How do I optimize my YouTube SEO

SEO Hacks For YouTube: 26 Tricks And Tips For Great Results

When you hear SEO, you probably immediately think of Google.

It is the same for many. Google is and will remain the most popular search engine.

But it's not the only search engine.

Even if no other search engine is as big as Google, some can hold a candle to it.

I even go so far as to say that there are a few search engines out there that are better than Google.

Not so great. Not so popular. But other search engines can also help you achieve fame and success.

Smaller search engines fill certain niches. If you do SEO on Bing, you will reach an audience that you would not be able to reach on Google.

Can you see what I'm getting at?

If you leave out the other search engines, you will damage your company.

Today I want to take a closer look at YouTube.

YouTube is not a typical search engine at first glance, but if you think about it, the platform is just that. A search engine.

A search engine for videos.

The search bar is placed in the middle of the webpage and is similar to Google's video search results.

Because YouTube is an independent platform, it is also subject to its own SEO rules.

You want your website to be at the top of the SERPs, just as you want your videos to be at the top of the YouTube SERPs.

SEO on YouTube is a bit different from traditional SEO and you have to get used to it first.

To help you get used to it, I've made a list of tricks that can give you more visibility on YouTube.

1. Find the right keywords for your videos

The keywords on YouTube are different from the keywords on search engines such as Google or Bing.

YouTube keywords often start with “How to…”.

Brian Dean says that one should use Google to search for industry keywords. Then you should check. whether these keywords lead to video results.

For example, you can search for “how to make an apple pie”. Then you will find a lot of videos and at least one of them is from YouTube.

You can use Ubersuggest to check how many monthly searches a keyword has.

Step # 1: Enter a keyword and click "Search".

Step # 2: Click on “Keyword Ideas” in the left sidebar.

Step # 3: Look at the results.

We found 296 new keyword ideas for our keyword. We also get the following data for each keyword on the list:

  • Search volume - The number of monthly searches on Google with this keyword.
  • Cost per click (CPC) - The average cost per click for this keyword in Google Ads.
  • PD - Paid-Difficulty is the estimated competition for this keyword in paid search.
  • SD - Search-Difficulty is the valued competition for this keyword in organic search.

As a rule of thumb, the keyword for your video should be searched at least a few hundred times each month. If you only want to see keywords that generate over 800 search queries, you can use the filter function to limit your results.

Even if there are only six keywords left in the end, you can be sure that these keywords are search terms that are used a lot.

The procedure is the same as normal Keyword research for SEO, therefore do a keyword research for your YouTube SEO.

2. Optimize the headline of your videos

You are also constantly optimizing the headings of your articles. The same goes for YouTube.

You should include your main keyword in the headline and it should indicate the solution to a problem.

You know immediately what you're getting when you read through the Roberto Blake video headline:

Your headlines need to be as clear and direct as this.

3. Optimize your video tags

The video tags are one of the best SEO features YouTube has to offer.

You can set relevant keywords to make your videos more visible.

Use tags that perfectly match your topic.

You can use LSI keywords that are related to your main keyword.

But you shouldn't set too many tags. Ten to twelve are enough.

4. Invite viewers to leave a comment

If your videos get a lot of comments, then they're popular.

Like Google, YouTube also prefers popular content. The number of comments is a metric that YouTube uses to determine which content is the most popular.

You can end your video with a question to fuel the discussion.

5. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel

Subscriptions are very important.

It's one of the factors that YouTube uses to rank your videos.

Often times, you only leave a comment, but once viewers have subscribed to your channel, they'll come back regularly.

The number of your subscribers gives YouTube a sense of how valuable your videos are.

Pro tip: Many YouTubers ask their fans to leave a comment and subscribe to their channel. But if you are interested in the metrics, then you should mainly ask for subscriptions to your channel.

6. Invest in the production of your videos

This article is about YouTube SEO. But here, too, the quality is crucial.

I mentioned before that SEO is mostly about Users goes. So I want to point out that investing in the quality Your videos can lead to better performance.

I am well aware that not everyone can afford a studio production.

Your video quality shouldn't suffer as a result.

Almost everyone these days has a smartphone that makes great videos. That’s a good start.

Often all you need is an iPhone or Android.

You can make a few small investments here and there if you want to improve the quality of your videos even further:

You can get a Buy a tripod for your mobile phone.

Stability is everything.

You can also invest in a background.

If you toss a few sheets on your bookshelf, that's okay too.

You can find backgrounds on Amazon for less than 50 euros.

You should buy a couple of lamps.

You don't need fancy or expensive lamps. A few additional light sources to illuminate the scene are enough.

Even if you have a rather small budget (50-75 euros), you can buy some great lamps with them.

A couple of normal lamps that you still have lying around at home will do the same.

Buy a microphone too.

Such a microphone doesn't cost the world.

Not everyone needs this $ 900 microphone.

A small microphone for a cell phone does it and doesn't cost much.

Even a cheap microphone picks up the audio better than the built-in microphone in your cell phone.

With a small investment of 100-150 euros, you can record high quality videos that could rival the largest YouTube channels.

This is immediately noticeable in your search traffic.

7. Create a thumbnail that catches the eye

The thumbnail view of your video is not a ranking factor, but it still has a big impact on your SEO.

A good thumbnail will attract more viewers while also making for better SEO.

Your thumbnail needs to catch the eye and tell the viewer what the video is about.

Many users choose their videos solely on the basis of the thumbnails, so you shouldn't neglect them.

8. Add subtitles

Here's a great YouTube SEO trick that you can use to get yourself an edge.

You probably already know that you can also provide subtitles on YouTube.

If you click on the sign under the video, the subtitles appear:

These subtitles are intended for people who are hard of hearing or who are deaf. But they're also good for SEO.

The subtitles can be read by search engines!

You can give your SEO an extra boost by offering subtitles.

YouTube also offers automated subtitles, but they're not that good.

However, you can edit these subtitles or create your own. Whatever you decide to do, the subtitles have to be flawless.

9. Edit the name of your file

While this trick doesn't have a great impact on your SEO, it's important nonetheless.

You should rename your file to include your heading and main keyword.

The file name may be "20170613.mp4”.

But if you rename it (e.g. "like_man_hello_bar_used.mp4”) Tell YouTube what your video is about.

10. Grow your channel and don't just invest in your videos

To get the most out of YouTube, you have to either on the link building for your YouTube channel as well as take care of your videos.

The links tell YouTube that your channel is important.

Keep that in mind. I'll go into more detail about how to get backlinks on YouTube in a moment.

11. Share your videos on social media

It's actually quite simple and obvious.

But it is extremely important.

The internet is a social medium. YouTube is a social platform. In order to optimize your YouTube channel and your SEO, you have to share your videos on every imaginable social network.

Share your videos on Facebook.

That was clear, but I want to mention it anyway.

You should share your video on Facebook first.

Facebook can send a lot of traffic to your page if you create a great description.

But there is one thing you should know about sharing YouTube videos on Facebook.

Moz discovered that "Facebook is in all likelihood not your best advertising platform."

Why? As always, it's all about the numbers.

Facebook's own videos are displayed more often than YouTube videos shared on Facebook.

The average time a viewer spends on the video is also greater.

Does that mean you shouldn't share your videos on Facebook?

Of course not.

YouTube is and will remain the largest video platform.

And sharing your YouTube videos as often as possible, wherever possible, is the best guarantee for maximum visibility.

Don't forget to share videos on Twitter.

The same goes for Twitter. Your videos should be seen by as many people as possible.

Twitter confirms that "videos get a lot of engagement on Twitter".

Twitter's own videos are also successful, but statistics show that YouTube videos are shared more often on Twitter.

Videos shared on Twitter are seen by many people and are extremely popular.

So share your videos on Twitter!

Share your videos on LinkedIn.

In my experience, people on LinkedIn are often much more engaged than people on other social networks.

And if your videos are about business topics, that's even better.

With videos you can expand your company page and your personal profile on LinkedIn.

Shama Hyder posted a video on her LinkedIn profile.

The video is of course from YouTube and ensures good engagement on LinkedIn and YouTube.

LinkedIn is the only social platform that doesn't offer a video function (if we ignore SlideShare).

That's why there is only one great way to share a video on LinkedIn: YouTube.

Share your video on Quora.

Quora is very suitable for sharing your videos.

Why is that? People look to Quora for detailed information in order to solve certain problems.

You shouldn't overdo it, but you can share a link to one of your videos or your YouTube channel every now and then.

The benefits that you can hope for by sharing your videos on social networks go far beyond the additional viewers gained.

When you share your content on other platforms, you build links and can grow your social influence. It's a win-win.

12. Send an email to your contacts

The email list is a powerful marketing weapon.

You can send an email to thousands of people in a flash and share your content.

Then your videos will be viewed more often and that in turn has a positive effect on your SEO.

13. Embed your videos

You should consider embedding your videos for two reasons.

You can present the video to a larger audience. You can embed it anywhere. I highly recommend blog posts.

You can also improve your engagement. This happens automatically when your video is seen by more users.

14. Steal a few keyword ideas

You don't become an SEO expert overnight.

That is why you should study your competition carefully.

You might find other companies that are in the same industry and that use certain keywords.

You should use these keywords for your own videos and keep an eye on performance. Maybe your videos are being shared more often thanks to this simple trick.

15. The description of the video should start with the main keyword

Here's a tip straight from YouTube.

You want to get your main keyword into the description as quickly and naturally as possible.

The YouTube bot sees your keyword immediately and searches your video. You can then get a better ranking for that video.

16. Do keyword research on YouTube

Let's dig a little deeper into video keywords.

I already mentioned that you can use Google to do keyword research.

While that's all well and good, you can also search for great keywords on YouTube.

Personally, I think it's great that the search bar on YouTube automatically suggests popular terms.

I can just type in a term, for example “content marketing”, and YouTube will spit out a few search suggestions:

Isn't that a great keyword research?

These terms are really searched for, so it only makes sense to include them in your own videos.

17. Keep your audience engaged longer

What does “playback time” mean?

Playback time is the time a user spent playing your video.

This metric is important for ranking on YouTube. If people spend a lot of time on your video, then they'll like your work.

You can optimize the playback time in different ways, a few of which I'll address in a moment.

18. Check the report on the playback time of your videos

YouTube provides you with a few handy reports to help you analyze your performance.

The report on the playback time of your videos tells you how many minutes users spend on average with your videos.

You can view the report in your channel in Creator Studio.

Click in the menu on the left Analytics> Watch time.

The report can give you information about possible changes in user behavior. If you see outliers, you might want to do some research.

19. Take a look at the viewer retention report

You should also find out if your viewers love your videos and are watching several at the same time.

You can find some useful metrics in the audience retention report, such as average watch time and information about your audience growth.

You can see the report underAnalytics> audience retention see.

You can also check out audience retention for a specific video by clicking the video's name:

You can also play the video and track audience retention every second.

20. Make of theInteraction usage reports

Would you like more reports? No problem. I present the reports to the interaction.

YouTube provides nine user interaction reports so you can better assess your performance.

Any report is useful and you should review them all regularly.

In the subscriber report you can see how many subscribers you have gained and lost.

You can also check how many of your videos have been shared from YouTube using the Share button.

You can use these metrics to improve your SEO and optimize your performance.

21. Make the audience curious

If you're still struggling with watch time and audience interaction, you should rethink the style of your videos.

It is often very helpful if you arouse curiosity in your audience.

You don't need to incorporate dramatic cliffhangers, but it should arouse curiosity.

For example, you could show an interesting statistic.


Or you could ask a question. The popular Vsauce channel does this regularly.

Check out this video:


You just can't help yourself and want to keep looking to find out more.

Let your imagination run wild and make your viewers curious so that they stay tuned. If you arouse their curiosity, they'll watch your entire video too.

22. Create playlists

Not only your viewers can use the playlists.

If you create playlists that are enriched with keywords, you can improve your SEO and get more traffic.

Take a look at this playlist. Practical, isn't it?

Playlists are a powerful way to improve your watch time and audience retention.

23. Get featured on another channel

This method is a little tricky, but if you do everything right, you can get great results.

You have to find a YouTube channel that really suits you and complements you, but doesn't necessarily compete with you.

If you pick a channel that deals with the same topic, you could lose a few of your viewers.

So if your channel deals with food, you should find a channel that makes videos about drinks. If you have a marketing channel, you can look out for a sales channel.

It's actually quite simple.

Send out a few queries, then wait for the other channel to reply. If you can offer the channel good added value, then you will definitely be introduced.

Make sure you also get a link to your channel! You can also ask for a note in the credits.

24. Let yourself be interviewed

Getting interviewed by another YouTube channel is also a great way to present yourself.

There are channels that also specialize in interviews and that conduct them on a regular basis.

The Growth Everywhere channel (where I run the marketing school with Eric Siu) often introduces influencers:

These interviews helped me develop my personal brand. For example, check out my interview with Evan Carmichael.


Because Evan has 726,000 subscribers, I was able to reach an audience that might otherwise have remained hidden from me.

25. Find the optimal length for your videos

You are probably asking yourself: "How long should the perfect YouTube video be?"

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that.

Minimatters found that the average length of the most popular YouTube videos is 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

But that may not fit your videos.

If the TED Talks were this short, we'd feel ripped off.

So it always depends on your content. If the video has to be detailed, it can be a little longer.

You shouldn't overdo it with the length (and don't make the video too short either).

26. Improve your content

I want to close my list with some well-intentioned advice.

No SEO trick can ensure that your viewers keep coming back. That is entirely your responsibility.

Your content is the foundation of your SEO strategy and needs to outperform all other content.


YouTube isn't just for popular superstars and PewDiePie.

You can get a piece of the cake.

And it's not that difficult at all. Creating good videos that are useful can attract viewers.

Then you can forward these viewers to your website or ask them to become subscribers so you don't miss any more content.

Most small businesses don't have a YouTube channel, so this is the ideal platform for you.

Every company has a Facebook page or uses Google AdWords and for this reason it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd on these platforms.

YouTube is different. It's amazingly easy to get a lot of viewers, especially if you follow the tips and tricks I've shared with you in this article.

You don't need a big budget to make great videos either. Nowadays you can create a viral video with a cell phone and a free editing program from the Internet.

The best channels are so successful because they have something unique to offer.

If you offer a unique value proposition and put a lot of love into your videos, you can be successful on YouTube.

Do you have a good tip for standing out from the crowd on YouTube?