How can I spot fake Yeezys

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Services Yeezy Light

  • Digital verification based on the images you have provided, which you can easily and conveniently provide via WhatsApp.
  • Instructions via WhatsApp which images are required for the legit check.
  • The result of the examination is communicated via WhatsApp.

our promise

  • Money back if the quality of your photos is not sufficient for a professional authenticity check.


  • You can take freely selected photos of the Yeezy with your smartphone camera or request them from the seller.

Services Pro

  • Your sneaker will be checked personally by our experienced business owner.
  • If the legit check is passed: Attachment of the black 7 Perplex tag with a safety lock to your sneaker as proof of authenticity.
  • If the legit check is not passed: You will receive a PDF document about the failed legit check with reasons. You can use this as evidence for buyer protection cases on Ebay or PayPal.

our promise

  • Money back and payment of the shipping costs should we not be able to authenticate your sneaker.
  • Free and quick return to you by DHL package. (without additional insurance)


  • You can send the sneaker.
  • Your sneaker is new or in good condition. Background: The worse the condition, the more difficult the authentication.
  • Your model is in the listing.
  • You are in possession of the original shoe box and all accessories, e.g. B. Extra shoelaces, cable ties, packaging material, etc.

When Yeezy Light is the right legit check for you

✓ You need a quick & professional initial assessment.

✓ You are about to make a private purchase and need a second opinion.

✓ You have not yet suffered any financial damage, e.g. B. by buying a fake.

When Authentication Pro is the right legit check for you

✓ Professional, comprehensive & handwritten check that removes any doubts about the originality.

✓ Your successfully tested sneakers get an official 7 perplex day. (Enables higher sales price)

✓ If your sneakers are fake, you will receive a PDF document with the reasons for PayPal or Ebay buyer protection cases.

✓ Ideal if you got the sneaker from an exotic source or got it for an exceptionally low price and have already paid for it.

Many don't even know if their Yeezy is fake

It can often be observed that many sneaker lovers allow themselves to be seduced into a purchase by beautiful advertising on social media. However, very few people get a glimpse behind the closed doors of the suppliers of limited-edition sneakers. In today's world of Yeezy & Co., there are partially barely recognizable 1 to 1 counterfeits on the gray market. Unfortunately, in this fast-growing market, it often happens that, due to high workload, inexperienced staff and intense time pressure, larger marketplace providers in particular do not recognize such 1 to 1 counterfeits and these pass through the authentication process unhindered.

What are marketplaces?

Simply put, marketplaces are commercial websites that sell limited-edition sneakers between private individuals. You don't have your own stock of limited edition shoes. As in the real estate industry, the marketplace provider mediates between you and a seller you do not know. If you buy the product on the provider's website, the private seller will receive a sales confirmation. Your paid purchase price minus the fees for the service will be credited to the seller. The marketplace provider withholds the fees.

Are Marketplaces Good Or Bad?

As in many things in life, the answer is: it depends. Basically, such platforms offer a good chance of getting sneakers that are not available in Germany due to regional restrictions (e.g. US only releases). Especially in the “cheap” price segment (up to € 200) you benefit from such providers.

However, it becomes problematic with high-priced limited-edition sneakers. Due to high capacity utilization, inexperienced staff and enormous time pressure, many limited sneakers make it through the legit check of the marketplaces. The aforementioned weaknesses are particularly exploited by the top tier (colloquial for “the best”) replica manufacturers. Basically: The more precisely a forgery gets to the original and the higher the possible sales price, the more these 1 to 1 replicas inevitably reach the platforms of the marketplace providers. Popular models such as the Nike Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott regularly make it through the legit check, as this is easy for the producers to counterfeit and at the same time promises a high profit.

How do you recognize marketplace providers?

The providers often try to disguise the fact that they are merely acting as intermediaries. After all, the feeling or the belief that you can always give something back without actually making use of this right is a nice extra that you don't want to do without. The truth is, like Lieferando, they don't prepare their own food, and like Uber, they don't provide their own cars either.

You can recognize marketplace providers by the fact that they

  1. Do not give you a statutory right of withdrawal, as is the case with retailers, for B. is the case,
  2. Offer you no legal guarantee for your sneakers,
  3. Show you sometimes arbitrary prices, as the prices are set by the private sellers,
  4. The support doesn't really help you if you have the feeling that your sneaker is fake.

Our performance promise for your legit check

We attach great importance to the authentication process because, in our opinion, it is the most valuable asset in the industry. Counterfeits can endanger your reputation, negatively affect your health and damage you financially. Since this market is still growing, we understand that many purchases are often made through dubious providers. Do not worry. We help you.

If you have the feeling that your sneakers are fakes, you can take advantage of our professional authenticity check. At 7 Perplex, each legit check is carried out personally by business owner Philipp Kassel. Known fake features of your sneaker are determined under the highest standards and checked against the original. At 7 Perplex you benefit from many years of industry experience and an excellent reputation for the authentication process, as well as a personal contact person during the legit check.

What are you waiting for? Now check whether your Yeezy is fake or real.