Are there really real friends

True friendship: These 6 things will help you know who a real friend is

We all make very different types of friendships in our lives. There are sandpit friends with whom you have gone through all phases between the playground, the first lovesickness and school days. Or new friendships that we only make later between university, job and toddler group. There are communities of convenience, blood brothers, colleagues and BFFs. And no friendship is like the other.

Of course, the length of the friendship doesn't necessarily say anything about its intensity. But what is a fact: There are these kind of friends with whom you can clearly feel: THAT here are friends for life. This is something very special. True friendship.

But what exactly is this aha feeling? What is different with true friends than with other acquaintances and what makes them so great and indispensable? Here are six things that make true friendship.

1. True friends are more than a community of convenience

Probably each of us has at least one "community of convenience" friend. We have something in common with her or do something together on a regular basis. And that is exactly what defines this friendship. Be it the common sport, the common single existence or another interest that both share. Without this connecting element, friendship would be missing something. The conversations, which mostly revolved around the shared hobby, would quickly ebb.

Quite different with true friends. They are just so interested in you as a person - regardless of whether you have the same interests. With a true friend, you could spend a week on a desert island and still not run out of things to talk about.

2. True friends go through thick and thin

Real friends stand by each other no matter what. And if one of them calls at four in the morning because she is not feeling well, then you are ready without looking for excuses. Even if one has a difficult time, the other does not resignedly distance itself, but remains a loyal soul. Sometimes you need a lot of stamina, a thick skin and strong nerves. But you take it upon yourself simply because you are a true friend.

3. True friendship doesn't rust

It doesn't matter how long you haven't seen each other: when you meet, it’s the same as always. Familiar, open and warm. Short strangers or living apart? Doesn't exist with true friends. You just always have something to talk about and the feeling of closeness that stays there even when you're at a distance.

4. True friends don't want to change you

True friends accept you with all your little flaws and quirks because they like you just that. They don't criticize you and don't try to force their opinion or way of life on you. They just let you be you.

5. True friends know pure joy, but not envy

When you get engaged, have made a totally positive visual change, get your dream job or go on a trip around the world: Real friends are always happy with you. They don't even know jealousy or jealous looks in relation to you. Not even a quick swallow. You just like the other too much to let negative feelings arise. Envy is more likely to show up with acquaintances, not true friends.

6. True friends sometimes talk tacheless

Real friends would never lie to you - for better or for worse. Let's take a harmless case: Your girlfriend is wearing a totally unflattering outfit. Would you say to her, 'No, it looks good' or would you take the effort and tell her that it doesn't work that way?

And it is precisely this honesty that should apply in all areas. Even if she gets totally lost in life and love, a real friend should find open words - empathetic but clear. This may not be the most convenient way for everyone involved, but it is the only right one.

If you nodded knowingly on all six points, then you either have damn good, real friends and consider yourself lucky, or you are a really good friend yourself. And both are absolutely worth gold!

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