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Best-paid apprenticeships - what do you earn during and after your apprenticeship?

Top 10 best paid apprenticeships

Just sticking to your salary can quickly be confronted with the harsh reality of a job that you actually don't want at all. But maybe you belong to one of those people who sees the tough demands of the highest-paid apprenticeships in Germany as an opportunity and a welcome challenge. Good to very good earning potential in the professions was used for the figures. Income may vary depending on the company and state.

10. Specialist for metal technology

The metal industry is considered to be very safe and is also one of the pillars of the German economy. So it is only fair that the job of metal technician is also a good safeguard for the financial future. During the training, an average salary of up to 1,000 euros is possible. After the apprenticeship with good employers and after a few years of experience, 2,000 to 3,000 euros can be achieved. The job requires precision in the manufacture of components, the testing of systems and in production. The job and the type of work are physically and mentally demanding.

9. Information and telecommunication system - electronics technician

With a weakness for electronics and computer systems, the job of information and telecommunications systems electronics engineer offers good opportunities to earn a good salary even without a degree or secondary school leaving certificate. An income of up to EUR 1,100 is possible during the training. After that it is an average of 2800 euros. Much responsibility for a company's computing requires that you keep up to date with the latest technology. The responsibility at work is very great, as it is the basis for the work in the entire company.

8. Bricklayer

The starting salary for training is relatively low. But as soon as some expertise has been acquired, things go uphill steeply. Up to EUR 1,000 training salary are the wages for the physically demanding work, which requires a high level of accuracy. After the apprenticeship, up to EUR 3,500 is possible - after all, the job is very demanding. The work takes place in the open air in all weathers. If errors creep in, they are associated with costs in terms of materials and time. And nothing is more frustrating than traveling in the job done and having to start all over again.

7. Bank clerk, insurance clerk

From the construction site to the warm office. Sedentary work, calculation and selling are remunerated for apprenticeships such as bank clerk or insurance clerk with a salary of 1,000 to 1,100 euros during the training. You get top earnings as a social security clerk. A top earnings of 3,000 to 4,000 EUR beckon for the activity. The job is associated with a lot of work and psychological stress. Often, demands for sales quotas are also the order of the day and an additional stress factor.

6. Physics and biology laboratory assistant

Precision and correctness are required when working in the laboratory. With mathematical knowledge and good skills in biology and physics, EUR 1000 to 1200 are possible during the training. After their training, trained laboratory technicians receive an average of EUR 3,000. The work is often carried out in a clinical setting where a clean and correct way of working requires a high level of concentration. Depending on the workplace, dangerous goods are also used.

5. Elderly carers

Society is getting older and elderly carers are also in demand. The physically and psychologically demanding job requires basic knowledge of biology. A salary of EUR 1,100 to EUR 1,300 can be achieved during the training. After the training, an average of EUR 3,600 is possible. As a private caregiver, the salary can be even higher. But everyday life in a clinic is stressful. Fear of contact is out of place and the fact that residents of old people's homes are no longer there overnight can be difficult, especially at the beginning.

4. Police officers

It is understandable that you don't want to become a police officer: Shift work, a high risk at work and a job where everyday life can bring you physically and mentally to the limit meet very high levels of responsibility. With a secondary school leaving certificate, a salary of EUR 1,100 to EUR 1,300 is possible during training. After completing your training, with a little luck and further training, you will be granted civil servant status and a salary of up to EUR 5,000.

3. Senior civil servants

Already during the apprenticeship a salary of EUR 1,300 is included. A lot of responsibility, shift work and often monotonous activities are worth EUR 5,600 after training and with the appropriate qualifications. Once you have achieved civil servant status, you can be sure of a secure position. The Bundesbank in particular has very good salary prospects. Calculations have to be right and the understanding of the function of economics has to be great.

2. Mechanic (aircraft mechanic, ship mechanic)

Not all mechanic professions have the potential for the "highest paid training professions ranking". However, if you acquire one of the coveted positions as an aircraft mechanic or ship mechanic, you can enjoy a varied job, a lot of responsibility and also physical strain. Working with heavy equipment and on machines that have to be serviced and repaired according to exact specifications require a high level of concentration and precision. An average of EUR 1370 is possible during the training. After the training, the salary for the demanding activities is up to EUR 3,500 per month. The professions offer good conditions for interesting careers.

1. Air traffic controller

A lot of responsibility is an understatement: As an air traffic controller, you carry out an activity that is rather monotonous and requires a lot of precision, communication and shift work. Salaries vary depending on how much work there is at the airport. Responsibility for hundreds of human lives is well paid. During the apprenticeship, up to EUR 5,000 per month is possible in the third year of the apprenticeship. After the training, there is a fixed salary of a maximum of 7,000 to 9,000 EUR. Strong nerves are an important requirement. Various tests are required for qualification even before the apprenticeship. In principle, the job leaves little room for mistakes or bad days.

Improve salary through further and advanced training

The salary during and after training is a good indicator of the earning potential in an industry, but it does not determine whether you will remain in this profession until the end of your life. Continuing education and training qualify inter-company and enable you to work in many different professions, industries and branches. With the degree, you increase the chances of making a fresh start in one of the top companies or in a region where the earning potential is better than at your previous company.

Living for your salary does not make you happy - the highest-paid apprenticeships

The demands of the best-paid apprenticeships are often high even during their apprenticeship. A lot of responsibility, changing shifts that require a lot of flexibility, as well as physically and mentally demanding activities are the reasons why the jobs are so well paid. Incidentally, no occupation that is one of the most popular occupations in Germany has made it onto the list of the best-paid training occupations. And so the prospect of a high salary often attracts young people who have so far had little experience with the demands of a stressful everyday working life. Of course, this does not rule out the possibility that you could be one of the potential employees who identify with the job description and can be happy with the requirements.

Finding one of the apprenticeships with the highest salary does not mean, however, that you have made provisions for life. When looking for your apprenticeship position and aligning your career opportunities, it is better to use the factors of the job as a guide. In order to be satisfied and productive in the long term, in addition to the salary, the type of employment, the characters of the superiors and employees as well as the working atmosphere are decisive.