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Anal sex (anal intercourse)

From a medical point of view, there are a few points to consider when it comes to anal intercourse: How do you proceed? Do you need an enema? Can you get pregnant? Does the penis come into contact with feces?

In anal sex (also: anal intercourse, coitus analis), the male penis is inserted into the partner's anus. The intercourse takes place anal and not in the vagina - hence the name.

Do only homosexuals have anal intercourse?

Anal intercourse is not tied to a sexual orientation: It is practiced in heterosexual partnerships as well as in homosexual ones, by women and men alike.

The anus is a sensitive, erogenous zone in both sexes. The touch of a finger or tongue is an additional stimulation for many. Everyone is different, not everyone can find something pleasant to touch in this area. The focus is therefore on a sensitive approach if one of the partners wants anal intercourse.

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The narrowness of the anal opening also increases the stimuli on those nerves that transmit sensations from the sexual organs to the spinal cord (and thus to the brain). This leads to a more intense feeling of pleasure.

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Anal sex: consensus is the most important thing

  • It should go without saying that sexuality only takes place between adults who are capable of reaching a consensus and both of whom have given their consent of their own free will.
  • Alcoholized or sleeping partners are not considered capable of reaching a consensus.
  • Anal intercourse is a matter of trust. Emotional blackmail, persuasion, or any other form of pressure will not promote this trust. On the contrary.
  • Never consent to a practice that you are uncomfortable with.
  • Do not do anything exclusively "for the sake of your partner" that you reject yourself or experience as painful.

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Active or passive anal intercourse

A basic distinction is made between two types of anal intercourse or two roles:

  • Insertive: the active partner inserts the penis or a penis replacement (strap-on, dildo, etc.) into the partner's anus.
  • Receptive: the passive partner takes the penis into the anus.

The following questions often arise:

What should I watch out for during anal sex?

hygiene is very important in all anal practices. Lots of bacteria cavort in the anus. These are (normally) neither "dirty", nor a sign of illness; they fulfill their functions in the body, for example for our digestive and excretory processes. However, it is important that these bacteria do not get into other parts of the body. They have no place in the vagina, eyes, etc., and unpleasant infections can occur.

That means: Do not switch back and forth between vaginal and anal intercourse during intercourse. If you still want to do that,at least change the condom. A penis that has come into contact with bacteria from the anal canal must first be cleaned before it is inserted into the vagina.

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Do I have to clean the anus beforehand?

This question usually does not refer to the usual personal hygiene such as daily showering, but specifically to that Cleaning or emptying of the rectum before intercourse. The answer is difficult and, as is so often the case with sexual practices, depends on personal preference. From a medical point of view, the following applies: The intestines do not have to be cleaned beforehand.

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Is the anus dirty?

Of course, the anus comes into contact with feces. This does not normally play a role in anal intercourse, as the feces are "stored" further inside the body (read: in a different section of the intestine) and only enter the rectum when it is emptied. The penis does not come into contact with the feces. Of course, it can be the case that there are still some remnants of feces in the rectum. This need not be. If you have diarrhea, you shouldn't have anal sex anyway.

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Why do some people do an enema before anal intercourse?

A Enema is a psychological or social question:

  • Many women (or passive partners) are afraid of "bad surprises" and feel more comfortable if their bowels have been emptied beforehand. Many people feel that being confronted with intestinal contents during sex is embarrassing, uncomfortable or even rude to their partner.
  • Our image of sex (and especially our image of anal intercourse) is heavily shaped by the porn industry. There ideal actors have ideal sex and only exchange photogenic body fluids. In the film, anal sex is nice and clean too. Anyone who is guided by this is well advised to take an enema.

There are several ways to cleanse your bowels before sex. You can also seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist. You shouldn't use laxatives for this. In any case, note that an enema takes time or that half an hour can pass between flushing and the ensuing bowel movement. The method is therefore recommended for people who like to plan ahead, not for people who have spontaneous sex.

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How is anal sex performed?

The anus is the lower exit of the digestive tract. The opening is controlled by a sphincter muscle. Usually this muscle keeps the exit closed and only opens during defecation.

In order to penetrate through the anus from the outside, a little pressure must be applied. In contrast to the female vagina, the anus does not produce any lubricating fluid. In order to be able to penetrate more easily and practically slide in, it is therefore advisable to always a lubricant to use. It should be specially made for sexual intercourse and purchased in pharmacies, drug stores and sex shops.

Note that there are lubricants that are water-based and some that are oil-based: baby oil, massage oil, petroleum jelly, etc. are not compatible with condoms. This causes latex to get holes and tear.

The more active partner should stay in this position for a while to give the sphincter time to expand. The introduction must be done slowly and gently, otherwise there is a risk of injuring the intestine.

The orgasm of the passive partner can lead to rhythmic contraction of the sphincter muscle, which stimulates the inserted member even more.

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What happens after anal intercourse?

  • See above: Do not insert the penis into other body orifices without proper cleaning. Hygiene is important.
  • After the first few times, the sphincter muscle can be slightly irritated.
  • Body fluids do not simply "disappear" into the anal canal. As with vaginal intercourse, you have to expect that everything that gets into the body has to come out of the body again - be it ejaculate or air.
  • That means: A woman cannot get pregnant in a "direct" way during anal intercourse. However, there is still a chance that semen could get into the vagina (by trickling out of the anus and being wiped forward into the vagina, for example). So contraception is definitely an issue, especially to prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If air escapes through the sphincter muscle after intercourse, this is normal (see above). You will be less embarrassed if you expect it.
  • The mechanical stress on the organs can cause pain in both partners, but this should go away by itself after a while. If you feel pain for an unusually long time, please consult a doctor.

What are the dangers of anal sex?

Anal sex during pregnancy - is it allowed?

Anal sex during pregnancy is an issue for many couples, especially if there is a fear of endangering the embryo or fetus through vaginal infections. In addition, fathers sometimes have a highly irrational fear that the penis could be "the first thing that the offspring sees of their dad."

Gynecologists generally advise against anal sex during pregnancy. The most important reason for this is the possible spread of germs!

Other contraindications:

  • There is always a risk of injury during anal sex. Even small, harmless injuries carry a risk of infection. This does not directly affect the fetus - but no one would want the pregnant woman to be exposed to additional infections.
  • Anal sex stimulates intestinal peristalsis; this is considered to promote or trigger labor. For this reason, an enema is often done before giving birth. If you are past your due date, don't worry, but avoid premature labor.

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Sex during pregnancy strongly depends on the course of pregnancy. Get advice from your gynecologist.

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