What's your best social media marketing tip

10 tips for your success with social media [+ infographics]

There are around3.5 billion active social media users worldwide, and the possibilities for digital marketing are endless. It is high time to use this potential for your own company. Because the social media world is turning fast. New networks, tools and communication concepts are created every day.

The path to success is easier and works faster when you contact yourself tried and tested success strategies orientate. So you can build or adapt your own strategy. We give you 10 tips at hand:

  1. Use the variety of social media channels
  2. Use social media buttons and icons
  3. Only share relevant content with added value
  4. Recycle your content for maximum recovery
  5. Harness the power of visual media
  6. Use hashtags, handles, and emojis
  7. Content Curation: Share contributions from others
  8. Build relationships with key influencers
  9. Share at the best of times
  10. Customize your social media posts

1. Use the variety of social media channels

Looks thinking outside the box from Facebook and Twitter. The social media world is very diverse and specialized.Focus on your target audience and focus on the networks where your target groups can best be found, for example:

  • For every company: Google My Business
  • For B2B communication and recruiting: XING, LinkedIn (profiles, business pages and / or product pages)
  • Visual channels: Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube
  • Blogging networks: Medium, Tumblr, Bloglovin ‘, LinkedIn Pulse (B2B)
  • Special Interest Communities: Reddit, Facebook, Google+, XING, LinkedIn
  • Journalists: Torial
  • Content networks: Slideshare, Scribd, Issuu
  • Young target groups: WhatsApp, Snapchat


2. Use social media buttons and icons

Bandage Social media icons and buttons to follow, like, share and comment in visible places on your website. Include like and share buttons in all posts on your website, blog, but also in the newsletter. So you can entire corporate communication link with the social media channels.

The social media buttons aren't enough to Get readers to act. Therefore, use strong call-to-actions to actively encourage your readers to like, share or comment at the end of a post.

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3. Only share relevant content with added value

Content is and will remain king on the social web.

Or rather: Relevant content is the currency in the social web and the Key to loyal followers. Only share content that your target audience really cares about. Only that which is relevant, helpful or entertaining is read, liked and shared.

Social media are not an advertising channel.

Always put information about products and services in context useful and relevant content, for example:

  • Industry news and expert knowledge
  • Tips to make your customers' lives easier
  • Instructions and application examples
  • Answers to common questions and challenges

4. Recycle your content for maximum recovery

There are many media formats that you can write your Recycle content and so can be used for other social media posts and channels. Above all, this saves time and resources and extends the time Lifetime of your content. Here are some examples:

  • Create a presentation from the most important facts and pictures
  • Convert your presentation into Video around
  • Bring the most important aspects from your contribution into a checklist and / or infographic
  • Transform long posts in a white paper or eBook as a download for lead generation.
  • Set your contribution to music as Podcast
  • Create Guest Posts

Share any single media format with one Link to your original post on the various social media channels.

5. Harness the power of visual media

Information with images is remembered 65% longer than text messages.

Posts with visual content are liked, shared or commented on much more often than pure text contributions.

But people also search specifically for pictures and videos. Hence visual content additional traffic Bring it to your website from search engines and social media.

  • Illustrate your content and articles with graphics, photos or infographics.
  • Share social media posts always with a picture or share the pictures and posts as a picture post. Contributions as picture post can enormously increase the reach and interaction.

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6. Use hashtags, handles and emojis

# Hashtags are important parameters to social media posts easier to find to make, to link in current discussions (trending hashtags) or to To put keywords. However, hashtags do not work equally in all networks and not all emojis are universally understood. A well-considered use of strategically chosen hashtags can have a big impact on the Visibility and reach of your social media posts.

  • Only use hashtags for posts that relevant to the topic are.
  • Use only keywords and phrases for typical search terms on your topics.

Useful resources: Hashtagify and top hashtags help find popular hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Tagdef helps to research the meaning of individual trending hashtags.

7. Content Curation: Share contributions from others

Don't just use your social media channels for your own posts. Share too Articles and interesting news from other authorsthat could be of interest to your community.

  • Above all, share posts from Opinion leaders, media and multipliers on your topic or from your industry.
  • Inform the authors and the media by putting @Handles. This is how you tie important contacts to influencers, show your appreciation and increase the chance that your posts will also be liked and shared.

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8. Build relationships with key influencers

Follow and interact with contributions from important opinion leaders, media and multipliers. Comment on the posts and get involved in important discussions. So you can be more interesting Discussion and cooperation partner Draw attention to you and your company and benefit from the community of influencers.

9. Share at the best of times

The right timing also plays an important role in social media networks.

Even if the algorithms for the visibility of social media posts have long been based on different criteria, the user statistics show that this User engagement can be increased immensely at certain times. But every network and every target group has other peak timesto which the users are particularly active. The following infographic should therefore only serve as a guide for your own social media planning:

10. Customize your social media posts

The targeted cross-social media marketing via many different networks ensures more visibility of the content. But every network and every community works differently. Share your posts in different channels, but customize your comments. This is how you achieve more reach and interaction:

  • Add personal comments, ask questions and initiate discussions for more interactions and clicks.
  • Share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Xing and LinkedIn, both personal profiles as well as on product or business pages, as well as in groups and communities. But use different days and times for this and use one for each community appropriate address.

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  • Share your posts and post pictures on picture networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr. If you have several pictures for your post, share them on different days and at different times and use a different topic aspect that fits this picture. So you can post more postswithout repeating yourself.
  • Link your posts in Social bookmark networks like Diigo, Digg or StumbleUpon or in special interest communities like Reddit.
  • Syndicate your content to others editorial networks like Medium, Tumblr, Bloglovin or LinkedIn Pulse. Or on Torial, if they are relevant to journalists.

tip: Always publish recycled posts with a 5-7 days delayso that Google can index your original post first.

The manual planning, curating and sharing of the posts on the various social media channels is time consuming and resource intensive. With social media automation tools and plugins, you can save valuable time, especially with routine tasks and cross-postings, and concentrate more on dialogue and influencer marketing.

However, the tools should make it possible to adapt the social media posts individually for each network and community and to plan them at different times on the networks. So you set the personal contact to the community here.

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Melanie Tamblé is the managing director of ADENION GmbH and an expert in online marketing, PR and social media. ADENION GmbH's online services and tools support companies, bloggers and agencies in their daily communication work in digital media. Blog2Social and PR-Gateway enable simple and automated planning and distribution of articles and media, press releases, blog articles, images and documents to press portals, social media, blogs and news services.