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# 1 clicked & sewn up - is Facebook dead?

Admittedly, things have looked better for Facebook. Even Mark Zuckerberg had to admit that last when he presented the future of Facebook to investors. It used to be the NewsFeed that brought people to Facebook, but now it is groups and stories. Communication takes place steadily away from public communication and into private space. If parts of Facebook can be called that at all. In addition, there are saturated user numbers, only the Asian habitat and the areas affectionately referred to as “Rest of World” in the quarterly reports are currently generating growth in users on Facebook.
Many other construction sites can also be found on Facebook: publishers and websites are complaining about the ongoing decline in organic reach, the press is increasingly reporting on the negative effects of Facebook on society and recently one data scandal followed another.
"No problem at all, after all, Instagram and WhatsApp are part of the Facebook empire," some might think at this point. Right, but in this podcast episode we actually focus solely on Facebook and ask ourselves the following questions, among others:

  • Is Facebook Still Relevant?
  • What is Facebook doing to gain new users or keep current users in the future?
  • Should new companies still be active on Facebook?
  • Is Facebook still lucrative as a marketing channel?

In addition to our thoughts, we obtained input from various social media marketing experts at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference and have already encountered some controversies at this point. The following are the experts' answers (“Is Facebook dead?”).

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Lars Budde | formerly T3N employee | Freelancer
“I think you have to differentiate between Facebook, the social network, and Facebook, the company. The social network actually has range problems. Not only in Germany, but also in other very established regions. Of course, the company has reach through Instagram and WhatsApp, which tend to continue to grow and establish themselves. Facebook as a company is still holding up very well. Facebook as a network will be exciting, at least in the next two to three years, to what extent prices will develop there because competition is increasing and reach is decreasing. You can't talk about death yet, but at least about stagnation. "

Thomas Hutter | CEO | Hutter Consult
“At the moment, when we look at statistics and advertising campaigns, we still notice relatively little of it. In my private environment, it feels like something more is being done on Facebook. Personally, I notice that slowly but surely certain signs of fatigue are appearing. I now think very carefully about what to share on Facebook and what not. But I wouldn't say that Facebook is "dead". "

Tom Thaler | Facebook Advertiser
"No! So the question is easy to answer. Neither privately nor professionally. Also this topic “young people and young people are no longer on Facebook” - it may be that it is politically seen or desired. The Facebook Ad Manager speaks a different language. We also display the same number of ads to people under the age of 20 as we did half a year ago or a year ago. And in my opinion, the entire budget that is spent on Facebook has not decreased - not even after the GDPR. Of course, there was also a bit of uncertainty. But at the end of the day, the budgets didn't go down. A few larger customers were a bit nervous, especially in May before things really got going. Facebook reacted then, unfortunately a year and a half too late in my opinion. They could have tackled the whole topic in 2017. It's just the way it is, the mills are turning slowly on Facebook, too. I also think that they underestimated this whole subject. You have probably tried, I believe, to sit out the whole issue of European data protection. Just like Facebook has already sat out a lot of problems, especially in Europe. Then came the “Cambridge Analytica Scandal” and suddenly it was a matter for the boss. And then Facebook reacted too. And the current solution may not be perfect, but it is workable. Both for agencies and for advertisers themselves. So my answer to the question: Facebook is certainly not dead and will not die in the next few months either. On the contrary, Facebook has released more features in the last six months than probably in the previous six years. "

Matthias Mehner | CMO | Messenger People (formerly WhatsBroadcast)
“In the organic range - definitely! In the community - definitely! In the medium term, Instagram or WhatsApp will definitely overtake Facebook. "

Carsten Ulbricht | Bartsch lawyers
"Facebook, dead? I don't see that at all. As a law firm, we are allowed to advise and notice a relatively large number of clients that interest continues to grow. It is still a relevant topic. On the contrary - there are many very traditional companies that are only now discovering the topic for themselves. In this respect, I have no concerns that things will continue differently. What is extremely exciting from my perspective is that Facebook naturally sees that we handle data differently here in Europe with the GDPR. If Facebook wants to do business here, they have to submit to our specifications to a certain extent. This is a process that has not always worked out very well. Since we have the GDPR, we have seen that Facebook has moved and understood that data-based business models can only be implemented under the validity of the GDPR. This is exciting for me to watch. "

Steffi Kegel | Director Social Media & Advertising | eprofessional
“That is an exciting question! Yes, of course I'm not Marc Zuckerberg's better half either and can give the non-plus-ultra answer here. I think they actually have a hard time. We notice, for example, from increasing CPMs that it will be an issue that will continue to haunt us in the future. Facebook, the company, also includes Instagram and WhatsApp - it won't go down the drain anytime soon. But Facebook as a platform, they don't have growing user numbers, but I wouldn't say dead. It will be exciting to see whether everything will shift to Instagram and Co., or whether Facebook will somehow manage the curve in terms of earnings. We will see!"

Marc Rosenkranz | Head of Social Media | Invia
“I don't think Facebook is dead. Facebook is very relevant for our company. We find our core target groups on Facebook. Of course, it has recently become clear that the age structure of the platform is constantly increasing and that Facebook is facing new challenges in the area of ​​data protection and data security. Of course, you have to differentiate between Facebook as a core brand and Facebook as a corporation. As a group, Facebook is still extremely well positioned with WhatsApp and Instagram, even if Facebook is losing its relevance as a social network. The other pillars of the group are becoming more and more important and will also play a significantly larger role in marketing. "

Peter Mästel | Head of Social Media | UCS
““ Facebook dead ”is always a funny story, of course. When we talk about Facebook, we're always talking about the feed. What is happening in the feed is the content shock. There is more and more content, and therefore of course the competition is tougher. In the end, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp belong to the Facebook group. As a brand or agency, you can't say that Facebook is dead. The channels change to one another. At this point the strategies have to change. One notices it most of course in the vertical formats, the stories, which is already one of the most heavily used channels. "

Robert Seeger | Social Media Consultant
“No, Facebook is not dead at all. All those who bury it loudly today are those who will be there again tomorrow. Facebook will continue to live, it has become part of our lives - maybe a bit older now, but the older ones aren't dead immediately either. "

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