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Post game rules Scrabble

This mail game is based on the popular game of the same name by Spear. At the Mail game the game master publishes eight letters from the stock of letters that apply to all players. Each player thinks about the best possible move (this is usually a Word) according to the original Scrabble rules (© Spear 1989 or newer) and receives the number of points corresponding to his move. On the game board that is valid for all, only the best of the given moves is made. Then the game master adds eight to the remaining letters, so that all of them have the same eight letters again.

Crucial for that Admissibility of words - especially in the case of composite ones - is the Duden mentioned in the evaluation. Only what is there as a keyword may be used. Exceptions are abbreviations (e.g. chemical symbols), prefixes and suffixes on their own (e.g. anti or nosed) and words with special characters (accent, apostrophe, hyphen, space, etc.). However, proper names and geographical names, short words (Abi, Sani), Made up words (Brexit), Greek letters (very popular: Ny, My, Xi), Exclamations (ah !, uh !, aha!) and all inflections that can be formed from the words (plural, past, command, etc.). Umlauts must not be combined (so use Ä, never AE), the letter 'ß' is always replaced by SS. With inflections of separable verbs, such as ausixen, individual parts of it are also allowed, e.g. ixte from "er ixte aus". However, the basic form for determining the origin must also be specified!

Since some difficult borderline cases have arisen over time, Daniel B ttcher has drawn up pun rules for the Postspielwelt, which we also want to use in Dottendorfer Soccer.

deviation. We play with the following deviation from the original Scrabble rules: From the second round, eight instead of seven letters are offered, proper names and geographical names that are in the Duden are allowed. Before a move, blank pieces on the game board can be exchanged for the eight letters that match, so that they can later be used for any (other) letters.

Finals. When the last letter has been drawn from the supply, any number of words can be placed in the last round of the game. The values ​​of the letters that the player could not use will be deducted from the player's score. Players who join later start with the score of the worst player who has never missed. A missing encore (NMR) or an invalid word will result in zero points for the player in question.


  • Two-move scrabble: In addition to the eight letters for a first word, the game master offers another eight letters as a reserve for a second word to be placed. After you have placed the first word on the map, you add eight letters to the first letters in the given order and then form a second word on the map supplemented by the first word.
  • Mini scrabble: The game board has 7 * 7 fields and three benches with six letters are offered. With the three benches, three moves are placed one after the other on the board. There is no moving up letters. There is a bonus of 25 points for discarding all six letters in a bank. A game is over after two rounds. Claudio came up with this variant.
  • Super scrabble: In Superscrabble we play on the game board of the original game of the same name with 21 by 21 fields. In deviation from the rules, we offer twelve instead of seven letters per move. There are also graduated bonuses for creating letters: 10 letters: 50 points 11 letters: 75 points 12 letters: 100 points This is enormous in connection with the new bonus fields (four times the word and letter value) high scores and nice long words possible. This is Scrabble at a high level!
  • Four-move scrabble: As the name suggests, four moves can be made one after the other. The game master offers four benches with eight letters each, so there is no moving up. That means in the first move you can only use the letters of the first bank, in the second exactly those of the second bank, etc. A joker can - as with the two-move variant - move from the board to the Bank can be exchanged, even if it was only placed in one of the previous moves.


In addition to the game and the name of the other player, it must be specified which word should be placed in which position. The position should be identified by the coordinates of the first letter and 'w' for horizontal or 's' for vertical. It should be stated where a joker is used and which letter it should stand for. Replacement moves should be given if the game master cannot recognize a word. The score calculated by the player would be very helpful.


The desired format for the submission by e-mail looks like this:

1-move Scrabble Yerres player = Max Mustermann M10s EUB A + * verb xendE 14 * 2 + 23 = 51 // Greek island / Joker exchange = A12 / M9s BE * HAUE + * verb xendE 10 * 2 + 23 = 43 // Replacement

In multi-move Scrabble, it would be nice if each partial move was noted on its own line and numbered consecutively:

2-move Scrabble Egypt player = Max Mustermann 1. D1s KORSe 13 * 2 = 26 2. A1w B * RECZIEN 14 * 9 = 126 Total: 152/1. E3w OBERSKrEN 17 * 2 + 50 = 84/2. L1s QUe * Rt + a * R 23 * 2 + 1 * 2 = 48 sum: 132
The first blank line after the heading marks the end of the information for the corresponding game. M10-M14 is also welcome as a coordinate. The upper / lower case, the indication of the additional formed words and the points including the calculation is not mandatory, but serves to clarify cases of doubt, if minor errors should occur. An asterisk (*) identifies the following letter as a wild card. (Capital letters: Newly laid, small letters: present on the plan and used.)
Game master in the DS: Cici Beilken, Miniscrabble: Claudio Maniglio
Cici Beilken, last change: December 18, 2019
© December 6, 1992: Cici Beilken

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