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Encourage internet users to click with the advertising banner

Classic online advertising with an advertising banner

Advertising banners are graphics or animated files for Internet advertising. They are included on websites or in newsletters and refer to a target page and also lead internet users there as soon as they click on the advertising banner. Advertising banners are part of classic online advertising, but other forms of advertising such as videos compete with classic advertising banners.

A first and very simple option for using your own advertising banners is to exchange the advertising banners with a partner. Two parties agree to include the other's advertising banners on their own website. Both refer to the other with an advertising banner. In such a case, it makes sense to choose partners who are related to the topic so that the reference to the advertising banner and the associated advertising partner is consistent. With affiliate marketing, you can only place your advertising banners in one direction on other websites and pay a commission in return for a click or sale.

Costs for advertising banners: CPM, CPC etc.

There are basically different models that can be used to determine the cost of an advertising banner. The first method is based on the frequency of display: depending on how often the advertising banner was displayed, the website operator earns money. The whole thing is billed by CPM, i.e. a thousand contact price. This means that the price is based on the number of times the advertising banners are shown. An example would be that the advertiser pays 20 euros to a site operator when the advertising banner 1,000 has been displayed.

Another alternative is the CPC model, i.e. cost-per-click. The price is based on the number of actual clicks on the banner advertisement. Although this variant is often used more in search engine advertising, it is also a common way of billing banner advertising on many other websites.

There is also the option of the CPO (cost-per-order) or CPS (cost-per-sale) model. With this billing model for banner advertising, payment is only made after the Internet user who clicked on the advertising banner also buys something in the online shop or registers on the website (cost-per-lead) or for a newsletter (cost-per-action ).

The advertising banner is also suitable in affiliate marketing to activate the performance of the Internet user with advertising. If the user clicks on the advertising banner, follows the link and decides there, for example, to buy a product, the site operators also earn. In this case, the cost per action will be used.

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Variety of advertising banners

Static advertising banner: As the name suggests, the static advertising banner is a non-animated graphic, in short an image. Due to the usually small format of the advertising banners, static advertising banners are mostly hardly noticeable. This can be counteracted in two ways. On the one hand, the offer on the advertising banner should be interesting; on the other hand, an advertising banner should be placed well.

Advertising banners made up of images and text: A static advertising banner is combined with a text passage. Such a combined advertising banner is particularly suitable for sales-oriented advertisers and is usually charged by cost-per-click or cost-per-lead. Overall, the advertising banner combined from image and text should rather be understood as a supplement to other forms of advertising.

Animated advertising banner: An animated advertising banner is a GIF file that represents a short sequence of several images in an endless loop. Since you can let off steam creatively with an animated advertising banner and hardly any technical prerequisites are necessary for the presentation, the animated advertising banner is the most popular advertising banner and is often used.

An appealing and effectively animated advertising banner should be designed by a professional. You can find advertising agencies, designers and programmers in our service provider exchange.

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HTML advertising banner: This advertising banner appears more and more frequently. It consists of a number of interactive HTML elements such as a selection menu. It is even possible to play a small game if the JavaScript programming language is also used.

Other advertising banners:

  • Nano-site advertising banners / microsites: advertising page built into the website
  • Rich media advertising banners: multimedia formats through plug-ins
  • Transitive advertising banners: Extended form of the nano-site banner
  • Streaming advertising banners: Integration of audio and video stream

Standard sizes for advertising banners

For Germany, the Online-Vermarkterkreis (OVK) in the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) set the following standard sizes for advertising banners:

  • Super banner: 728 x 90 pixels
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels
  • Rectangle: 180 x 150 pixels
  • Medium rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels

Spread advertising banners through marketers

How do you now place advertising banners and banner ads on other websites? In some cases, the operators of the websites market their advertising space themselves. But especially with high-reach sites, special agencies are often commissioned with the marketing. By bundling them in a portfolio, even large campaigns can be run relatively easily. The data from the internet facts show the top 10 marketers with the most Internet users reached for online advertising. This was determined on the basis of the total population aged 14 and over as a percentage of the net range:

  1. interactiveMedia CCSP with 64.8%
  2. Axel Springer Media Impact with 58.4%
  3. Ströer Digital with 52.9%
  4. United Internet Media with 52%
  5. SevenOne Media with 51.9%
  6. TOMORROW FOCUS MEDIA with 50.9%
  7. eBay Advertising Group Germany with 49.1%
  8. IP Germany with 48.4%
  9. OMS with 46.8%
  10. G + J Electronic Media Sales with 39%

As a marketer, however, the agencies naturally also receive remuneration for their work, which makes the advertising banners more expensive in contrast to direct bookings. However, the marketers take on the technical processing, ensure reporting and provide advice on creating the advertising banners.

Conclusion on banner advertising

Banner advertising is definitely an important tool in internet marketing. Since the click rates are usually not very high, the classic advertising banner is often said to have a low effectiveness. However, just looking at the direct click is not enough. As with advertising on television or in print media, building brand awareness also plays a role in banner advertising.

If you want to or have to start with a small budget and more sales-oriented, you should deal with affiliate marketing or search engine marketing in the first step.

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