Why is pornography bad for you

Why too much porn ruins men's sex lives - and yours too

"Do you watch porn?" - The question alone makes most guys feel guilty. "Me? No! Never!" The never-ending access to pornography on the Internet proves that sex films are mainstream. "YouPorn" or "Pornhub" are among the most popular Internet offers worldwide. And of course women also watch porn, although they don't like to admit it either.

But does porn harm our sex life? Will the virtual pleasure at some point replace the real one? A question that more and more scientists are investigating. Only a few years ago, researchers reassured with a study published in the journal Sexual Medicine: Porn would be quite beneficial for the sexual health of men.

For the study, the scientists analyzed the data of 280 men, half of whom lived in an intact relationship. It showed that those men who consumed an unusually large amount of porn were able to achieve an erection more easily and could also maintain it longer. Sounds fine in principle. However, recent research shows the toxic effects of frequent porn consumption on men's libido. And with it on our sex life.

Porn has a negative impact on your relationship

The results presented at a meeting of the American Urological Association, the US Urologist Association, demonstrate a close connection between excessive porn consumption and sexual dysfunction. Study director Dr. Matthew Christman of the Naval Medical Center explains, "The more often a man masturbates in virtual sex scenes, the more damaging he is to his sexual relationship with a real woman." Sounds pretty logical because, as we know, a lot of porn has very little to do with reality. Especially when it comes to the woman's sense of pleasure. For men, too, there is often pressure to perform: flawless bodies and eternal potency create stress and lead to excessive demands on yourself.

Erection only in front of the computer

For the study, the researchers analyzed the sex lives of 312 male test subjects between the ages of 20 and 40. 20 percent of men consumed porn three to five times a week. Four percent of these "heavy users" stated that they gain more pleasure from sex films than from making love with their partners. “Some of these men even complained of erectile dysfunction when they were supposed to sleep with their partner. Matthew Christman.

Sex therapist Angela Gregory of Nottingham University Hospital confirms this to the BBC: "What I have noticed over the last 16 years is an increase in these problems in young men. In the past, our clinic mainly came to older men with diabetes or heart problems Had erectile dysfunction, but these young men are organically healthy. ”One of her first questions is about pornography consumption and masturbation behavior, according to the doctor.

Incidentally, women were also interviewed for the study. Here, porn had no impact on sex life. The researchers: "Women do not see less porn than men. Only the films do not have such a great impact on their real sense of pleasure."