Is Email Marketing Dead 1

Is Email Marketing Dead?

It was nice, the time when we were still sending 30,000 e-mails a week to address lists we had bought. Even if these recipients had never heard from us before, we had up to 10 inquiries from such a mailing and ultimately some orders resulted from it. And back then, yes, the whole thing was still completely legal ... what happened to email marketing?

Admittedly, the flood of emails that you had in your mailbox every day was annoying. But apparently it somehow seemed to work.

The beginning of the end?

With the 01.03.2016 entered the TKG (Telecommunications Act) 2005 amendment came into force - and suddenly it was over with mass e-mails. From this point on, you were basically only allowed to use the previous one Consent of the recipient Send (opt-in) emails.

Not everyone took it that seriously - real spammers kept doing their thing anyway. But some companies also risked a possible warning. The opportunities offered by the broadcasts outweighed the possible risks.

A gray area that was often used (although it did not legally exist) was to send the newsletter to everyone you had dealt with or whose email you had received. On the whole, it went well and many companies were able to continue sending out advertisements without having to worry too much about whether or not they wanted to.

If you think it can't get worse ...

And then? Then stepped with the 25.05.2018 the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in force. The TKG still applies, as a separate eDSVO, in which it is primarily about Cookies, emails etc. is still a work in progress, but the possible penalties for violations have been greatly increased.

The status quo

Currently, I am allowed to send e-mail newsletters, but only to people who have previously signed up for mine Newsletter explicitly registered to have. As was often the case in the past, it is not enough that I have already had business contact with the person or that it is a customer or prospect of my company.

Each newsletter recipient must also always have the opportunity to unsubscribe via a link in the newsletter.

Does it even make any difference?

With all these “strokes of fate” for e-mail marketers, one could think that the days of e-mail marketing are finally over. But let's take a quick look at the most important facts:

  • Yes, mass advertising e-mails to unknown recipients are forbidden - the fact that these annoyed most of the recipients anyway and may even have been anti-advertising is also a point that should be taken into account.
  • Yes, just because you have someone's email address doesn't mean you can send a newsletter. Providing all customers with likely unwanted information on a regular basis is also dead.
  • Yes, I can continue to send my newsletter to people who subscribe to my newsletter.

In the last point there is still the opportunity for companies and the reason why email marketing is still an interesting tool.

Benefits of email marketing

What are the advantages of email marketing? Here is a short list of the most important:

  • No printing costs
  • No or very low shipping costs
  • Shipping within a very short time
  • Personalization (salutation etc. possible)
  • Clear success control through statistics such as opening rates, etc.
  • Interactive - with one click the recipient can find the advertised product in the online shop or on the website with the relevant information
  • Can be automated - automatic sending of series of e-mails at certain intervals, after a purchase in the online shop or when visiting certain content pages - a lot is possible.
  • Attention - delivery directly to the recipient's inbox, whether on a mobile phone, tablet or computer

As you can see, there are some advantages that speak for email marketing. A big hurdle for many remains, however - who should I send to? Nobody wants to receive my advertising!

The reset button for email marketing

For me, the recent change in the law is like pushing a "reset" button. Because actually it only forces us to do what we should have done a long time ago.

Namely, to develop a concrete strategy to provide our subscribers with relevant and interesting information that they willingly and happily read.

The benefits for the recipient must be clearly recognizable and the value of the content must be so high that the recipient decides that it is worth their time to look at it.

Email Marketing X.0

Now I can't say whether we should call it Email Marketing 2.0, 3.0 or whatever. It is definitely one for many new era of email marketing.

But even in the past there have been companies that have implemented very good and effective strategies to get their recipients with relevant information to take care of and such Generated new purchases or leads or the Strengthen customer loyalty.

So we don't need to reinvent the wheel - but it is time everyone really got to grips with getting it right. At least if he wants to continue using this advertising channel for himself.

How to Start the New Age - Email Marketing Tips

  1. What do you want to say

As a company, you have informationwhich for your customers or potential customers Interesting could be. In retail, no matter if on-line or offline can inform you about promotions, new products, etc. But as a service provider you also have valuable know-how that your subscribers might find useful.

The first step is actually the same as in any conversation - you should first consider what you actually have to saybefore you open your mouth.

Make a list of all things fInteresting for your subscribers could be or to whom you Expert knowledge to have. You should also ask outsiders for input, because it is very often during this phase that you are operationally blind.

Next, think about which one value actually has this information for the recipient. Not for you - but for the recipient. This saves him Time? Money? He learns New? Can he be yours Apply information?

Define the advantages - and use this to generate newsletter registrations e.g. via your website. Instead of “Sign up for our newsletter so we can send you advertisements” (a bit exaggerated but you understand the idea) you should say “Save money - sign up for our newsletter and be the first to receive information about current promotions and discounts" or similar.

Another option for online shops is of course to have one Voucher if you sign up for the newsletter. A voucher for e.g. € 5 for the next purchase is an incentive for many to register - and also to make another purchase in the shop with exactly this voucher.

  1. How do you convey the information?

Now that you know what to say and what its worth, the next step is to get one plan to create for implementation. For example, will you create blog articles with relevant information and email them to your subscribers? Is there a monthly newsletter with special offers?

Whatever the implementation, make sure that the value and Use for the recipient in the foreground stands. Unsubscribing is just a click away.

  1. Testing, evaluating, optimizing

You should get the Results Of your newsletter evaluate regularly. How was the Opening rate? As the Click rate?

Try to find out which ones Days or to which Times of day Your emails are most likely to be read. Find out which ones Subject lines are well received and which information or offers are clicked on in the newsletter.

You can use these email marketing tips to complete your newsletter continuously optimize, to the Results to increase.

Conclusion: Email marketing is by no means dead. However, it does need one thoughtful approach and should no longer be viewed as mere advertising, but as content marketing.

Do you need support with the implementation of your email marketing? Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you!