Are orgone pyramids fake?

What is orgonite

The discoverers of orgonite - how it all began

The original technique of orgonite is older than one might think. Over 220 years ago, more precisely in 1775, the doctor Franz Anton Mesmer (* 1734 - † 1815) was concerned with the effects of metals on humans and animals. His wooden barrel, filled with iron filings, was the first forerunner of the later orgone generators.

Only with the doctor and scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich added the term orgone from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century. A made-up word that originated from the terms orgasm and organism.

Richly researched energies and apart from the life energy (orgone) mainly differentiated between DOR - Deadly Orgone Radiation (deadly orgone energy) and POR - Positive Orgone Radiation (positive orgone energy).

With the help of thermometers, electroscopes and Geiger counters, Reich developed a method for measuring orgone energy. He found a lot of DOR in places such as hospitals, old people's homes, power poles, substations, offices, and around nuclear and coal-fired power plants. Many electrical devices have strong negative radiation.

A study by the Wilhelm Reich Orgone Institute Germany from 2004, in which improved measuring methods were used, again demonstrated the existence of orgone energy, which astonished recognized science.

The most famous object of his years of research is the orgone accumulator. A cabin, consisting of several layers of organic and inorganic materials, which generates a high concentration of POR inside - without any electricity or mechanical operation.

His second most important invention was the cloudbuster, which was mainly used to end the drought in the deserts. When aimed at clouds, the energy of the cloudbuster provoked rain - hence its name, in English "cloud hunter".

The work of the inventor and pioneer Karl Hans Welz also followed on from this. In the 1980s he found his own form and idea, which achieved even better results than the orgone accumulators built by Wilhelm Reich.

The use of metal chips together with organic synthetic resin ensured that DOR can not only be derived, but is converted into POR.

At the end of the 90s, Don Croft took up this development and by adding precious stones to provide information, he ensured an optimized energy conversion from DOR to POR.

The numerous other possible uses for which orgonite is known and valued to this day emerged only through the use of gemstones.

The Cloudbuster by Wilhelm Reich was also further developed and upgraded by Don Croft.

Renamed to the chembuster and equipped with gemstones, the cloudbusters were now able to effectively neutralize chemtrails or, as with other orgonites, convert the negative energies into positive ones.

Croft received great support from his wife, Carol, who has studied ethereal energies extensively.

Today, many people around the world benefit from this invention, which was made through the diligence of these few researchers, doctors, and scientists.

What is orgonite made of and what are its benefits?

Today we know that orgonite only works effectively if it consists of 50% metal / precious stones (inorganic) and 50% epoxy resin (organic). Additional gemstones give the orgonite further properties in order to convert the energy faster and more effectively and to make it useful for a certain, also personal, purpose.

This is the only reason why orgonite can nowadays be used successfully by doctors, energy workers and alternative practitioners, e.g. B. can be used in chakra therapy and practices.

Even with cloudbusters standing outdoors, it's no longer just about the cloudless, blue sky. Chemtrails, HAARP and generally negative information and vibrations are neutralized. Plant growth is accelerated and electrosmog is converted into positive energy.

Due to the numerous new application possibilities of the last decades, we have also developed small cloudbusters especially for indoor use.

The mobile and smaller versions of our cloud or chembuster weigh between 2.5kg and 5kg and can be easily transported and set up.

Put simply, orgonite draws negative energy from space or from the earth (water veins, grid lines, faults) and transforms it into positive energy. The pyramid shape is particularly popular, as it has proven to be extremely suitable due to its special geometry.

Pyramids attract DOR particularly strongly and the conversion into POR takes place more quickly, so this form is suitable for installation in rooms, for example with high electrical, negative radiation.

Other shapes, such as plates, flatterers, coasters or medallions, are suitable for energetic cleaning and charging of food or for use on the go.

Basically all orgonites with 50% metal-gemstone mixture and 50% resin are protective against negative, destructive energies, but if you want a special additional benefit, pay attention to the added special gemstones and symbols.

Since orgonite becomes a trend topic from time to time, there are always numerous suppliers who offer their pure synthetic resin or gemstone objects under the name orgonite or orgone without understanding anything of this topic.

The wrong mixing ratio of metal and epoxy resin or the wrong composition of the stones can also have negative effects.
Some orgonite sellers also do not shy away from using colored or fake gemstones.

In the best case there is no effect, in the worst case the conversion into positive energy does not take place and your fake orgonite concentrates more and more DOR around you without being able to convert it. In addition, counterfeit gemstones can have completely unexpected and unintended effects.

Orpanit® has made it its business to produce only pure orgonite according to the teachings of Wilhelm Reich and Don Croft and to develop them further.

Our brand vouches for the quality and due to the popularity with doctors, naturopaths and private users, we have grown into one of the largest orgonite suppliers worldwide.

The many positive feedback from successful and satisfied customers motivate us every day to achieve top performance in the manufacture and shipping of our orgonite products.

In our Wuppertal workshop, we have been carefully handcrafting unique items for over 12 years, which will also inspire you. Try it.

To answer the question “What is orgonite?”: It is a piece of well-being.

Applications of orgonite

Humans as well as animals and plants benefit from the properties of orgonite. Therefore the possible uses are as diverse as these creatures.

Energy permeates everything and wherever there is energy, orgonite can work. Some people may feel unwell and slightly dizzy when using orgonites.

The body feels the new, positive energy information and absorbs it slowly but steadily.

It is like other alternative treatment methods, such as Bach flowers, homeopathy and other energy work, in which one speaks of the state of initial aggravation.

The old has to go so that new, positive things can find their place and manifest themselves.

This effect decreases after a while and a feeling of well-being and harmony are established. Body and mind come back into the flow state, you find yourself again.

The areas of application of orgonite are essentially known through numerous descriptions by orgonite users.

Electrosensitive people report a significant reduction in symptoms when orgonites are placed near devices that emit electrical radiation.

Kitchen appliances, microwaves, all wiring in the house, WiFi, computers, smartphones, televisions and many other devices emit electrosmog, orgonite traps it and converts it into positive energy.

During meditation and relaxation, orgonites contribute to finding inner peace and centering, plants should flourish much better and have less pest infestation, the own psyche is positively strengthened, the aura is cleansed and cleared.

Users report improved sleep and alleviation of stress symptoms such as burnout or depression.

Many animal lovers use our products on dogs, cats, horses, birds and small animals to do something good for their loved ones with the positive vibrations.

We have received hundreds of responses from satisfied users who report positive effects on their pets.

You can place orgonites anywhere in the house or apartment, as well as in the garden. Observe the influences on yourself and the environment. We are curious what you have to report. Feel free to write it to us in the comments.

Note: Our Orpanit® products are works of art and in no way a substitute for visiting a doctor or an alternative practitioner.We as the manufacturer do not make any healing promises or similar with the sale of our orgone energy products. If you have health problems, please always see a doctor!

How does an orgonite work?

As unbelievable as the descriptions of the effects of orgonite are, the mechanism of action is easy to explain.

The mixture of metal, precious stones and resin whirls up the negative energy and combines it to form a new life-affirming and energy-producing vibration, which is positively released to the outside world.

The special crystals and gemstones also enhance this energy with their respective properties.

We make sure that our selection of gemstones match the orgonites and the corresponding topic and, in addition to the standard gemstones such as rock crystal, agates, jasper, rose quartz, orange calcite, amethyst, citrine, sodalite, aventurine, peridot, fluorite, hematite, granite, Selenite, magnesite, moonstone also very high quality gemstones.

We include sugilite, precious jungle, larimer, malachite, lapis lazuli, ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, rainbow moonstone, chrysocolla or chrysoprase among the high-quality stones. We add many of these stones in powder form in order to obtain a particularly fine vibration.

Like any energy, DOR consists of vibrations, but in this case they are inharmonious. We humans notice these energies through tiredness, learning disorders, stress, headaches, nausea and similar symptoms.

Orgonite attracts these negative, exhausting vibrations, converts them into positive energy and continuously releases them into the room and environment.

In order to optimize this transformation process, we add special essences to our orgonites in the manufacturing process, such as monotonous gold or germanium and also expose them to various frequencies and vibrations (e.g. Schumann resonance waves, chakra light and many more).

This strengthens the rootedness and vibration and ensures a faster and more effective conversion into POR.

A lot of energies are swung in, but we meanwhile forego the detailed listing of the frequencies and information, as many competitors copy this written information and make it usable for themselves without actually including it in their products: playing a CD during the production is insufficient.

And unfortunately, more and more competitors are promoting their products with utopian energy units (Bovis units, etc.) in order to lure the not yet well-versed interested parties with false promises.

We expressly distance ourselves from such procedures and business conduct.

What forms are there?

We are of the opinion that handcrafted orgonites work best in our manufactory when the external shape is also appropriate for the purpose. For example, the pyramid is a well-known all-rounder and suitable for beginners as well as experienced users.

Here we just want to give you a small overview of what other shapes you can find with us:

  • Energy wheel of Saturn
  • Triskel
  • Crown
  • Energy bars
  • Pharaoh's wands
  • Crystal skull
  • Hexagram
  • Octagram
  • Temple shape
  • Diamond shape
  • Dog shape
  • Heart shape
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Spherical shape
  • Towerbuster
  • Hearts
  • HHG - Holy Hand Grenade
  • Plates and coasters
  • drops
  • Stupa / hemispheres
  • Laying stones
  • Orgone radiator
  • Amulets
  • Bioresonance products

You can find these and other special shapes, including various symbols of sacred geometry, spirals, figures, MWO and energetic motifs here.

We would be happy to advise you on the subject of orgonite and we would also be happy to build your own personal, individual orgonite. Ask your questions or requests in the comments or give us a call.