Why do Quora answers seem wrong

How many triangles are there in this picture?

Tricky puzzles are always popular with Internet users via social media and forums. One such puzzle that is making the rounds comes from the question-and-answer forum Quora.

The question seems relatively simple:

How many triangles are there in this picture?

Did you find out?

As math expert Martin Silvertrant explains, there are several correct answers to this question.

Actually there is in the figure, so the big triangle, in total 24 triangles. That is probably the answer the questioner wanted to hear. Then you could also add the triangle from the “A” of the signature “Asky”. That would be it 25 triangles. This answer was also given by some other Quora users.

But then there are also two more abstract answers to the question.

"Kurt Van den Broeck made me aware that the word 'Triangles' is also in the picture," explains Silvertrant. "So if I'm pedantic enough to count the letter, A‘, then maybe I should also count the words that relate to triangles. "

The word "Triangles" means "triangles" and since it was not precisely stated whether only pictures of triangles or also words are meant, it could also be included. The word is in the plural, so you would have to add at least two triangles, but infinitely more triangles could also be meant. Therefore, there is another correct answer 27 to ∞ triangles.

And one final correct answer is0 triangles.“A triangle is more of a mathematical idea than something real. Physical triangles are by definition not geometrically perfect, but approximations to triangles, ”he explains. “So how many triangles are there in the picture? Real triangles, 0. But when it comes to approximations to triangles, everything between 27 (24 + 1 + 2) and ∞. "

You can read Silvertrant's full answer here: