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Spiritual Awakening - 5 Tips That Really Work!

Posted on March 5th, 2021 by Christian

The spiritual awakening or that Awakening of the spirit is a really very broad topic. I would now like to take you on a little journey for your spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening and Enlightenment is the same for me. However, there are many concepts along the way to full awakeningthat need to be viewed and resolved.

Your journey to spiritual awakening

In many cases your spiritual awakening begins with realizing that there is not only one visible world. You may have out-of-body experiences, learn about heavenly support, or recall past lives. Most of the time, the path begins with a stroke of fate, an accident or, in the best case, when you quit smoking.

For me, the conscious journey began at the age of 8, the day my mother died. At the same time, a huge door of possibilities opened up. I had had a few experiences before that, but that day was both a blessing and a curse for me. Today I can just think of it as a gift. My mum left, and in return I made contact with the spirit world.

We begin to wonder who we are and what our job here seems to be. Often we begin to realize ourselves, become self-employed, because we have something to tell or give to the world. Many learn through channeling to communicate with the spirit world, with the dead, or with animals. Channeling is easy, if you are interested use my guide to learning channeling. A spiritual opening begins, for the invisible world and for things that cannot be grasped with our ego-mind.

All of these are concepts that we grow into and grow out of when the time comes. Spiritual awakening in most cases goes over many incarnations. In your incarnation today you can recognize to a certain extent how far your spiritual development or how far the redemption of your karma is.

It is up to us how quickly we want to awaken spiritually. How we move forward depends on our current issues and unconscious fears. Maybe you are in this position too, most of the time those who are really in the shit develop the most. Those who lead the "good life" are seldom interested in spiritual development. They prefer to have fun with the world and its countless things.

This can happen during spiritual awakening

Different things can happen depending on where you are on the path of your spiritual awakening. Media abilities can open up, for example you become clairaudient or clairvoyant. You write books or start painting because you are inspired to do so. You start to see the world with different eyes, but it differs so much from person to person that it is now beyond the scope of the text to describe it in detail.

Common symptoms of spiritual awakening:

Insomnia, nightmares, falling into depression or short-term personality loss are common symptoms that can recur ...

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Today it is a lot easier to awaken spiritually than it used to be, when there was still witch burning and people were killed for it because they had a different belief. Everything that did not fit into the worldview of the time was, so to speak, wiped out.

Spiritual awakening - give up your concepts about the world!

The world is not what you think it is. You force your concept on her, of which you believe the world should be like this. Your spiritual awakening continues to a concept that nondualism scolds itself. It says that if there is a God and he is EVERYTHING that is, he cannot reverse him. So anything that is not God must be a dream or an illusion.

This is where true spiritual awakening begins. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to spoil all other concepts. They are necessary for your development. You will only come to this point if you are really ready. The further you get on your way, the more powerful the issues that want to be redeemed become.

At some point, like me, you will come to a point where the question arises in you, what you really want. The choice between all of your dreams, to realize your visions or to choose God and start breaking the wheel of reincarnation forever. To become what you really are, nothing but pure spirit. Spiritual awakening means going beyond fear and shedding your whole personality. Nor is it necessary with God. It is important to recognize that your ego mind is holding you right here where you are right now.

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The stages of spiritual awakening

Here you will experience a common thread of topics that runs through your life. You must have noticed that already. These issues repeat until they are really let go. Spiritual healing and spiritual awakening are really the same thing. Without knowledge there is no awakening or healing. One conditionally affects the other.

No matter what kind of a package of topics you have brought with you, there will be good and bad phases that will show you the way. There will be times for rest and healing and times when there is too much to learn, or when what has already been learned needs to be solidified.

If you want to wake up, you have to learn to dig in your own quagmire.

You will find that in some of these phases you will learn alternately, sometimes on a worldly or more on a spiritual level.

The deeper these issues go, the more pain you may experience. It is the pain that the ego mind sends out when it comes to dropping the ego. Often this is accompanied by a lot of fears and emotions that seem to overrun us on a tour. The more you experience of it, the more certain you can be that you are on the right path to redeeming a fat thing.

Then there are phases of peace and healing. If you have worked on yourself properly, inner peace should set in. By inner peace I don't mean a feeling that can change within seconds. The peace I mean comes from the depths, so to speak. I like to describe it as a kind of awareness.

It is precisely this peace that is the yardstick for your spiritual awakening, or for your spiritual development. If you have this inner peace, you can see where you really stand. It is the most important foundation that you need to be able to fully remember. Peace is the opposite of fear and fear is the means that keeps the wheel of reincarnation alive. This is where all of your past and present problems originate.

Spiritual Awakening - Renouncing Fear Completely

You may have already noticed, fear is the root of all evil! Spiritual awakening is the renunciation of all your fears. God did not create these fears. Fear is a means that we created ourselves in order not to be able to know ourselves, others or God. Nor is it God who sent you out to recognize the world. Do you know the story of the prodigal son, he is you!

The truth is different! When the fear found its way into your spirit, a wall was created between you and God, which made communication with Him impossible. That led to falling out of perfect being. This wall is a projection of all the fears that exist in your mind. It is a wall that you place between yourself and others or between God.

The only way for spiritual awakening to happen in your life is to remove this wall, brick by brick. Every stone stands for a topic. Look how high your wall is, then you know what to do. With every fear released, you get closer and closer to the healing of your spirit, to inner peace and to the true love for which you are truly longing.

In this way you can accelerate the spiritual awakening

Now I would like to give you my tools that have accelerated my spiritual awakening. Here we go!

1. Energy work

Energy work is one of my favorite tools. It is helpful to make deeply buried blockages visible. It dissolves emotions, cleanses the chakras and supports you to get out of your chaos to spiritual healing and inner peace. In combination with forgiveness, energy work is a blast!

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2. The inner child

For your spiritual awakening, the inner child can be a great way to work on you. Start with the topics from your childhood to take the first steps in disintegrating the ego mind.

3. The classic - meditation

To calm your mind, it is useful to learn to stop its carousel of thoughts. With our thoughts the ego mind chases us back and forth between the past and the future. So it is impossible to become present and to act out of the NOW. Meditation is a fine tool that you can use to keep the mind peaceful and not sink into chaos. Use guided meditations or start learning meditation. It's best to just start. That's what I did back then.

4. Stop judging yourself and others

Part of the spiritual awakening is detachment from judgment. Judgments are an attack on yourself and others. A judgment always says that something has to be better or worse. It also says that you value one thing more than another. As long as we are judging, we are in identification with the ego with our perception in the body.

Every judgment that we have made and will also make, obscures our view of love. Love is free of judgment. And when love judges, it judges that love is, or judges in the call for love. You could also say that spiritual awakening is remembering unconditional love.

Every judgment made forms a boundary between you and your counterpart. From a worldly point of view, one excludes the other. The truth is, you always self-isolate. Everything we do, we always do for ourselves. So, if we are loving to others, so will the others be to us too.

If you harm someone in any way, the harm done will come back to you, even if it is not by the same person. You will judge what you think and put it into practice. So, consider everything you do, do I want to harm myself? Because everything you give always comes back to you!

5. Forgiveness - The best tool for spiritual awakening

The most important tool for your spiritual awakening is the application of forgiveness. Everything that disturbs your peace of mind is worthy of forgiveness, since forgiveness has the power and the power to remove everything from your mind that does not correspond to your real truth and is held up by illusions. Instead of judging, choose forgiveness and so you will recognize and perceive step by step how peace enters your mind and how your spiritual awakening reveals itself further.

The result of peace in the mind is that the outside, what one can perceive through the body, will also change. Inside as well as outside. This is how a previously unhappy dream becomes a happy dream. But, you have to face things instead of realizing new desires. Forgiving has many other benefits, which I present to you in my article on forgiveness.

Don't exchange anything for EVERYTHING

In God you are one with him and in the world you can be someone. The trick is, you're in a huge dream that includes me and everyone else. Your liberation is our liberation too. It is not the world that needs to be set free, it is we who need healing. If you have managed to follow my text to this point, I would like to show you even more for your spiritual awakening and my two most important points for you my spiritual awakening give me on the way. If at some point you decide for God, you can't avoid both topics, so why not deal with them right away. Are you ready?

The war against ourselves

As long as the mind is not awakened, we are constantly at war with ourselves. The unawakened mind is a sick mind, so to speak, and that is the only reason we get sick or seem to be at war in the first place. Because he is sick, war, attack and sickness always seem justified. Can peace be found in war? Or let's ask the question the other way around. Can a sane mind think of war, attack, or hatred?

No, it is not, how should someone with loving thoughts think about carrying out an attack on someone else. This can only happen if the person confuses love with fear or thinks fear is love. That depends exactly on it Awakening of the spirit, or your spiritual awakening, whether the person has really recognized the difference between love and fear. Unless everyone realizes this, spiritual awakening is simply impossible. That is why inner peace is one of the most important requirements.

Your spiritual awakening in a twisted world

This world is the complete opposite of heaven. There is peace, goodness and joy in heaven. The world we see is full of fear, war and hatred. But is that the will of our Creator? Is he really responsible for it or is the world as we see it a world for which we ourselves are responsible.

Everyone longs for peace, joy and happiness, but apparently it is not attainable for so many. But why is it? Is it because we forgot what love is? Or is it because we confuse fear and love, like joy and pain?

On the whole, it's because we've forgotten what love is. Let's take a look at the world. Everything here has certain limits and we are constantly setting them. For example, children are only loved when they function the way adults want them to. You love your partner only as long as he is ready to do the things you think you need to do. Even with his own friends, if they don't work, they are excluded.

Everyone wants to enforce their greed in some way, because if I don't get what I need, you'll bleed for it. Everyone tries to take something away from the other that they think they need. I think you can guess what I'm getting at. If we take a closer look at this world, we see nothing more than pure fear, although in many forms it is pure fear.

If we think about it in peace, can it be love? Or are we selling fear to ourselves as love? At the end of the day, we don't need to be surprised when we treat other people that way, when they treat us in the same way. How can spiritual awakening succeed, achieve peace when we are constantly asserting our ego will and that out of a fear of not having enough, of not being loved enough. This is all a pretty twisted and insane perception. Just like the belief that the spirit can be found in the body….

Spiritual awakening, this is how the body is used

Just as the world and heaven were twisted, so too has the body. When the fear entered the mind, the mind needed something to project the fear. And so the body and this world came into being. Because if we look closely at this world and our body, they are both there to act out fear. Even if the body was created out of fear, it can still be used for love.

The body itself is a neutral vehicle. For your spiritual awakening, it is important to recognize who the mind chooses with which to control the body. We choose (the mind) how we want to use it. We choose fear and thus the ego, which, by the way, credibly assures you that the body is real and that you can find peace with it in external things. But to find peace on the outside permanently is an illusion. Or we use it for love or for God, our creator. This is your free will, where you decide from second to second between love and fear.

Cause and effect of body and mind

Proper awareness of the body makes your spiritual awakening easier. The body on its own cannot do anything. He cannot decide for himself what clothes he wants to wear, whether he feels good or bad, nor can he own any things in any form. The mind is responsible for all of this. Believe me or not, it's true.

Because everything, as we see in ourselves or in others, whether we are rich or poor and whether we are lucky or unhappy, all these are decisions that the mind makes, transmitted to the brain and the body will carry out. The mind is the cause of everything we perceive and thus the body can only be the effect of what the mind has decided. So if we want to solve problems, where do we look? The responsibility always rests with us and therefore with no one else.

For spiritual awakening, the mind must be healed

To your spiritual awakening To promote, you have to recognize that the mind or your mind is split. In this way, everyone who believes in an ego has bipolar disorder. The easiest way to recognize this is that we can choose between love and fear. When the idea of ​​fear entered the mind, the mind split into a right-minded and a wrong-minded part. In the wrongly minded part we find the fear, aggression, hatred, anger, sadness and doubt. But also, and this is important to realize, that your personality also has its own version of joy, happiness and love. In order for spiritual awakening to take place, the wrongly minded part must be redeemed.

For example, the wrongly minded part of your mind tells you: Only when person X meets my conditions can I love her and be happy with her. And that is exactly the reason why we treat others and ourselves that way. That is the reason why we perceive this world as it is. We follow the ego and its execution of fear of how this world has to be. As I have already described above, it is our decision whether we want to follow love or fear. And our perception shows us how we have decided.

Your spiritual awakening - the end of the dream

Dreams are illusions and illusions make us hold onto things that we don't even want. Dreams always show you that you are not satisfied with what you have created. Because we try to remove a lack in us, we begin to dream or wish. Chasing dreams excludes you from reality, because dreams will always blind you and that in a world for which you are responsible. Your spiritual awareness does not succeed in this way. But if you practice using forgiveness you can make a happy dream out of it, that is still an illusion, but at some point you realize that you have to forgive this illusion too, because you know that it will bring you real freedom. So the unhappy dream became a happy dream and when it was recognized that the dreaming was awakened, his body disappeared very gently and an insane world was reinterpreted in the sky in which he is freely united with his brothers and his creator ...... ..

Living spirituality is something that happens in the spirit, because spirituality is what happens between you and God. It's communication. Spiritual awakening is the conscious decision to put anything out of the way that is hindering this communication. For this, all corpses have to be fetched from the cellar so that healing can occur and nothing stands in the way of your awakening. It is a path that leads you through your own abyss. The more fear or guilt or resistance that emerges in you, the more certain you can be that you are digging in the right place.

It's not an easy path, but it can be done.