How much does passion influence our success?

Volvo work culture

Passion for people is the key to our success

Our employees create a strong corporate culture that is rooted in our company's almost 100-year history. This is what sets us apart from others. What is it like to work at the Volvo Group? Our employees are passionate about what they do. You are willing to work hard to make our customers successful and to make a difference for society.

In order to be able to shape the world in which we want to live, we not only have to be innovative and think ahead. In addition, we are allowed to develop freely and have the confidence and courage to take the initiative. Every voice is heard and every one of our ideas carries weight. The working atmosphere at Volvo is one of helpfulness and mutual respect. We benefit from teamwork, a willingness to dialogue and learn in a fast-moving environment. We draw energy from our open-minded and diverse environment in which we can be ourselves.

All of these qualities make us who we are - and are the reasons why Volvo Group employees are so committed and people want to do business with us. This creates a strong foundation on which our product brands can outperform the competition.

Volvo's values ​​and culture

As a company, we have ambitious goals based on a high-performance culture. Our corporate culture is defined by five carefully selected values. They act as a guideline for our daily actions. They dictate how we interact with one another, with our customers and with society as a whole. They influence our decisions at all organizational levels.

Our values ​​express our common convictions across regions and companies and create the basis for top performance by committed employees. Our values ​​are:

  • Customer success – We make our customers successful
  • trust – We trust each other
  • Passion – We love, what we do
  • change – We shape change in order to remain a leader
  • Efficiency – We are profitable to shape our future ourselves

Learn more about our values

Thanks to its corporate culture, the Volvo Group ranks 20th on the list of the best places to work in the world

In 2020, the Volvo Group was named one of the 25 best employers in the world by the Great Place to Work® Institute and Fortune. Your successful corporate culture is based on promoting cohesion and meaningful work.

Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of the Volvo Group: “This company is incredibly strong - thanks to all the fantastic colleagues who work here. People who are ready to take responsibility for their link in the chain, but also for the overall picture. "

Read the whole post.

Agile ways of working

If you don't want to lose touch in today's fast-paced world, you have to be willing to learn and ready for change. Innovation is based on the willingness to change. The Volvo Group cares about the world we live in. We actively seek solutions that will make both our customers' businesses and our own better. We deal with best practices and think outside the box. Being open-minded and sharing our knowledge is part of our work culture. We change by analyzing our actions on a daily basis and checking whether there are smarter ways.

Working for the Volvo Group also means working with some of the brightest minds in the industry. We work openly and transparently in teams, across teams and in networks. We work with external partners, start-ups, suppliers, universities and authorities to generate speed of action and innovation for our customers. Watch an article about CampX, one of our innovation arenas where our agile working methods come to life.

Every voice is really heard here

Employee engagement is what drives top companies. That is why a willingness to engage in dialogue, feedback and transparent communication are integral parts of our corporate culture. As we work in a fast-moving environment, annual performance reviews and complex HR processes are no longer relevant. We strive for short and regular encounters between superiors and employees. Information should be shared, performance evaluated and measures decided so that the employee always has control over his professional career.

In addition, the superiors have an instrument with which they can record the feedback from their team at any time in the form of short "pulse checks". We talk about our goals, we identify and fix problems, we celebrate our successes and we learn from our mistakes. In addition, clear and open discussions help our teams tear down walls between us. We trust each other and we are convinced that other teams will also do their best.

At company level, a global survey of all employees takes place every two years in order to collect feedback from all parts of the company and initiate action plans.

The Volvo Group culture in practice: stories from the company

Diversity and Inclusion

We create a work environment in which you can bring your true, unmistakable self to the table every day. Because we know: if each of us can contribute his or her true self, everyone benefits from it. We increase our performance through better decision-making and groundbreaking innovation.

Our values

Our values ​​serve as a guideline for our daily actions. They dictate how we interact with one another, with our customers and with society as a whole. They influence our decisions at all organizational levels. Our values ​​express our common convictions across all areas and companies.

Leadership skills

For the Volvo Group, leadership style plays a crucial role. In our view, the role of a leader is to align the talent and commitment of employees with company goals and to unleash their potential so that they are ready to do their best.