How do you celebrate your happiest moment

5 tips on how you can live happier despite a global state of emergency

Home alone for days, and all the appointments we were looking forward to have been canceled. The vacation was canceled and the family celebration was postponed. Somehow, it feels like the carefree happiness has been postponed until later since the coronavirus got us under control. Perhaps the desire for carefree happiness is too great in times like these, but it is all the more important now to fully savor every little moment of happiness that we can still experience. Today we focus on taking action and taking actions that make us happy, no matter what problems we are grappling with. Here are 5 concrete everyday tips for you to help you live happier despite a state of emergency:

1. Make good, deep relationships a priority.

Those who strive to have deep relationships that make them feel loved and understood lead to happier lives. And that works even without physical proximity. Think about which people in your life make you feel particularly good and whom you trust completely. You can consciously try to strengthen your relationship with these people by regularly taking time for quiet conversations about topics that really concern you and the person you are speaking to. Call your friends and family or video chat and skip the small talk.

2. Help other people.

Helping others is a great way to make yourself happy - because we make two or more people happy with it. Ask your elderly neighbor if they need help with daily errands, or ring the doorbell of the friend you know is going through a particularly difficult time. Hardly anything feels as good as doing good to others and feeling needed.

3. Promote your talents.

Finally write the book that you have wanted to write for a long time, or pick up the guitar that has been in the corner for so long, because promoting your own talents simply makes you happy. Anyone who has lost sight of their talents and does not really know what their own strengths are, could ask themselves what occupations one liked to pursue as a child. Often our talents lie precisely in the things that we did intuitively back then.

4. Enjoy your life with all your senses.

Fortunately, nature has equipped us with senses that allow us to experience pleasure and thus happiness. Cook your favorite food, take the time to listen to your favorite music while sipping a delicious coffee or tea. Put on clothes that make you feel great because the fabric is soft and cozy against your skin. Take a quiet walk alone and take the time to observe your surroundings, stress-free and full of sensual attention.

5. Practice self-care.

We often forget about our needs in challenging times. You can prevent this by asking yourself over and over again every day: What do I need right now? Sometimes this is about very simple things, like a glass of water, or we need a little walk around the block. Self-care also means practicing lovingly shaping the inner self-talk that we all have all day. In moments when this is particularly difficult, it can be helpful to imagine that you are not talking to yourself, but to your best friend or your own child. This little mind game can help us to meet ourselves more lovingly and thus increase our feeling of happiness.

Those who take care of their needs and practice self-care might also notice that they are suffering from massive stress and need outside help. If you perceive this need, you can always contact one of our professional psychological advisors online. Together we will find a way to deal with your worries, no matter what is on your mind at the moment.

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