What are technical interview questions

frequently asked Questions

Q: I have a technical question about my bike; Whom can I contact?
A: The dealer is always your first point of contact for all questions about your bike. No matter whether you have questions about installation dimensions or suitable components, you want to rebuild something on your bike or maybe just the rear derailleur is hooked; It is always easier and less complicated to help on site than to give tips over the phone and / or e-mail. This is exactly why Drössiger bikes are available from specialist retailers, so you always have the right support right around the corner, even after the purchase.

Q: For example, I bought my Drössiger bike used and therefore not a dealer. Who can I contact if I have any questions?
A: Even if you don't (yet) have a Drössiger partner in your area, you can simply go to the dealer you trust. If, for example, spare parts are required for your bike, they can of course order the parts for you from us and we are at your side with advice and action to solve your problem quickly and easily. Please understand that we cannot send any parts directly to end customers and that we cannot make any exceptions.

Q: I have a complaint; who will help me now?
A: Here, too, your dealer is the first point of contact; This is because he has all the information we need to be able to check the complaint and, if applicable, guarantee claims. If, for example, spare parts are required for your bike, we can handle the case quickly and easily through your dealer. Please note that we cannot resolve complaints directly on an end-customer basis, as we need the original documents (such as the dealer's invoice) to process and assign the bike.