Why are shooting ranges charged after shooting

Meetings with a bang : When the police union invites you to a press shooting

The place is a bit off the beaten track, but the occasion is by no means: The German police union DPolG, not to be confused with its competitor GdP, which has more members, had invited to a “press shooting” on the training ground in the forest between Wannsee and Dreilinden for Tuesday evening - “to continue to be able to work together so professionally ”. The invitations that had been declared personal had been received by the editorial team in so many numbers that it was hard to say no. Especially since some journalistic bang results come from the fact that you get an impression of things for yourself.

A wall swallows projectiles

The signs “Enter the shooting range at your own risk” are only of limited use as a recommendation for laypeople. The shooting ranges look like the backstage area of ​​a carnivore circus: narrow and long, sandy floor between bare walls, open at the top to light and air. And at the back of the front a wall that swallows the projectiles.

Since the DPolG is not the police and the press shooting is not a sovereign task, the three shooting trainers have brought their own weapons, which they own as hobby marksmen: various pistols in silver and black, elegantly shimmering drum revolvers and, to the special delight of the blue light Reporters also shot a pump gun, which a shooting coach said hit two cars. Whoever wants to know more is usually given a Hollywood product as an answer, for example: "This is a Beretta like Mel Gibson's in 'Lethal Weapon'" or "a 44 Magnum, 'Dirty Harry" ". And next door Lara Croft is about to bang.

The gun is surprisingly heavy

Günther, who otherwise secures state visits with the central traffic service and checks drivers for drugs, is enough for a start with a P8, which is also worn by Bundeswehr soldiers. The right hand encloses the handle, the index finger is - NO! Not yet on the trigger, but stretched out below the barrel. The left hand supports the right and creates a slight counter-pressure so that you can hold the surprisingly heavy pistol steady. The aim is to use a rear sight (two teeth on the back of the barrel) and a front sight (a front tooth that fits exactly between the two rear ones and ideally points exactly to the center of the target).

Now the finger is on the trigger, buckles slowly, feels increasing resistance - and finally triggers a shot that comes as expected as it is frightening. The cloud afterwards smells exactly like New Year's Eve, and in the target's upper left there is a hole nine millimeters in diameter. The next hits even hit the mark, and the drum revolver with its much more sensitive trigger proves to be even more successful. Whereby the outstretched arm doesn't become calmer after two times five shots, but only heavier. Time to talk shop a little.

Many police officers like to shoot - in their spare time

"Nobody wants to shoot, but everyone has to be able to do it," says Günther, and his neighbor adds: "I don't get a cent for flaming my opponent." This sentence is a plea for the taser, whose electric arrows, unlike a projectile, may just be deadly. In addition, the taser has a camera and micro to preserve evidence for the possibly due legal proceedings.

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A young officer from Section 34 reports that she pulled her gun three times in her first year of service. So far, she hasn't had to pull the trigger. Günther notes that you should now imagine the realistic scenario, which does not take place in the sandpit shooting range, but rather in the face of an armed attacker who you may have already run after, and then suddenly he takes the knife back and you should in spite of a tight breath, please just hit his legs. That's why many police officers like to shoot - but only in their free time.

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