How do I find the mental age

Mental age or also: mental age

The mental (spiritual) age describes the age in relation to the current living conditions. It differs from the official age that is documented in the passport, as the mental age is related to the attitude towards life. You can test your age with a Mental Age Test. What is the current mental age? Does it match your actual age? Warning: It's more fun than a real medical test.

Synonym (s): Intellectual age

How old is my brain You'll never know if you don't take a mental age test. This will help discover the mental age of your brain. How old are you mentally Do you feel younger than you actually are? Or are you acting "older"? During the tests, you can choose the answers that you like the most or that you like the most. There is neither right nor wrong.

Do you listen to your inner child and sometimes lose control? Are there moments in your life when you jump up and down or sing out loud because you are happy and want everyone to know? Mental age is an indicator of how much your inner child affects your life. It can be influenced by one's social environment, mindset, and lifestyle.

For example, a 12-year-old child who has to take responsibility for themselves and other siblings is likely to be of a higher intellectual age than a 12-year-old child who lets their parents shape their lives. For example, the level of responsibility a child assumes can affect their intellectual age. Another example: an elderly lady always stays in contact with many young people. Her character is shown in her openness to change and her interest in her own personal development. The mental age of the lady is therefore likely to be lower than the mental age of a person who is actually younger. The interest in new things and the courage to explore the unknown keep the lady spiritually young. Both scenarios are just examples of how a person's mental age can be influenced.

Important: These examples do not represent general stereotypes!

What other types of ages are there?

The biological age

A person's biological age depends on several factors: their genes, lifestyle, social background, and social environment. We cannot change the genes that provide genetic information, but people with the special variation of the FOXO3 gene have a longer life expectancy than people with another variation. Tip: You can influence your biological age by observing the consequences of your daily consumption (food, alcohol, drugs, etc.).

The chronological age

The chronological age is based on the date of birth documented in the passport.

Does mental age relate to IQ?

There are different opinions on this question. Some say it depends on the IQ, others say it doesn't. We believe anything is possible. People with different IQs can have the same mental age. It is also possible for a person with a higher IQ to reach a higher mental age than a person with a lower IQ, and vice versa.

Can you improve your mental age?

Yes of course! There are several ways that you can reduce and maintain your mental age. You can keep your mind active and young with brain training games like sudoku or crossword puzzles.

Research / Science: Interesting articles and news about intellectual age

Retirement and inactivity lead to severe decline in physical and mental health. Various new research shows that mental age is a very important issue for people of different ages. That is why some institutes and scientists are working on this topic.

The Institute for Economics published an article on the connection between retirement and the decline in mental health with the title "The young brain: still under construction". There is also another important article on mental health from the National Institute of Mental Health. It describes brain function, development and behavior based on adolescents and how it changes during adolescence.

Mental age test

Why should I take the mental age test?

Your question - How old is my mental age?

What types of mental age tests are online? Searching for the various mental age tests inevitably produces several results. Some of the tests can be very fun and interesting, while others are less than that. Basically, most of these mental age tests are based on 10 to 20 different questions.

A mental age test is great fun and gives some information about mental age.

Mental Age Test Questions

In order to find out the age of the brain there are a few important questions that need to be answered. "Brain age" depends on the answers that are given. The following aspects are important to determine mental age.

The inner child

Are you a childish person If so, it is an indication of mental youthfulness.

your gender

The brains of men are usually younger than that of women.

Your preferences

Would you rather have an energy drink or a glass of wine? What is your idea of ​​a good time?

Your style

Some questions like "What style of dance do you like?" sound.

Your physical age

Often times, mental age tests ask about your physical age - with the addition of not picking the wrong answer to a joke.

Your emotional state

You screwed up a lot - what are you doing there? This is a typical question of the example to find out emotional states.

Your sense of responsibility

When you have a great sense of responsibility, you seem older. Questions like "What are you doing with your money?" can help find out how awesome it is.

Overview of the various tests

There are many types of mental age tests, and most of them take no more than a few minutes. Some (specific) features:

  • for children
  • for teenagers
  • for gender
  • Focus on psychology
  • in different languages ​​(Hindi, Spanish, ...)
  • Specific tests like color tests, "real" mental age tests, YouTube mental age tests

How accurate are the mental age tests?

All online tests for determining mental age are: Fun!

Certainly some "algorithms" are built in such a way that, according to the answer, there is a "more suitable" mental age. In principle, the result is always good - like a horoscope. If you are younger than the result, you are very wise. If you are older than the result, you are fresh in your head ;-) So the answer is almost always good.

But what is behind the phenomenon of mental age tests on the Internet? It's simple: there are people who like to do tests like this. And there are online marketing experts who create such tests and earn money with the online reach with affiliates like Google AdSense.

We can also say that tests of mental age are sometimes a reason for interaction in the media, which encourages exchanges with real people. This is good for the mental age. And certainly one or the other tip is included in the tests, the implementation of which is also good for the mental age.

9 tips to stay spiritually young

Be a star in the shower!

Singers tend to be more satisfied with life and more confident. Statistically speaking, they're smarter! So ... use your shower head, choose a song and turn your bathroom into a karaoke club!

Make funny faces in the mirror!

Everyone knows: a smile can change your day or even your whole life. But smiling is easy and not really a challenge. Try other expressions and make your friends laugh!

Hug a tree

The trees around you can reach an age of 1000 years .... 1000 YEARS !!!! And some trees get a lot older. The next time you see a tree, give it a hug and be grateful for your double-digit age.

Visit an amusement park ......

... go straight to the carousel and ride your favorite horse!

Discover your love for numbers .....

... even if math wasn't your favorite lesson at school! We are sure that you will have fun playing Sudoku. As long as you can count to nine .....

Dance in the rain!

Put on your rain boots, grab an umbrella, and splash in the puddles.

Have a pillow fight!

A fun, pain-free stress device!

Go to a playground!

Get on the swings like in the good old days and try to catch the clouds.

Let go of your inner child every now and then!

One of the best things you can do is keep your inner child alive. Don't take life too seriously!