What are the best corporate law textbooks

Textbook on civil, corporate and company law

The quick introduction to civil, corporate and corporate law

This textbook gives you a compact overview of essential areas of civil, corporate and company law, which nevertheless does not leave out any details. Carefully designed and clearly structured, selected design elements ensure easy orientation and sustainable knowledge acquisition. The following details should be emphasized in particular:

  • Preceding short overviews for individual topic complexes are used to find and repeat the essential key facts more quickly.
  • Linking related topics through cross-references within the book. This makes it easier to compare similar legal questions with one another or to find further information.
  • Numerous references to the jurisprudence ensure that the highest court judicature can be found quickly. Thus, legal practice is linked to theoretical knowledge acquisition.

The work is aimed at students who deal with questions of civil, corporate and company law in the context of corresponding courses or in preparation for exams, but also at all who want to refresh and expand their legal knowledge in these subject areas. A useful companion from studies to practice!