I wrote it correctly is the correct grammar

Have spelling and grammar become obsolete?

April 27, 2020, 10:33 am

target group

Secondary level 1 | Secondary level 2




Spelling | Grammar | Writing | German | spelling


Are spelling and grammar obsolete?

Moment - life today | 02/25/20

Is it a sloppy mistake or is the person speaking in public really not proficient in spelling and grammar? Does she find comprehensibility and language logic unimportant? Critics complain about it.


Andrea Hauer


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Listen to the show and then answer the questions!



planet-knowledge - spelling
Time Blossoms - The Most Common Spelling Errors
University of Vienna - Semester question 2020: How does language work?
The standard language acts like a handshake - how consciously do you speak?


Youtube - Learn Spelling - Simple German Tips (2:29)
Youtube - Das oder Dass I difference I had to know German (2:36)
Youtube - Be or since I difference I had to know German (2:42)
3sat.de - Kulturkampf about writing (5:51)
3sat.de - ... in search of style blooms (7:10)
Youtube quiz: How good is your spelling? (4:21)


learning goals

Create word grids with difficult words


  • receive information about correct or incorrect use of written language
  • can train their attention for correct / incorrect spelling
  • can check and deepen their knowledge of spelling
  • work in a team
  • work with an online tool

The students create word grids online in which words with more or less difficult spelling are hidden. The puzzles created are made available to the entire class and solved by each other.

The free online tool LearningApps is particularly suitable for this lesson. Only the teacher has to register and can set up a "class" to which the pupils receive access data in order to create quiz units. Alternatively, you can work with Quizlet. This online tool for multimedia flashcard learning is also free, but the pupils have to register in order to create card sets.

The learners need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access. This class activity can be completed within two class hours.


1. Set up a virtual class

The teacher sets up a class on LearningApps.org prior to the lesson. Instructions for this are available under "Materials". The access data are printed out and given to the students before the group work begins.

Duration: approx. 10 minutes

2. Listen to the broadcast

The program Ö1 Moment - Leben heute "Have spelling and grammar become obsolete?" will be heard. This can be done together in the class at the beginning of the lesson. Lesson time is saved if the students listen to the program at home using the flipped classroom method.

Duration: approx. 25 minutes

3. Solve the quiz about the program

After listening to the audio, the program quiz is solved. This ensures that the content of the program was understood.

Duration: approx. 5 minutes

4. Create a word grid

For this part of the teaching activity, the class is divided into working groups of 2-4 people. On the computer, each group uses the LearningApps tool to create a small quiz that can be used to train the spelling of words. The "word grid" category is particularly suitable for this. The rule is that a certain number of words must be used (e.g. eight). "Hangman" is also a useful format for this. The tool is self-explanatory and very easy to use.

The pupils can use words that are mentioned in the program or others. It is important that the correct spelling is researched beforehand if necessary. If it is difficult to find suitable words, you can also refer to the glossary for the program, which lists a selection of words from the program.

Duration: approx. 15 minutes

5. Solve the word grid

The teacher releases the created apps of the students so that they are accessible to the entire class and comparisons are possible: Is there a word that appears in all puzzles? Are there perhaps even some that have only been used once? As many quizzes as possible should be solved individually.

Duration: approx. 15 minutes

6. Style flowers collection

In addition, the students are asked to pay close attention to spelling and grammatical errors in everyday life and to photograph good examples of mistakes. These images are shared on a collaborative tool, such as B. Google Slide collected. Alternatively, you can also work with padlet or linoit. The collection is managed collaboratively and can be viewed by everyone at any time.


Example of a word grid on LearningApps.org
Youtube entry and first steps with LearningApps - Tutorial (9:23)
Youtube How do I work with a class? LearningApps - Tutorial (7:36)
Glossary for the program "Have spelling and grammar become obsolete?"

Google Slides - Example of a style flower collection
Google Slides

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