What are the different art forms

The types of art

Art is a term these days that covers a gigantic area.

When one speaks of "art", a painting is often meant, or more generally, various paintings. But painting is just one of many generic terms.

What is "painting"?

Painting means that you paint something, but how exactly you do it is up to you. This art has different styles!

The most important styles are undoubtedly:

  • impressionism
  • expressionism
  • realism
  • surrealism
  • Minimalism

Impressionism and Expressionism aim to create impressions. These are mostly motifs which are supposed to create a certain mood.

Realism shows images of reality, while surrealism often distorts objects or depicts them "differently" than they appear in reality. This doesn't necessarily have to be a crazy shape, it can also mean crazy colors. Minimalism is limited to the essentials. Here mostly an object or a figure is shown in a very simplified way. The renouncement of details is the be-all and end-all.

Not only is a picture shaped by its style, there are also differences in the motifs.

Important types of motif are:

  • Nudes
  • Landscape pictures
  • Portraits
  • Still life

And as if that weren't enough, the material used also plays an important role in how the picture should later appear on the viewer. You can't just use a brush to draw, ink, marker, graphite, charcoal, acrylic and pastel are also conceivable.

The generic term "art"

Art has changed over time. In its origins one spoke only of paintings. In the meantime, art is also understood to mean sculpture, architecture and building forms, various handicrafts, theater, dance and film. Music and poetry are also among the different types of art.

When one speaks of "art" in school, it is mainly painting that is meant. However, even nowadays you get more and more areas taught in art class. Above all, the architecture from the Renaissance and Baroque periods plays an important role. Earlier constructions that simply leave you amazed are sometimes analyzed in more detail here.

Art genres

A distinction is made here between four types:

  • Visual arts: Painting, sculpture, architecture
  • Music: Composition, as well as vocal and instrumental music
  • Literature: Poetry, drama, epic
  • Performing Arts: Theater, dance, film

Back to painting

Other important points in art lessons are form theory and color theory. Some schools even deal with typography, i.e. the design of text and fonts.

Of course, school lessons are not just theory. The practice is used here much more often and one or the other talent has often been discovered in one.