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Good morning to the dear team. I have an argument with a certain moderator of yours. This bullies me all the time. You from your forum have constantly praised me for my good answers, and I am also very popular in the coming community and have made a lot of friends there. On a trial basis, people there tried to help me to have my answers written on their account without any problems. However, the moderator writes to me every day if something is wrong or something does not suit this moderator. How can it be that you are bullied? I want you to either call me or get in touch with me on how to fix this problem of bullying from you point because it cannot be that my answers are constantly blocked or objected to, at my e-mail address point if but one of my friend, partner, work colleague, who wrote the same answer as me but did not receive a cover letter from this strange moderator. How can that be please? I ask you to examine this case before I forward this to the public and to the lawyer, because I feel really bullied, and because bullying is a crime in Germany. Sincerely, to review this case. I also point out that data protection in Germany is actually subject to a law. How can it be that therefore synonym, under whose name I warn parents, means of pedophiles, and even filed a complaint to report them to the police, I am constantly stalked by your moderators and my contributions are constantly rejected, changed or be shortened. As I said, I try to clarify this with diplomacy, but we can also let the public decide whether such behavior can be legally tolerated. I am very sorry to have to bother you with this, but we still have democracy in Germany