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Become a writer

1. Choose your format

How do you want to publish your publication: as a magazine article or as a book? For articles, you can decide whether you want to publish your work with the subscription-based model or as open access.


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2. Submit your work

As a magazine author please go to the page of the journal in which you want to publish the article and submit your manuscript tonline. The online submission significantly shortens the editorial processing and review and thus the overall publication time.
As a book authorplease follow the manuscript guidelines and contact the editor in your subject area.

3. Production

Our team of experts accompanies you from the manuscript to publication. As a Springer author, you can follow the publication process directly online. Use the services for this: Article or book tracking and follow the seven publication phases, from acceptance of your publication to online or print publication.

4. Publication

Once your article has been corrected for the first time, it can be used as aOnline First Article published on Springer's website. Based on the DOI (Digital Object Identifier), your article can already be found and cited online.

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Springer publishes books in different formats: as an eBook, as a traditional book or as an inexpensive MyCopy edition exclusively for book licensees.