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Numerology in German for you by Karl


Here are the words for the numbers the heart, the mind, the body and the Soul. The heart number is for powerten, personality number is for the perfumes and the clothes, and the Body number is for the flowers etc ...

Style of clothing:
Style of clothing (at work)
1- Work clothes, attractiv clothes
2- splendid, strong clothing
3- successful, shiny clothes
4- profesional, fashionable clothing
5- spiritual, wear clothes
6- good, beautiful clothes
7- usual strong clothes
8- colorful, clean, classy clothes
9- stylish, traditional clothing
11- large, dignified clothing
22- very good, profesional clothing

Style of clothing (after work)
1- casual wear, night wear
2- decorative, practical clothing
3- joyful, holiday clothes
4- chic, new, stylish clothes
5- daring, casual clothing
6- simple, friendly clothes
7- afternoons, rest clothing
8- bold, youthful clothes

9- new, special clothing

11- fun, modern clothes
22- stylish, playtime dresses
Perfumes and fragrances:
1- floral, favorite, floral, berry scent
2- ordinary, smooth perfumes
3- lavendal, jasmine, brilliant, vanilla
4- '4711', polo, natural, purple
5- citrus, quite a bit, allspice, cinnamon
6- 'patchouli', simple, honeysuckle
7- quality, luminous, sweet
8- 'Bay rum', musk, roses
9- 'Red', herbaceous, fresh smell
11- 'Canoe', strong, spicy
22 lemons, fir tree scents
the flowers:

1- ivy, marigold, water lilies
2- camellia, lily, goldenrod
3- magnolia, rose, daffodil
4- Hollyhocks, orchid, violet
5- lilacs, gardenias, petunias
6- Chrysanthemum, dandelion
7- Christmas stars, tulips
8- sunflower, hyacinthe
9- buttercups, daffodils
11- carnation, tulip, lavender
22- purple, orchid, hollyhocks
the colors:
1- tan, beige, gray, lavender
2- gold, silver, black-white
3- white, light green, deep red, azure blue
4- dark blue, indigo blue
5- turquoise blue, aquamarine
6- sky blue, olive green, orange
7- tangerine, peach, magenta
8- yellow, black, pink, red
9- coffee brown, deep blue, light pink
11- rainbow, purple, brown
22 black and white checkered

for stress relief:

1- view of the sun, music, video,Sauna baths, drive a car
2- take a nap, the sea,Massage, bike, whirlpool
3- cycling, meditation, yoga,build something, take a bath
4- drive the car slowly, sleep,Look at the sky, television
5- barbecues, theater, swimming pool,
sleep, run, exercise
6- trip, to the beach, musical,
Walk, TV, parties
7- a bath, rest, read a book,Exercise, aerobics, travel
8- to see the sunset,Cruise, dance, play
9- aerobics, baking, cruises,
a nap, sauna bath
11- cooking, garden, massage,go into the ocean, radio,
See dusk
22- Film, read the newspaper, something doing gymnastics, DVDs,
See sunrises

1- soups, cabbage, vegetables, eggs,
Soy milk, apple, banana, juice
2- turkey, seafood, fruit, Oats, juices, breakfast
3- tea, lamb, pasta, organic, Peaches, potatoes
4- minced meat, cottage cheese,Water, berries, beans
5- uncooked products, soup,
Diet products
6- Chicken, rice, carrots, apples,Corn, melons, oranges
7- plums, natural meat,Pear, popcorn, tomatoes
8- salad, kitchen, diet cheese, Bread, tofu, yogurt
9- grapes, organic food,Peas, fish
11- tomato, oranges, beetroot,Grapefruit
22- water, diet foods,
Blueberries, strawberries