How did chess develop?

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The history

The story of chess

Historians do not yet know exactly when the game of chess was invented. What is certain is that texts from the year 570 have been found in India that already deal with chess. Therefore, it is now assumed that the game of chess developed around the year 500 in India.

Chess was intended as a kind of bloodless war game. The peasants represented the infantry, the jumpers represented the cavalry, the runners symbolized Indian fighting elephants and the towers were the chariots. An Indian army was composed in exactly the same way. The order was given by the king, who was assisted by an advisor - this is the lady today. It was only a small step from India to neighboring Persia. And when the Arabs attacked Persia around 650, they took the game of chess back home with them. The Persian-Arabic exclamation "Shah mat!" By the way, (checkmate!) Means: The king is dead.

In the next few centuries the game of chess migrated to Europe via North Africa and Spain. The game board, which is eight by eight squares, existed before chess was played. The Indians used it for a game of dice. The number 8 has a special meaning for Hinduism - the Indian religion. It stands for perfection and harmony.

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