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After the storm on the US Capitol : Is the Republican Party falling apart now?

That was big and courageous. Just a few hours after right-wing Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, when the smell of tear gas was still in the air and MPs were only slowly venturing out of their offices, the two houses of the American Congress came together again.

Vice President Mike Pence and MPs and Senators confirmed the election of Democrat Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States early Thursday morning. What is in itself a matter of form has become an act of assertion against the enemies of democracy.

However, anyone who believed that the parliamentary arm of the violent mob would - to a certain extent purified by its unscrupulousness - give up at least in this one session and end the maneuvers to delegitimize the election result, was quickly taught better.

A group led by Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Texas and Josh Hawley, Missouri, stuck with their obstruction attempts. They filed a written objection to the certification of election results in the states of Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. The meeting then had to be suspended for two hours at a time, followed by a vote.

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With an overwhelming majority in the Senate, all objections were then thrown out. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney addressed Hawley directly in his speech. Anyone who continues to oppose the results of a legitimate, democratic election "will forever be seen as an accomplice in an unprecedented attack on our democracy".

In the House of Representatives, Chip Roy, also a Republican, defied the line of his Senator Cruz and voted against his opposition. "That may be my political death sentence," said Roy, "but then that's how it should be."

The rebellion has lost its charm

No, the Trumpists are not finished yet. But the images of the militant mob act like a drastic warning against the consequences of a real existing, unchecked Trumpism.

At least four Republican senators switched sides after the Capitol storming - out of the Trumpist camp and into the traditional Republican Party camp around the former Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell.

Someone like Hawley, who wants to be president himself, is now being loudly accused of treason not only by Democrats but also by Republicans. The rebellion against the party "establishment" has lost the allure of rebelliousness and freshness. The proximity to Donald Trump, who Hawley once put in office, is contaminated. Companionship is turned into complicity.

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The "Grand Old Party" is divided into three parts. First, there are the moderate conservatives. They advocate order, stability and the rule of law, value decency, character and Christian values, pay attention to budgetary discipline and prefer the tried and tested to the risk.

In addition to Mitt Romney, Utah, they also include former President George W. Bush, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, the "Never-Trump-Republicans", the activists from the "Lincoln Project" and the ex-editor-in-chief of the "Weekly Standard" , Bill Kristol.

Too tame, too good, too established

Trump has always despised traditional Republicans. Too tame, too good, too established. He tweeted about the "Never Trump Republicans" that they were "human scum" and "worse and more dangerous for our country than the Do-Nothing Democrats". Trump himself is the opposite of a moderate conservative in many ways. Rather revolutionary than evolutionary, he despises the bourgeois order, his religiosity culminates in defiant presentation of a Bible.

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In his own demagogic mixture of audacity, manipulation and threats, he gradually formed the second group - that of the Trumpists. Hawley is one of their most prominent representatives: reactionary in the cultural field (abortion, homosexuality, gun ownership, death penalty, migration), anti-capitalist and always on the side of Joe Sixpack in the economic and social field.

In negotiating a Corona aid package, Hawley joined the initiative of New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont and the Congressional Progressive Caucus to enforce direct payments of $ 2,000 to all US citizens .

The third group includes the rather unideological opportunists. They only follow someone like Trump as long as he is successful. After the lost presidential election, the lost Senate elections in Georgia and the most recent pictures of the storming of the Capitol, their members are reorienting themselves.

However, the moderate conservatives have so far lacked convincing leadership that would be able to retain the opportunists. A renewal of the content of the Republican Party is necessary. There will be no such thing as power and trench warfare.

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