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The real reason men find women with big butts attractive

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Evolutionary psychologists have long argued that the physical traits that heterosexual men are attracted to are traits that emphasize female health and fertility. The main argument was that our ancestors developed this attraction because it increased the chances of being successful in the reproductive process.

These pairing preferences, it was believed, were put aside over the generations, but still subconsciously influence men today.

A new study just published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior shows that men who like women with large buttocks might follow such an evolutionary mating preference.

The researchers hypothesized that the shape of a woman's buttocks is an important indicator of her fertility. It is not the mass of the butt that is decisive, but rather the degree to which it protrudes in comparison to the spine.


They say that women with a straight spine are at a reproductive disadvantage because when they are pregnant they shift their mass forward. This puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and the lower end, so it can cause pain and increase the risk of injury.

Conversely, women with a curved spine have fewer problems shifting the center of their body, across their hips, during pregnancy, which leads to greater stability and reduces the risk of pain. Due to the appearance of the buttocks, this can be an indication of whether the lower end of the spine is bent or not, depending on how curved it is. This led the researchers to believe that men believe such women to be more attractive.

They presented two studies to support this.

In the first study, 102 college students were shown images that looked the same but had bum curves ranging from 26 to 61 degrees.

Lumbar curvature: a previously undiscovered standard of attractiveness

They found that the lumbar curve reached the optimal level at 45.5 degrees, so the models here were rated as more attractive.

The ratings for attractiveness decreased again when this level was exceeded. A spine that is bent too much can result in completely different health conditions, which is why it makes sense that the preference for the spine curve only exists to a certain extent.

The second study looked at whether men really choose based on their spine position or whether men just like big butts in general.

Lumbar curvature: a previously undiscovered standard of attractiveness

To explore this thesis, the scientists demonstrated a series of changes in female figure to 202 male college students, all of whom had the same butt size, but for different reasons. For example, the female figures with larger buttocks had larger gluteal muscles, more fatty tissue or a larger lumbar curvature.

The size of the buttocks was the same everywhere, in all variants, only the position was changed, depending on what the reason was. As has been suggested, men preferred women with curved loins, not women with larger glutes.

The data are only partially reliable because the study only considered college students from the United States who had to evaluate their attraction to digital, abstract body shapes, not actual women.

In the real world, attraction is a complex, multi-factor evaluation that goes beyond the mere evaluation of a single part of the body. The investigation does not clarify how much the curvature of the spine contributes to the attractiveness of a woman in relation to other physical or psychological characteristics.

Still, the research shows that men are attracted to curvy women, and that one of those curves that men subconsciously select is the back end of a woman.