Why does it glitter on snow?

Hiddenhausen / Herford The snow glistens softly

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Paths through winter (10): Finally, the season is just as romantics imagine. A walk through the Füllenbruch is of course a must.

Meiko Haselhorst
02/13/2021 | As of February 12, 2021, 9:08 p.m.

Hiddenhausen / Herford. I only get annoyed for a very short time: Why can't I manage to capture this glitter with the camera as I see it myself? Everywhere on the large white surface in front of me it flashes and sparkles. As if an angel had flown over the snowy field in the night and had generously distributed stardust with both hands. Nothing of this can be seen in the picture. But to annoy me this morning is too good - the photo will certainly look beautiful even without the glitter.

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