How to make protein powder

Protein powder

The thing about the protein content

At the beginning of the article, I announced that we wanted to talk about something today that will make some products appear in a slightly different light - and that is exactly what we want to do now.

It is about the protein content that a Wehy concentrate or isolate can achieve if the large raw material suppliers who supply a large part of the supplement manufacturers are used.

There are two standard raw materials: WPC-80, a concentrate with 81% protein content in the dry matter and WPI-90, an isolate with 92% protein content in the dry matter.

However, since even a powder still contains some residual moisture, the real values ​​are around 78% and 88% - here it becomes clear that values ​​such as 80% protein are not possible with a pure concentrate or 90% with an isolate.

So if you find such values ​​on your protein powder, you should take a closer look at the list of ingredients and then ask yourself whether the values ​​are still realistic. However, there is only complete security through independent analyzes that some manufacturers provide.

Of course, we don't want to assume anything here and most products are labeled with values ​​that are quite realistic at first glance - nevertheless we are of the opinion that every athlete should know what is possible and what is not in the production of (whey) protein powder .