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Corona: better picking up the needs of young people

The corona pandemic also has massive effects on the lives of young people. The city of Lucerne wants to better meet their needs. To this end, she set up a working group and held a first meeting with young people. It is now continuously analyzed whether and how the concerns of the young city-Lucerne residents can be implemented.

Corona: Relaxations bring new scope

The Federal Council decided to further relax the corona measures from April 19, 2021. These also provide more leeway for children and young people and open child and youth work.

Corona, Society and Social Work

New perspectives and paths

The corona pandemic affects the tasks and performance areas of social work. The crises and challenges that this triggered have now permanently changed the everyday life of the skilled workers, but also of the addressees of the offers and services. There is no end to it. Social work will be more in demand than ever as this crisis will not only increase social problems but also create new ones.

Guidelines for camps with children and young people born in 2001 or younger

"Many of us have lost hope and become radicalized." Is there a young uprising now?

Switzerland argues over sun terraces, while young people end up in psychiatry in record numbers. Will they be forgotten? Yes, find more and more young people - and no longer want to put up with it.

Swiss Association of Cities

Open child and youth work is finally getting the attention it deserves

The corona crisis demanded and promoted open child and youth work. Demanded because it had to adapt its offers, for example to help children and adolescents for people at risk. Funded by attracting more public attention. This sub-area of ​​social work would like to use this to anchor itself even better in cities and communities.

Don't forget the youth in the pandemic

The restrictions in the pandemic affect everyone - but the young in particular. The latest figures on the development of juvenile delinquency are a warning. We should take them seriously!

Because of Corona: The youth club is booming

Currently, teenagers can only stay in groups in a few places. This also challenges the youth workers in Kirchberg.

Langenthal and Roggwil: Youth work is booming during the pandemic

Corona-related isolation hits children and adolescents particularly hard. Offers such as the "Wärchbar" or youth clubs are all the more welcome. A report.

Significant relaxation for OKJA

The efforts of the DOJ and numerous other actors in the field of child and youth development have worked and are bearing fruit. The Federal Council has communicated significant easing from March 1, 2021 specifically for children and young people.

Requirement: Increase the age limit for special position to 25

The progress made with the planned easing for young people and open child and youth work is gratifying, but the specific regulations sometimes fall short.

Youth counseling in times of Corona: "Many withdraw into the virtual space"

For their healthy development, young people should be able to move around freely and be out and about with their peers. The pandemic hits it particularly hard, says Christina Reusser, head of child, youth and family counseling.

Youngsters prefer to be face to face

Corona called for the Freiämter youth work. Surprisingly, young people appreciate direct exchange more than online.

Hickhack about youth clubs because of Corona

While youth clubs are open in Baselland, young people are no longer allowed to enter their youth center in Basel-Stadt.

Children and young people - the long fight against boredom

When sports training is canceled, youth centers are closed and Scout meetings are canceled, providers are required. How do you deal with the corona situation?

Corona measures: Small change in practice

The current situation regarding the corona pandemic and the effects on open child and youth work (OKJA) is confusing and volatile. Depending on the canton, the OKJA departments are classified differently, which affects the offers for children and young people.

Longer opening times in the OKJA

The DOJ has clarified with the BAG regarding the opening times for OKJA activities for children and young people before their 16th birthday. According to the legal service of the BAG, the restrictions on opening times do not apply to these age groups.

Demand: fewer restrictions for young people aged 16 and over

The umbrella organization for Open Child and Youth Work Switzerland (DOJ / AFAJ) is increasingly concerned about the well-being of young people aged 16 and over in the corona pandemic. Psychological problems in this age group have now been proven, experts report great pressure and increased conflicts.

Corona: Slightly tightened national measures for the Okja

On December 18, the Federal Council Due to the ongoing critical epidemiological situation, the minimum measures applicable throughout Switzerland to combat the corona epidemic are further tightened. These apply from Tuesday, December 22, 2020 to January 22, 2021. Fortunately, there are only minor further restrictions for open child and youth work.

Corona measures: Clarifications for the Okja

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has made more precise information about the implementation of the measures that have been in force since December 11 in the area of ​​children / adolescents and extracurricular activities. The DOJ has therefore once again adapted the framework protection concept for the promotion of children and young people

Corona: Task Force Child and Youth Protection publishes recommendations

Since November 2020, the Child and Youth Protection Task Force, under the leadership of the intercantonal directors' conference SODK, has been observing the current Corona situation and assessing measures. In its latest letter of December 11, 2020 to the cantons, the task force emphasizes the importance of extracurricular activities and calls for sufficient freedom and support for these offers.

Corona: further measures, more restrictions

Due to the current critical situation of the corona pandemic, the Federal Council is standardizing and strengthening the measures throughout Switzerland. These apply from Saturday, December 12th to January 20th, 2021. An overview of the innovations and their consequences for open child and youth work can be found on the information page of the DOJ's online platform Ideenpool OKJA and Corona.

Corona update: Extended measures and adapted framework protection concept

InfoAnimation No. 51: Okja and Corona: Reflections and Outlook

Youth Work and the Corona pandemic in Europe

This policy brief presents key findings from the research project on the impact of the corona pandemic on youth work in Europe (RAY-COR).

Study on "Effects of the Corona Pandemic on Open Child and Youth Work" certifies the institutions

“The lock down is not a knock down!” - A new study at the HAW Hamburg examined the effects of the corona pandemic on child and youth work in Hamburg during the lock down. The results of the survey of open child and youth work institutions are now available.

Summer camp guidelines

In cooperation with the SAJV, the DOJ has developed guidelines for summer camps in connection with compliance with the current Corona measures. This document is also available to the specialist departments for open child and youth work for orientation and support.

(In) sense of digital resources in OKJA?

We at the open children's and youth center ROJA have recently dealt intensively with the topic of sense and nonsense of digital online offers during the current time of Corona.

Updated framework protection concept and design protection concept

Due to various responses and because the BAG published a framework protection concept for public events on June 2nd, 2020, the DOJ has revised the framework protection concept and, accordingly, the model protection concept. In addition to point 5. Measures at public events, an addition to the kiosk and bar was made.

Eight protection concepts as examples

Eight specific protection concepts can now be found on the online platform OKJA and Corona in the ideas pool. They have developed OKJA specialist units and managers from all over German-speaking Switzerland.

Labor law questions about Corona

The DOJ clarifies labor law issues that arise with its members or with specialists in open child and youth work.

Relaxation of the corona measures

On April 16, 2020, the Federal Council decided to gradually relax the measures, provided the infection situation does not worsen again. An overview of the easing measures decided in three stages can now be found on the information page of the DOJ's new Corona online platform