Is London tap water drinkable

Tap water in England

Can you drink tap water in England? Basically, the tap water in England meets all the requirements of the authorities for drinking water quality and can be drunk.

By the way, our video below shows you how quickly it can go before tap water (on the far right in the picture) can run off. The video shows mineral water, distilled water and tap water over a period of 33 days:

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However, tap water in some regions of England has a high chlorine content and is therefore not safe to drink everywhere. In addition, there are some regions in England that have very old water pipes - tap water is therefore not drinkable in all regions of the country.

What are the differences in quality in the different regions of England?

Whether tap water can be drunk in England depends heavily on the region. Thus the quality of the tap water in London, for example, is high, so that it is not a problem here to drink the tap water.

In other regions there is a lot of chlorine in tap water - although this is not harmful to your health, it does lead to a bad taste of the tap water.

It should also be noted that some regions in England are equipped with very old water pipes, which under certain circumstances can emit pollutants.

If you want to drink the tap water in England, you should therefore inform yourself specifically in advance about the respective region which is being visited. The website of the English "Drinking Water Inspectorat" provides a good overview.

Where does the tap water come from in England?

Much of the tap water in England is surface water. This thus comes from water reservoirs, rivers and lakes.

In turn, a smaller portion of the tap water in England comes from groundwater deposits in the country.

The water is filtered and treated to high standards by the local waterworks.

However, depending on the region, there are higher amounts of germs, bacteria or viruses in the surface water or groundwater, so that it has to be heavily chlorinated.

Wells in England - can the water be drunk here?

Most wells in England do not have potable water. The water bottle cannot be easily refilled here. However, there are still some wells with water that corresponds to the drinking water quality.

However, these are signposted as such. If you want to fill up your water bottle at a well, you should therefore look out for specific signs that confirm the drinking water quality.

Bathing water quality in England

The quality of bathing water in England is usually the same as that of tap water. It is therefore safe to bathe and even if the bath water is accidentally swallowed, there is no need to worry.

It should only be noted that the bath water in public bathing establishments is significantly more chlorinated. Therefore, particular care should be taken not to swallow it.

Ice cubes in England as a source of danger?

Ice cubes in England are generally not a source of danger. Even if they are made from this in regions where tap water is heavily chlorinated, the ice cubes do not cause health problems.

This is due to the small amount of water that is consumed with the ice cubes.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should still ask in restaurants and cafes whether the ice cubes were made from drinking water. If you buy ice cubes in the supermarket, you can be sure that they are made from drinking water.

Tap water in English hotels and accommodations

Whether the tap water can be drunk in hotels and accommodations basically depends on the region in which the hotels or accommodations are located.

But it is also important how old and how well-maintained the water pipes in the hotels and accommodations are.

Old water pipes in particular, which have not been adequately maintained, can lead to pollutants in the tap water.

Therefore, for safety reasons, you should ask every hotel or accommodation whether the tap water is safe to drink.

What can be done about the high chlorine content?

If you are in a region of England where the chlorine content in the water is particularly high, you can treat the tap water with a reverse osmosis filter.

This also filters the chlorine from the tap water so that it is drinkable and has a significantly better taste.

Buy bottled drinking water in England

If you don't want to drink tap water in England, you can get it for an average of € 0.50 in local supermarkets. The price is therefore in line with the European average.

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