Should Lisbon host an Olympic Winter Games

The International Olympic Committee is planning a revolutionary innovation in the allocation of its Olympic Games. Thomas Bach, the President, is very sad that these freelance programs produce too many losers. Which is why at the next IOC tombola in autumn, in addition to the summer game city 2024, the one for 2028 should also be chosen.

Apart from the fact that this rotation should by no means be due to a spontaneously inflamed mercy at the IOC top, but rather the intention not to anger Donald Trump, whose America is vying for the games with Los Angeles: the trip to the election convention in Lima can be the remaining applicants now save. Budapest has just withdrawn. That leaves only Los Angeles and Paris in the ring. Congratulations! And whoever is allowed to be first can now be dealt with via WhatsApp, which is cost-saving.

The IOC's imbalance is grotesque. And it's homemade. This is shown by the amazing regional series that is due from 2018. Then Asian games will rise in a 1000-kilometer radius: winter 2018 South Korea, summer 2020 Japan, winter 2022 China. If the summer games are also distributed to Los Angeles and Paris by 2028, the topic of Olympic applications will no longer be an issue for the next seven or eight years.

There is no longer any need for window speeches

What does not speak for the visionary power of the ring clan: The Olympics are going out of fashion, and the doping games in Sochi and Rio are also contributing to this. It is well known that one cannot trust the pious sports officials; That this also applies to Olympia's medal table, where thanks to refined doping follow-up tests, the rankings and the lottery numbers are in motion, is an experience of the last few months and deepens the disillusionment.

In Budapest, the citizens have now planted boxes of signatures against the Olympics on the streets. A few days earlier, the citizens of Graub√ľnden, Switzerland, waved their hand. High costs, doubts about the integrity and sustainability of the games, plus the hubris of dazzling officials who are increasingly becoming the focus of criminal authorities around the world. There is no longer any need for window speeches and also no waxy Agenda 2020 that Bach's IOC has tinkered with itself. What is needed is a cultural change in sports management - in the IOC as well as in the other affair association, Fifa. There, as there, only people can climb who have waded through all levels of this milieu and were passed through to the top. A kind of voluntary self-regulation of the international sport camaraderie. If this system is not broken, there is no turning point in sight.

No, it's not the Olympics, it's not the Games. It's down to the characters they seem to have.