Was Snape a traitor?

The wounds of war

So, dear readers, here is a new story that has been haunted my head for a long time. As always, I emphasize that the characters in this story belong to JK Rowling and I don't make any money with this story. As always, I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to your reviews!

Harry stood stunned in Dumbledore's office and could no longer think clearly. He had just seen in his dead mentor's pensieve the memories Severus Snape had left him in the howling hut.

Now that he knew the truth, he saw a lot with different eyes. He knew now that Snape had never been a traitor and had stood by him to the last.

He looked pleadingly at the picture of Albus Dumbledore, but his frame was empty, he was all alone.

He swallowed and tried no longer to hold back his tears. He was terribly ashamed of the way he'd thought of Snape and how he'd treated him.

He still had the picture before him, Snape covered in blood and gasping on the floor.

Suddenly a thought occurred to Harry. What if Snape was still alive?

He hadn't made sure that he was really dead.

Harry felt an icy shock, he couldn't let him down, Snape had never done that either!

Like lightning he turned and ran downstairs and out of the lock.

He didn't hear how everyone cheered him and he didn't notice that many were trying to stop him, he just wanted to go to his teacher and help him.

Harry now realized that Snape had always held his protective hand over him and his feelings for him were completely different now than they were a few hours ago.

Snape had loved his mother and hated his father, he could now understand why that had been so.

He no longer saw his father just as a hero. What he and Sirius had done to Snape was unforgivable to him.

Harry ran as fast as he could back into the howling shack where he'd left Snape. Stumbling, he hurried up the steps and rushed to the figure of his teacher lying on the floor.

Harry looked shocked at the pool of blood that still seemed to be growing. He desperately tried to stop the bleeding while desperately addressing Snape.

Several minutes passed before Harry realized that his efforts were in vain, Severus Snape was dead and Harry would never be able to tell him again how sorry he was and how much wrong he had done him.

He was in deep grief and he clung to the dead body in desperation. He lovingly smoothed his black hair that lay tangled on his face while he was still talking to him.

In tears he kept pleading with him to open his eyes and look at him, he just didn't want to believe that it was too late.

He became more and more aware of what he had lost and his body was shaking with fits of crying.

He had just lost the last adult human who had ever protected him and he regretted never trying to talk to Snape, now it was too late for that.

He had never tried to clear up the misunderstandings that had existed between them.

Harry felt more horrific than ever in his life.

The price he paid for his victory over Voldemort had been too high. The loss of his teacher tore him apart.

He would never have thought it possible that he could feel even more sadness than when Sirius died.

Harry had no idea how long he had been kneeling next to Snape and holding his head when a hand suddenly fell on his shoulder. Tears streaked with tears, Harry turned and looked into the face of a worried and confused Minerva McGonnagall.

The headmistress could hardly believe what she was seeing.

Harry knelt next to Severus Snape, who was dead on the floor, and wept bitterly for him.

"Come on, Potter, there's nothing more you can do for him," she tried to get him to come along, but Harry just shook his head defiantly.

"No, I'm not leaving him here, we'll take him to Hogwarts where he belongs," he insisted.

Minerva Mc Gonnagall looked at him in disbelief. "He's a traitor and a murderer," she said.

Harry shook his head vigorously. "No, it's not, I know the truth," he replied.

"Well, Potter, as you like," she gave in, and conjured up a stretcher. She didn't want to upset Harry any more, he'd had enough behind him and usually he had good reasons when he did something.

Harry levitated it carefully and placed it gently on the stretcher.

With a swing of the director, the stretcher began to move slowly. Harry didn't take his eyes off her and didn't let go of Snape's hand.

They returned to the castle in silence. When Harry entered the castle with the headmistress, there was loud cheering and those present applauded.

Everything suddenly fell silent when they saw who was lying on the stretcher that was floating next to Harry and disbelieving whispers spread.

Harry didn't say a word and walked next to the stretcher into the corridor that led to the staff room.

He only vaguely saw the other dead who were laid out here, there was no Death Eater among them, they had been deposited outside at the edge of the forest.

They had reached the end of the row and the headmistress finished the spell and carefully lowered the stretcher to the floor.

"I'll stay here with him," Harry said quietly, and sat down next to Snape. Sighing, she accepted his wish, she felt that it couldn't get to him now.

Harry called a house-elf and asked for water, candles, and blankets. The house elf obeyed and brought Harry the requested items. Shivering, Harry began to remove his blood from Snape.

He washed it very carefully until it was more handsome again. He could have done it differently, but he didn't want to. That was the least he could and had to do for him. He cleaned his clothes with a spell and carefully organized them.

He covered his torn neck with a cloth, which he carefully placed around his neck. Satisfied, he looked at his work and clasped Snape's hands before carefully covering him and lighting the candles.

Only now did Harry take a closer look and noticed the many other dead. He was startled to see the Weasely family gathered in a corner. He hadn't thought that they too had a loss to complain about.

Harry got up with weak knees to go to them, he too wanted to say goodbye to Fred and the whole family had always been good to him.

Harry couldn't utter a word, but the looks of the family members told him they understood.

After a few minutes Harry went back, he didn't want to leave Snape alone for too long.

It was only now that he was shocked to notice the dead Lupine and his wife Thonks, and little Colin Crevee had also died in the fight, apparently he had sneaked back secretly into the castle. Harry felt a thick lump in his throat again, now he was really all alone!

Harry took his place again when Minerva McGonnagall reappeared and tried to get him to eat at least something. Harry shook his head, he wasn't going to leave Snape alone, he wanted to stay with him and hold the wake until his funeral.

"Potter, how do you imagine that?" She asked Headmistress. "What happened?"

Harry hesitantly told her what had happened in the howling hut, "He's not a traitor or a murderer, he deserves a decent burial here at Hogwarts, just like Dumbledore."

The headmistress looked at him speechless. Harry collapsed again completely and clapped his hands over his face, crying uncontrollably.

"Why did he have to die, I still have so much to tell him!" "I don't know if that will be possible Potter ..." she began doubtfully and shaken by Harry's condition.

Harry interrupted angrily. "I'm not going to let him get buried anywhere with the other Death Eaters!" Harry yelled.

Mc Gonnagall shook her head helplessly, not understanding what had happened to Harry. At a loss, she went back to the others and decided to talk to Kingsley.

Kingsley was the new Minister for Magic, and it was up to him to decide what to do with Snape's body. Harry stayed with him all night, even Hermione and Ron couldn't stop him.

Harry felt the cold creep more and more into Snape's dead body, there was something so final about it.

Kingsley appeared early the next morning, accompanied by Madame Pomfrey, a coffin hovering next to him.

Harry swallowed hard, he would soon have to say goodbye to Snape forever, then he would never see him again. He knew he couldn't stay here any longer.

Kingsley shocked Harry the sight very much, but he tried not to let it show. Minerva had reported Harry's behavior to him with concern.

"How are you Harry?" He asked in his deep voice. Harry didn't answer, just looked at him and then back at Snape, as if that explained everything.

"Won't you tell me what happened? He asked calmly.

Harry nodded heavily and decided to be frank with him. Kingsley had always been fair to him and everyone else, Harry hoped he would understand.

Kingsley nodded to Madame Pomfrey and asked her to wait outside for a moment.

Almost in a whisper, Harry began telling him everything. Before telling him of the memory Snape had given him, Kingsley had to swear that he would never tell anyone else about it.

Kingsley nodded and Harry told him the rest of the story as well.

During the narration, his despair rose again and he burst into tears again. Kingsley looked at him sympathetically and with understanding.

He thought for a long time before starting to speak. Harry reacted in shock and indignation when Kingsley declined his request to have Snape buried here at Hogwarts.

"He protected me and Hogwarts with his life" he shouted angrily "I won't let that happen!"

There followed a violent battle of words with the new head of the wizarding body. Finally Kingsley had no choice but to give in to Harry. Despite everything, he couldn't quite understand Harry's guilty feelings towards Snape.

Harry was still trembling with excitement when Madame Pomfrey returned and examined Snape one last time. Harry levitated Snape and carefully placed him in the coffin.

He had wrestled with himself all night, he would have loved to have a personal souvenir from Snape, but now he put his wand and a picture of his mother under his clasped hands and rearranged his clothes.

Kingsley let him go in silence and watched his actions with a mixture of emotion and disbelief.

He stroked his face one last time, as if trying to memorize every detail, then closed the coffin and Kingsley sealed it. Minerva McGonnagall had stepped in quietly and Kingsley informed her of what he had decided.

"But you can do that ..." the headmistress began, but Harry's icy stare silenced her.

Harry was furious that no one recognized what Snape had done for Hogwarts. He angrily defended his point of view again. He saw that the headmistress was by no means convinced, but she had to respect Kingsley's decision.

Kingsley nodded to Harry again and then left him alone. I have to take a few more prisoners to Azkaban, ”he said. Harry paused for a moment, then turned to go outside, having an exact idea of ​​where he was going to bury Snape.

Looking up, he caught his breath for a moment when he spotted Draco Malfoy hesitantly approaching him. Anger rose again in him. "What do you want, Malfoy," he asked angrily.

Draco visibly flinched and stopped. His gaze went to the coffin.

Harry came up to him threateningly and pulled out his wand. "Get out of Malfoy, or you can experience something," he threatened. Draco swallowed and looked intimidated at Harry for the first time in his life. Harry's tone told him he was serious and he had no choice but to do what Harry asked.

Sadly, he bowed his head and went back to Kingsley, who was waiting for him. Harry followed them after a little while. He could just see Kingsley with several prisoners, including Lucius Malfoy, who was chained and Draco left the castle grounds. Harry didn't think about it any further, he still had a lot to do.

For the first time he realized that he hadn't slept in a long time, but he pushed the thought away and got a spade. As with Dobby, he wanted to dig the pit himself. Many students watched Harry, shaking their heads, but no one dared say anything.

Ron and Hermione tried to speak to Harry again, which ended in a heated argument. Harry was deeply disappointed that not even his best friends understood him.

It was already evening when Harry finally finished. Tired he went back to the castle,

Snape was due to be buried today. He didn't expect anyone but himself to give Snape their final respects.

Kingsley was waiting for him and Minerva McGonnagall had also appeared.

Harry gently ran his hand over the black lacquer coffin lid and the small group slowly began to move.

Harry discovered that Professor Slughorn had come to join as well. At a short distance everyone followed Harry to the place he had chosen for his final resting place.

Harry's knees were so weak that he could hardly stand on his feet, he was at the end of his physical and mental strength, but he still didn't want to bury Snape without having spoken a few words.

He quietly thanked him for his help and for always protecting Hogwarts. Minerva McGonnagall's expression turned sour, but she said nothing.

After Harry finished he was about to start shoveling the earth back into the pit, but Kingsley gently put his hand on his shoulder.

"That's enough now Harry, I'll take care of that now!" He said firmly.

Harry only nodded because he was really at the end of his life. Kingsley raised his wand and spoke a few words in a low voice. The earth filled up again in the pit and a neat little mound was left behind.

"You need to rest Harry, please!" Said Kingsley, Harry nodded silently and made his way back to the castle, the others followed in silence.

Once at the castle, Harry didn’t take the path into the Gryffindor Tower, but instead went towards the dungeon, where Snape's home had been.

Minerva Mc Gonnagall went to protest, but Kingsley held up your hand. “Let him Minerva, he has yet to get over it.

Harry dragged himself down to the dungeons, he knew that Snape had sealed his rooms, but now after his death they would be open to everyone. Harry wanted to prevent that by all means, he wanted to keep his things in honor.

As expected, Harry didn't need to use a spell to open the door that led to Snape's office and private rooms.

Harry took a quick look around the office, everything looked like his teacher would be back soon. He paused for a moment in front of the door to Snape's private rooms, he had never entered these rooms and did not know what to expect.

Reluctantly, he turned the handle down and stepped inside.

To his surprise, he was greeted by a sparsely furnished living room, but he was too exhausted to notice any details. Wearily, he dragged himself to the next door, where he assumed the bedroom. His hunch did not deceive him.

When he opened the door, he gasped in surprise, a large comfortable bed with soft pillows invited to sleep.

Harry took a quick look into the adjoining bathroom, which left nothing to be desired, then undressed and let himself fall into the inviting bed.

As soon as his head touched the pillow, he fell into a deep, sound sleep.

He had no idea how long he'd slept when he blinked and opened his eyes. At first he didn't know where he was or what had happened until he realized where he was. His hands claw desperately into the soft pillows and he closed his eyes when he became aware of the memory of the past few days.

Again tears made their way out of his eyes and Harry didn't even know exactly why at first, until he consciously registered something.

He had buried his face deep in the pillows and noticed that everything still smelled of his late mentor. The smell was by no means unpleasant.Harry had never gotten this close to Snape to know what he'd smelled like. What he saw now was so intense, as if Snape had just been lying here.

Harry wanted nothing more at that moment than to be able to preserve that smell. Harry didn't have the urge to get up yet, he snuggled deeper into the bed and let everything sink in.

Slowly his eyes slid across the room and now perceived details. Harry noticed that there was nothing around, everything was neat and tidy. Eventually curiosity won out and Harry got up to go to the bathroom.

He found a huge corner bathtub, as well as a spacious shower and a large washbasin.

When he entered the bathroom, many candles had automatically lighted that were standing around everywhere and now bathed the ribbon in a warm light. Harry was more than pleasantly surprised, he wouldn't have thought Snape was capable of such style.

Harry went back into the living room and took a closer look around here as well. Dozens of books were lined up against one wall.

Harry discovered books he had never seen before. He discovered books on potions and herbs, even books on dark magic, and wondered if Dumbledore had known about them. He realized that there was a real treasure trove of knowledge here.

Harry looked at the fireplace and saw a huge picture above, but the frame was empty. He very much hoped it was a portrait of Snape and that he would come soon so he could speak to him.

At last his gaze was fixed on a comfortable rocking chair and a small table that were not far from the fireplace.

Harry continued to the next door, where he hesitated for a moment.

He was a little shy about going into Snape's office, that hurt the most. Finally, however, he gave a jerk and entered the room where he had been detained so often.

He had hated this room and everything in it then, but now he regretted that he would never be detained with Snape again.

Almost reverently, he went to the chair and gently stroked the backrest.

When he looked at the desk, he suddenly stopped; there was a book that looked familiar to him. Harry couldn't believe his eyes, there was Snape's textbook that he thought had been lost.

He wondered how it got here. He had thought it had been destroyed by the flames, but Snape must have got it back somehow.

Harry flipped it open, no doubt, it was the same book that had helped him so many times in class.

He hugged the book lovingly to his chest. It was like a miracle and an unexpected gift that he had it back. Harry put it back in its place and took a shower. When he finished, he felt a little better and considered going upstairs for something to eat.

He looked at his watch, if he was lucky he would get something from lunch. Surely others had slept a long time just like him and only now came to eat.

When he left Snape's rooms, he carefully sealed them, no one should be allowed to enter these rooms without his knowledge, he had already decided yesterday to stay there, it did not draw him back to the Gryffindor Tower. The calm that reigned in the dungeons was just right for him, he had to think about so many things.

When Harry entered the great hall, all conversations fell silent and all heads turned to him. Harry was no stranger to this reaction, so he didn't care.

He spotted his friends, who were sitting at the Gryffindor table with the Weasley family and other Phoenix fighters, and sat down with them.

Mrs. Weasley immediately asked worriedly how he was doing. Harry replied very monosyllabic and everyone looked at each other again with concern. Nobody could handle Harry's sudden grief for Snape.

When Harry had eaten, he got up after a brief greeting and went outside, he wanted to see Snape's grave and fix it. Harry walked around looking for stones to line the grave with. When he was finished, he looked at his work with satisfaction.

He raised his wand and conjured up a tombstone and let it float in place.

Harry had been wondering what to write on the stone to do Snape justice all along, then something occurred to him.

"Here lies a hero of war"

"Courage and bravery of a Gryffindor were united in you with the cunning and loyalty of a Slytherin"

"Hogwarts and I owe you everything"

"I'll never forget you"


With gold letters he let his name and the day of death and the text appear underneath.

The choice of flowers hadn't been difficult for Harry. With one swivel, a lot of lilies appeared in different colors. He turned when he heard steps behind him. Hermione walked slowly up to him and looked at what Harry had done.

"That's very nice Harry ... but" she began carefully. "But what?" Harry asked angrily. Hermione flinched a little. "Harry, what's the matter with you?" She asked.

"He's dead and he shouldn't be, least of all he's dead," he roared.

"Harry, he betrayed us all," Hermione began again. "He didn't, I know the truth!"

Angrily, he explained to Hermione what he had seen in Snape's memories. She shook her head in disbelief, "If that's true, then he deserves to be buried here, but you are not to blame for his death," Hermione tried to explain.

Harry shook his head desperately. "It's not about Hermione, I can never thank him for it and apologize to him, I can never do anything for him again!" He said with a trembling voice.

Hermione looked at him speechless. Harry still saw incomprehension on her face, he had hoped that at least she would understand him. Furious, he stomped back to the castle. When he got to the portal, he noticed Kingsley who was obviously waiting for him.

"How are you Harry?" He asked. Instead of an answer, Harry asked, "Why does nobody understand me? Kingsley gave him a reassuring look.

"Come on Harry, we're going a little way," he said and put his arm around Harry's shoulders. Harry followed him resignedly to the vast grounds of Hogwarts.

"Harry, we all need time to process all of this, you most of all. It will take a long time to clear away the traces of what happened, ”he said, pointing to one of Hagrid's hut and then to the lock.

Harry nodded in understanding and slightly ashamed.

In his grief for Snape, he hadn't even noticed the terrible destruction around him.

“We hope to be able to open the school again in a month. We will allow the students who were prevented by the war or were not sent for fear by their parents to repeat the school year. ”Harry looked at him.

"This is especially true for you Harry, you should graduate"

Harry swallowed, "I don't know if I can do that now," he said softly.

"When I left school to do what I had to do, I had no intention of coming back." Kingsley nodded.

"Harry think again, I'm sure neither Professor Dumbledore and certainly not Severus would want you to leave school without a degree after what you told me."

Harry lowered his eyes, he didn't know if he could endure school without Snape, everything here reminded him of him. "I'll think about it," Harry promised. Kingsley nodded happily.

"There's something else Harry, I wanted to ask you to give me a full statement in the next few days." Harry looked at him quizzically. "I need to know what happened, among other things, when you were in captivity and during the fight against the Death Eaters. "

He hesitated for a moment. "It's mainly about the role of Draco Malfoy"

Harry's features hardened, "What about Malfoy?" He asked. "It's about how we should punish him," Kingsley replied slowly. "You have known him for a long time, so I ask you."

"He was still a minor when he got the dark mark and I'd like to know a little more about him before I judge him." Harry nodded slowly. "I'll come!" He promised.

Kingsley nodded and started to leave, but Harry held him back. "He's getting a picture in the headmaster's office, right? asked Harry. Kingsley bowed his head, a little embarrassed.

"Harry, that's not in my hands, the school board has to decide that, but I'll see what I can do for you."

Harry wanted to flare up again, but Kingsley held up a hand. "I know your point of view Harry, please give me a little time" Harry nodded, he couldn't expect more.

He decided to speak to Minerva Mc Gonnagall, he really had to convince the director. Harry decided to postpone the whole thing until the next day, he was still quite tired.

He went into the great hall to have something to eat, he was glad that almost no one was here. When he had finished eating, he saw his headmistress approaching.

"Potter, why weren't you in Gryffindor Tower last night?" She asked.

Harry had already figured out his answer. "It's not a school yet and I would rather stay in Professor Snape's rooms, I feel very comfortable there!" He replied softly.

"Potter, don't you even want to speak out?" She asked. Harry didn't look at her unkindly, he knew that he owed her a lot too and he had great respect for her.

"What did Professor Snape say to you?" She asked. "He couldn't speak anymore," he said quietly ... "And what I saw in his memories is private."

She frowned slightly and Harry continued, “Professor Snape was a hero, we were all wrong about him. He was never a traitor, that's all I can tell you. Ask Professor Dumbledore if you don't believe me ”.

I'll do that, Potter, "she said and was about to leave when Harry continued quietly." I will never forgive myself for not trusting him and for being so unfair to him. "The headmistress turned around again, astonished.

"He gets his portrait in the headmaster's office, doesn't it?" He asked.

"You aren't serious Potter, are you?" She asked. Harry got angry. “He was a director, like everyone else, and he deserves more than anyone else. He protected Hogwarts with his life! ”He yelled.

Minerva struggled to keep her composure, Harry was the only one she allowed her to speak like that. "That will turn out to be a bit later, I'll talk to Albus," she said with a shaky voice and left the great hall.

Harry went back outside sadly, he wanted to say "good night" to Snape.

Minerva Mc Gonnagall went straight to her office and looked at the blank portrait of Albus Dumbledore.

She called the other portraits for help and asked them to find the headmaster.

"I really need to speak to Albus," she said, wringing her hands. She didn't have to wait long before Albus Dumbledore appeared in his portrait.

"Hello Minerva, what's so urgent?" He asked. "I was at the Ministry and St. Mungo's to inquire about the state of affairs," he said cheerfully, but fell silent immediately when he saw Minerva's serious expression.

Excited, she began to report what had happened in the past few hours. The headmaster listened carefully. "Albus, I need to know the truth!"

"It's true what Harry says, Minerva," was all he said. The headmistress looked at him in shock. "Poor Severus, I am glad that he is so committed to him," said the old man mildly.

Carefully he told her what had happened on the astronomy tower that time. When he had finished, the headmistress sought the support of her desk.

"Well Albus, as you like, but I'm very worried about the boy, he can't take it all, I'm afraid." Take care of him, but let him have his own way for the time being. "She nodded and wished her predecessor A quiet night.

Harry sat at Snape's grave for a long time, conversing quietly with him. Only when he felt cold did he slowly go back into the castle. As he entered Snape's room, he looked up hopefully at his portrait and was again disappointed to find it was empty.

Harry thought of Kreacher his house-elf and was shocked to find that he had completely forgotten about him. He hoped he'd survived the fighting intact.

Harry called the elf and to his great relief he appeared immediately.

Kreacher bow deeply. "Kreacher is happy to see the Master unharmed," he beamed. Harry smiled a little. "I'm glad nothing happened to you," he said and explained to the elf why he hadn't returned to his godfather's house at the time.

The elf nodded, “Kreacher knows everything and is not angry with the master. Can Kreacher do something for the master? He asked eagerly. "I would like to bathe," said Harry. The elf nodded and immediately rushed into the bathroom to admit water, then disappeared and fetched thick fluffy towels and a soft bathrobe.

Harry nodded gratefully and stepped into the hot water. The water was soothing and relaxed him. As always, his thoughts slid to whoever had lain in this tub many times. He sighed and wondered how long it would be before the pain inside him would subside. When Harry went to bed, he looked up at the blank portrait, as he often did, and said goodnight quietly.

So, that was the first cape and I hope you enjoyed it, I look forward to your hopefully numerous reviews


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