How to measure square meters

Measure and calculate areas

The area: rectangle

Rectangles are limited by stretching. They are referred to as length and width. Both are in the Basic size length measured.


The area of ​​a rectangle or other areas is derived from the basic length. The area is therefore a quantity derived from the length.

What does it mean to measure the area of ​​a rectangle?

If you measure the area of ​​a rectangle, then you determine how often your measured variable fits into the area to be measured by you.

The unit of measure you have chosen can
1 meter square, 1 centimeter square or
Be 1 millimeter square.

The units of measurement are usually used as follows:

1 square meter = 1m²
(a square with a side length of 1m)

1 square centimeter = 1cm²
(a square with a side length of 1cm)

1 square millimeter = 1mm²
(a square with a side length of 1mm)

The area of ​​rectangles can be calculated.

So how often does the orange centimeter square fit into the yellow rectangle?

In the rectangle above there are 5 horizontal stripes.

Fit in a horizontal strip
8 centimeter squares.

5 x 8 centimeter squares = 40 centimeter squares


5 x 8 cm² = 40 cm²

So the orange centimeter square fits 40 times into the yellow rectangle.


Ideas for possible, self-organized
  • Determine some self-organized areas that you want to measure. Measure it yourself and let the others in your small group measure it.
  • How about the measurement accuracy and the measurement error?
  • Determine the length, width and height of your classroom and calculate the floor space and wall space.