance, do strength training with your own body weight or try a little exercise in between: squats while brushing your teeth, climbing stairs instead of using the elevator, jogging to the supermarket or riding a bike.

Especially in the darker months of the year, a brisk walk is also a good idea during the day, because you can use the mood-enhancing effect of daylight for yourself at the same time. This is how you prevent winter blues while you are active in the fresh air.

We humans are social beings: we need closeness and contact in order to feel good. It is therefore very important that, despite the given restrictions, you make sure that you speak enough with family and friends: make calls, skype, chat, send voice messages - there are no limits to your contact creativity.

Another way to feel more connected is to do compassion meditations. In so-called metta meditation, we first generate love and compassion for ourselves and expand it further and further, to our friends, acquaintances, the city and the country in which we live and finally to the whole world.

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