What happens when you eat ant chalk

So you can get rid of ants immediately with normal chalk!

Have you seen them marching in a row around the house? Ants are attracted by leftover food and crumbs. Once they find their way into your house, it's hard to get rid of. Although they do no harm, no one likes them. How do you get rid of them? Quite simply: with a piece of chalk!

Grab a piece of chalk right away.

So what's up with the chalk? It's easy. Use ordinary chalk to draw a line under the door or window that you will use as the entrance to the house. You can also draw a line around your entire house, but that sounds pretty unrealistic. If they come into the house from the garden, however, you could use them to outline the terrace, for example. First find out which direction they are coming from because they are always walking in a straight line. Then draw a line on the floor that they would normally cross.

How does it work?
Scientists aren't really sure why this works. Some believe it's because of the talk in the chalk. Ants don't like it and would never run over it. Because of this, it interrupts the ants' route. If that's true, you could try talcum powder directly and sprinkle it on the spot. Others, however, believe that ants do not like the smell of chalk and therefore turn around.

Street chalk
Special chalk against ants can be bought in stores. But it is not necessary to get them. We even advise against it because it contains chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. A simple piece of blackboard or street chalk will do just as well and better. The main thing is that it contains talk.

Want to see how ants react to chalk? You can see it very clearly in the video. Of course, you should never use chalk to torture or play with the animals.

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Source: Margriet, Cleggs Pest Control | Image: Pexels