What is the biblical meaning of 888


The biblical number symbolism and the return to the father.

New 01/2009
The biblical basic count:

a b g - 1  2  3

Father - Son - Spirit

The words of the Lord are pure words - silver, purified at the entrance to the earth, purified seven times,
Psalm 12: 7.

The numbers must always be based on an overall statement
stand in the word of God and be justified by the word itself.


Table of the Hebrew alphabet and numerical values
Word of God and the biblical number symbolism
Biblical information through the Hebrew language
Another number wonder with the "6" and "7"
The 7 words of the creation story
The Hebrew and Greek letters juxtaposed with numerical values
Word of God - Logos - Accounting
The 8 counts of the Hebrew alphabet
The 22 Hebrew Letters with Numerical Values ​​(graphic)
The return to "1". The first two words of the Bible. The goal and the way.
The A'LäPh semantics
The miracle of the triune material reality of creation.
Man and the Hebrew alphabet
The first 4 letters
Four EL representations in the old covenant
Another example of the first count, ABh = father
The number "4"
The world of numbers. The strange "zero"
The number “8”, it shines like the queen of the night
The goal is to return to the father. DaL = the door is Jesus
What does the return of creation mean?
The infinite number PI (3.141 ...)
The “3” as a divine number
Is the Holy Spirit a Person?
The threefold will of God. God shows himself in a trinity
The name (Shem) of the LORD - YHWH = 26
Closing remarks, summary
The meaning of the numbers according to Heller, with additions and a selection of biblical numbers and their spiritual meanings.

The meaning of the numbers
K. Neumann put it this way:

The number is the basic folder of all things
God's creation rests on it.
Numbers are not human inventions, but expressions of the great God
and his works.

The information by means of the Hebrew language takes place on three levels:

The information of the numbers = level of the spirit
The information of the letter = level of the soul
The information of the vocalization = level of the body

So all three work together for:
Spirit - soul and body. Man in God's image. Gen 1.27

When God created the world, he calculated.
His word is the greatest math book.

The book of books is the Christ.
All treasures are hidden in Christ
of wisdom and knowledge, Col. 2,3.

But if any of you lack wisdom,
so please God, who willingly gives to everyone ...
James 1,5

The word of God is part of Jesus Christ.

If the Bible is separated from the person of Jesus Christ, it is a dead book.
The word of truth is the word of the Father and the word of the Spirit of truth, which was given to the Son by the Father and sent by the Son and testified to the Son.
John 15:26: When the support has come, which I will send you from the Father, who thus goes out from the Father, the Spirit of truth, he will testify of me.
The word of truth is the one who describes himself as the way, the truth and the life, John 14: 6.

The biblical symbolism of numbers.
This elaboration is about making visible the return from all creation to the Father.
From the "1" a and for the "1" a, i.e. to the "1000" aO hin, Romans 11:36. (For this Hebrew script, use the font: bwhebb)
This makes the “1” the largest number in the Hebrew alphabet.

                        100 + 200 + 300 + 400 = 1000 = aO = return to "1".
                      The point above the aleph stands for the number 1000.
1) With the phonetic spelling according to Baader, the numerical value of the name can be determined using the capital letters.
2) (~) Ajin indicator at A, E, I, O, U = 70.
For example for A`LäPh: (ALP) 1 + 30 + 80 = 111.

Word of God and the biblical number symbolism.

 The number is the basic folder of all things
God's creation rests on it.
(K. Neumann)

The word is the bearer of unimagined glories. This also includes the numbers and number rhythms. The word of YHWH is set up for aeonian in the heavens, Ps. 119.89. That is why it says in Ps. 19: 2: The heavens tell of the glory of God. The heavens are enumerating the glory of El. Telling = enumerating, from Zala, the number (page 21). An indication of the meaning of the numbers in the Word of God. The designation "Logos", Joh.1,1, stands for a calculating, calculating and calculating word. In the beginning the information was in words and numbers. In this word we are made rich in everything, 1 Cor. 1: 5.
About 10 different methods are known in the biblical number symbolism. These methods are often incomprehensible and cannot always be justified biblically. It must also be checked whether the method used is spiritual, mystical, magical or the secret teachings of Kabbalah, i.e. extra-biblical sources. In order to justify an interpretation of the Word of God, all these methods, as a method, are not used by me. There is too great a risk of getting into the wrong direction here. Nevertheless, in the Word of God we repeatedly come across numbers that also belong to this word and thus represent divine information.
In the following representations and derivations I keep to the basic numbers of the Hebrew alphabet and the names of the individual letters. Otherwise, only the basic numbers are used, which are also used by Heller, Salomon, Schumacher and Pasedag, among others. The statements of the word should be confirmed with the numbers, but not proven.

With the Hebrew letters there are clear connections that justify a biblical number symbolism. The highest level of information from God takes place on the level of the spirit, which is expressed in numbers and is only partially understood in our present form of existence. When we deal with numbers, the word in its entirety must always be the focus. Then biblical numbers can be a confirmation of God's saving act and let us shine even more light on the glory of God.

In Hebrew the trinity is valid: number - writing - language.
The 22 Hebrew letters are silent consonants and numbers at the same time. In the spiritual sphere, writing forms the outermost limit of concretization. It is always bound to earthly materials, it has to be written down on something. The Hebrew language resembles a body that is animated by the additional vowel sounds spoken, which, like the soul in the body, were previously invisible. Only through the newer masoretic auxiliary signs do the vowels emerge in dots and lines.
The basic text of the OT is in Hebrew and that of the NT in Greek. Both languages ​​do not use numbers; each letter in a word has a specific numerical value and each word has a specific checksum. This makes the Bible the largest mathematics book and represents a calculation that is no longer correct if a number (letter) is removed.

See also: “The Word of God” by Wolfgang Jugel, pp. 39-42.

Biblical information through the Hebrew language.

· The numbers are those 1. Information from the Word on the level of the mind.
· The 22 Hebrew letters are for the 2nd level (level of the soul).
· And the bookmarks, the sachets for the vowels, are a help on the 3rd level in order to be able to pronounce these words of God at all (level of the body). In this way, all parts of the human being receive the information in a form that they can understand and process further. So the word has its special meaning on all levels, just as faith and its knowledge have its meaning on all levels of faith. At the level of mind, soul and body.

In the Word of God there are many miracles of numbers that cannot be coincidences.
Some examples of number miracles with the number "2", "6" and "7" are:
Jesus is the firstborn of all creation. First child (BöKhoR) has the ZW 222 and is made up of the numbers beth (2), kaph (20) and resch (200).
The „2“ is the 1st letter of the Son of God, BeN; „22“ is the number of his sufferings (Ps.22) and „222“ the number of his debut.
That's why the name is JESUS with the numerical value 888 also 4 x 222. What is meant is the Greek name of Jesus with the numerical value 888.

In John 12:24, Jesus describes himself as the grain of wheat (ho kokkos tou sitou, like the grain of wheat). Wheat grain has the numerical value:
10 x 222 = 2220. His firstfruits, brought to fullness in the sufferings, give the number of the grain of wheat. It is placed in the earth and with it it comes to abundance. The "0" at the end of the number means the end of suffering.

Many other examples can be given that make us no longer believe in coincidence. So it is true that God made and established the logos, the word, the account, before all times, John 1. See also:
The Menorah, the 7-lamp candlestick, Has 7 Chalices on the 7 lights and 15 more on the candlestick = 22 Cups of Passion. Jacob, who gets the name Israel, is him 22. after Adam. Also a servant of suffering.
1 Mon.22, the passage of Abraham and Isaac to sacrifice to Moriah.
psalm 22, the passion of Jesus. Luk.22.22. Acts22,22.

· Through suffering to glory, to life (Rev. 22). The number of sufferings = 22 and the 22 Letters of the Hebrew alphabet show this connection. The lamentations have 7x 22 verses = 154, 154 = Completion of sufferings and dawn of glory.
The disciples had 153 Catched fish (John 21:11) and Jesus stood on the bank and had the 154. Fish prepared.

The ZW of “Beni ha elohim” (sons) is 153. You are co-heirs (that also means suffering with him), ZW = 1071 = 7 x 153.
Rom 8:17 But if children, so also heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if we really suffer with them, so that we may also be glorified.
Jesus had completed the sufferings as the firstfruits. As the 154th he had already walked through the fire. So the word of God has to be confirmed by the numbers. Only in this way is their use justified and useful.

Another number wonder with the "6" and "7":
„6“ = the number of people in judgment, in the correction. „66“ = all people. „666“ the number of the anti-human, Rev.13,18.
„7“ = the number of goal attainment, perfection, holiness, truth and the faithfulness of God. The creation story of the 1st earth consists only of 7 Words, Gen 1,1. With the 7th day of God, Gen.2.1, an intermediate goal was achieved, so God blessed and sanctified this day. This Sabbath day was interrupted at the fall of Adam and Eve. It will still expire as the 1000th year. 7 is the number of processes in God's salvation history and the achievement of goals. 7 Weekly and restoration or creation days.

7-fold humiliation of Jesus in Phil.2,6-8. After Golgotha ​​came his resurrection as a further intermediate goal and his exaltation, verse 9.

7-fold promises when leaving Egypt, Exodus 6: 6-8.

A 7. important word from Jesus on the cross: "It is finished", the intermediate goal of redemption was achieved. It was the fulfillment of the goal of his story of suffering. The next goal, the resurrection, followed on the third day. Now it is said: Jesus lives, with him I also ...
7-fold spirit of God.
Isa 11,2 And on him shall rest the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of advice and strength, the Spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord;

The judgments of God run in sevens: 7 sealed, 7 trumpet and 7 anger bowl judgments.
Around the throne of God 7 fire torches, the 7 spirits of God with 7 eyes and 7 horns, Rev.4 and 5. The series can be continued.

66 and 70: These numbers stand for all people (66) and for all peoples (70), Gen. 46: 27-28.
Israel has an important role to play in this process. One day they should become the source of life for all peoples. See the 12 springs of water and the 70 palm trees in Numbers 33: 9. They came from Mara, the bitter water, and now camped at the 12 (number of Israel) sweet springs (Exodus 15:27).

"70" = achievement of goals in a higher dimension, number of all peoples. In salvation and world history everything takes place in periods of seven. Jacob moved to Egypt with 66 souls. When he is in Egypt it says: And they were 70 of the house of Jacob. Now the Joseph family, who were in Egypt before, is counted, 1 Mo46: 26-27.

The table of nations in Genesis 10 counts 70 People.
The Bible has 66 Books and Isaiah 66 Chapter. If the psalms are counted as 5 books, it is 70 Books.

Josephus mentioned 22 Books that are said to be of divine origin. These 22 books contain the text of today's 39 (43) books of the OT.
The different ways of counting the books of the Bible, 66 or 70, depends on the viewing plane. Both have their special meaning from the symbolism of numbers. Together they point the whole way from the intermediate goal of salvation and salvation to the ultimate goal of consummation. From duality into the essential unity of the father.

The Hebrew Scriptures were written by 70 Scholars translated into the Greek language. This is how the Septuagint (the 70) for everyone in Rom. Empire. 180 BC the work was finished.

Jesus sent 12 Younger from and 70 others, Luke 9.2; 10.1. 12 for all Israel nations and 70 for all peoples.
This also shows that after the congregation it is first about all Israel and then about all peoples.

When God created the world, he calculated.
His word is the greatest math book.

Word of God - Logos - Invoice
Accounting - counting

In the beginning there was the calculating word, the information,
Joh.1,1, Rev.19,13b.
The counting, the calculation, is done in Hebrew with the
22 Hebrew letters.

Luk. 14.28 ... and calculates the cost. Ps. 92,6: How great are your works, Lord (Yahweh), your thoughts, your calculations, are exceedingly deep.
The Bible books are in Heb. the "enumerators". The German word tell actually means: an enumeration.
We recognize the meaning of the numbers in the structure of the Hebrew and the Greek alphabet. Only in these 2 languages ​​does each letter have a numerical value. Double bookkeeping from God. The original count is based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew alphabet contains a whole program of God and, together with the written Word of God, is a unique, all-encompassing information from God.
With the biblical number symbolism we have to start from the original count, the 22 Hebrew letters.The numbers go through 3 levels: the ones, the tens and the hundreds. The base count (1-2-3) is run through 7 times. The last number (400) is used to return to "1". For the 7th basic count, the goal, the 8th count results in a new beginning (resurrection), according to the following calculation: 100 + 200 + 300 + 400 = 1000. Thus the "1" = a also has the value "1000" = a and all other numbers come from the "1", the creator of all things (for "1000" there is a point above the a).
The word “A`LäPh” stands for the “1”, with the numerical value “111”. This “1” only occurs once in the counts 1. (ones), 4. (tens) and 7. (hundreds).

The 8 counts of the Hebrew alphabet: (See also graphic 2)

The whole cycle consists of 22 letters (22 = number of sufferings). Through suffering and judgment back to God, the “eternal being”, to “I am who I am”, Exodus 3:14.

Everything was created through him and for him and towards him,
Romans 11:36, 1 Corinthians 15:28. A circle closes. This results in an open counting method that always ends in the "1" and is fulfilled there.

In secular mathematics, a circle with PI = 3.141 ... is calculated.

The cosmos (4) is surrounded by the “1” and is under the sovereignty of the trinity of Father, Son and Spirit (Ps.139.5).

The whole creation is laid out in a three-stage scheme and is subject to the basic numbering (1-2-3) of the 22 Hebrew letters (nature and man).

The miracle of the triune material reality of creation.

After Adolf Povel.

The trinity (tenars) in elementary particle physics:

1. tenar; Leptons
Electron, muon, tanon (3) 3

2. tenar; 3 quark families
Up / down, charm / strange, bottom / top (3x2) 33

3. tenar; Atomic nucleus
Proton, 2up, 1down quarks (3)
Neutron, 2up, 1down quarks (3) 333

4. tenar; atom
Proton, neutron, electron (3) 3333

5. tenar; elements
Gaseous, liquid, solid substances (3) 33333

The whole of creation and salvation history is divided into three.

1 - 2 - 3 is the basic number in the Bible.

Man and the Hebrew alphabet!
Although the human DNA is only a bodily code, the following derivation is conceivable: The 23 chromosomes passed on during human procreation can be seen as replicas of the 22 + 1 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Some cantilevers count the letters v (Sch) and f (Ss) as 2 letters. Both letters have the ZW 300 and are therefore counted as one letter in the numbers.
Better we count a as the 1.and the aO, which represents the "1000", as the 23rd letter.
With that the return to the father consists of 23 Letters.

The basis of the count is: 1 - 2 - 3 (father, son and spirit).
Frosted. 28.19 = 3 names are mentioned.
We see these 3 names in the first 3 numbers of the Hebrew alphabet, but also in the 3x3 numbers of the series. The 1-2-3 of the Word of God is far superior to the pseudo-knowledge of the initial history of heaven and earth. What does man know about "A´läPh", "Be´JT" and "GI´MäL", the biblical Abc? He turns out to be illiterate.
The Hebrew letters also have a name, which in turn has a meaning.

The 4 first letters mean: (See also the graphic)

1. a (ZW = 1) tbsp. The first.
A'LäPh, ZW = 111.
Freely translated: thousandfold, familiar, practicing, first, subfolder. The meaning of A'LäPh among the ancient Hebrews is "bull". A bull has 2 horns. Joseph = My glorious bull, its 2 horns = Manasseh and Ephraim. With them he pushes the 1000 (Manasseh) and the 10,000 (Ephraim). Both have duties at the different nations. Joseph is a Christ actor, responsible for all of Israel. Christ the Son (Ben), the "2" belongs to the "1". The father works with the son.
Four EL representations in the old covenant:
EL-ÄLJO´N. The highest. (The eternal being, the supreme one. I am who I am, Exodus 3:14).
Genesis 14: 18-20 But Melchizedek king of Salem brought bread and wine. And he was a priest of God, des Most High. And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of highest God, the possessor of heaven and earth. And praise be to God Most Highwho has delivered your enemies into your hand! And Abram gave him a tithe of everything. Verse 22: Abram said to the king of Sodom, I lift up my hand to the Lord, God most high, the possessor of heaven and earth. 4 X Most High.
Everything comes back to the father only through the son. Whoever has the son has the father! So the goal is the "1", which is also the 1000.

IMaNUE'L. With us is EL.
Isa 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin has conceived and will be the mother of a son, whom she will name Immanuel.

EL-SchaDa´J. The allmighty.
Genesis 43:14 And may almighty God give you mercy before the man (Joseph), that he may give you back your other brother (Simeon) and Benjamin.
EL-SchaDa'J is the representation of the leading and nourishing spirit in the new covenant. The god of the mother's breasts. God is mother too. Everything is united in the EL. It means he is the God of mercy and judgment, the two go together.
No judgment without grace and no grace without judgment.
Israel was given a blessing and a curse, Deuteronomy 11:26; 30.1; 30.19; Jos 8.34; Neh. 13.2; Sach.8,13.
Mercy and grace are required only through law and judgment. Without the law there is no knowledge of sin and without the knowledge of sin there is no grace. Only those who have recognized their sinfulness in self-judgment need grace and mercy. For this reason the law is good because it leads through dying into divine life, the only way back to the Father.

In Christ we find mercy and grace, but there is also Christ on the white horse (judgments) and his name is: The Word of God, Rev. 19: 13-16. But behind the white rider stands the goal of Rev. 21,5. See, I'm doing everything new!

El-Olam: The God of Eternities (Universal Times), Genesis 21:33; Is 40:28.
Father of Eternities, the times of the world belong to him, he made them.
Thus in Isa 9,5 the promised one becomes Son also father called.

2. b (ZW = 2) Be´JT, ZW = 412 = house, e.g. included in Bethel.
Be´JT- LäChäM (ZW 90) = bread house = the word of God.
To the house of bread belong all who can be classified into the "we" of 1 Cor. 10:17: For we, the many, are one bread, one body ...

BeN, son, the second. "B" = "2" = number of the son, Incarnation, Fellowship and Separation, Divorce.
Almost every number has positive and negative meanings.
The slaughter (division) took place from the dropping of the cosmos on:
Rev 13,8 And all the inhabitants of the earth will worship it, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb who is slain from the foundation of the world (literally from the fall of the cosmos).
Jesus says: I am the bread of life. To get to the father we need the son. There is no other way. In the Gospel of John we find 8x “I am”. “8” = new beginning, resurrection. Only in the Son do we find this new beginning in his light, in his life and in his love (3x "L"). Jesus is the second, but Jesus says: I and the Father are one i.e. they „1“. There is a divine duality between father and son, but it acts in one spirit.

b (B) = "2". It is the first letter of the Bible and N = "50" is the last letter of the Bible.
Thus the Bible is from the first to the last letter the Son of God, the Christ, who is the word of God, Rev. 19:14.

BeN = The Son, ZW = 2 - 50. From duality to a new beginning.
The "2" tells us that the Son of God also lives in duality, although he forms the "1" at the same time as the Father. The "50" goes on to say that it does not stay with this duality, but that it is a new beginning. This applies to all of creation and to all creatures. “50” is the full number of grace and indicates the 50th year, a year of reverberation and jubilee.
In the Jewish and Biblical calendar everything takes place in periods of seven. 7 x 7 = 49 years, followed by the 50th year as a reverb year. Year of reverberation means a new beginning, a new time begins. All Israelites were forgiven, property returned, and slaves were given their freedom. A year of joy. The Son will realize all of this for all of creation. He brings you from the "2" to the "1", back to the father. From duality ("2") to unity ("1"). In between lies the new beginning, the "50".

"N" = 50, is the last letter of the Bible (also in Greek) and also means a year of grace, a "year of reverberation", a new time, a new world. This is only possible through the 5 = grace.
The full number of grace = 50.
There were 7x7 = 49 days between the exodus from Egypt and the revelation on Sinai. The 50. Day brought the revelation of God, a new world that is no longer from the 7th day, but extends into the 8th day of God.
All the information in the Bible serves one purpose, to bring creation back out of multiplicity into oneness with the Father.
Everything must serve the basic formula: 1 - 2 - 200 - 1.
From God and towards God. From the "1" and to the "1". The way goes through the duality and the multiplicity ("200") and the possibilities that God has granted his creatures to the unity, the "1", the Aleph - a.

3.g (ZW = 3) GI´MaL, ZW = 83, is derived from GaMa`L, ZW = 73 and means "Repay". Representation of a conclusion, Isa. 63,7; Jer. 51.56. It is also used for camels and is reminiscent of the word from the eye of a needle (narrow gate in the city wall, help is needed to get through). The Spirit of the Father and the Son does everything in our lives. Only through this spirit, which the Son has sent us as comforter, is it possible to find the way back to the Father. It is the Spirit that does what is brought about by the Father and the Son. There is thus a divine trinity that we must by no means consider in isolation from one another. Which we are not allowed to juxtapose as a false trinity. All 3 always work together. This was already the case with the creation in Genesis 1: 1-2 (Father, Son and Spirit. See also: 1 Cor.12: 4-6).

Another example of the first 1-2-3 count:

a (1) and b (2) = ba = ABh = father. The "1" and the "2" together are called father and all other numbers come from the father. The father shows up as the "1" and a "2" in his son. The son is the first two-part and not just the second. The son is also the father hand. God has handed over all judgments to him, Dan 7,14,22; John 5:22. YHWH the God who made it as the Christ.

B = The house or the first letter of the son (BeN). The point in B (Be´JT) = is surrounded by the son, Ps.139,5. The sons have the measure of the son (Col. 1:21), so that the sons are also the house of God, Heb. 3: 6.

! Be BeN = son, ZW = 52 = grace (50) through the son (2). It is only because the Son exists that "1" can be called Father. But the Son is also called the Father in relation to creation.
In Isaiah 9: 5 it is reported: A child was born to us, a son was given to us, then six names of God are mentioned, the 5th name is: Father of eternity (father of witness time), so he becomes the Father of the times called. He is the father's hand with the witness (spirit). He is the only one born out of the Father, John 1:14. The son is the authorized agent of the father with a second witness, the spirit of God, who is referred to in Romans 8: 9 as the spirit of Christ. With this we see that the divine enumeration, i.e. the original enumeration, forms a unit.

The return to "1" always takes place via the "2".
The son leads back to God the Father. The son gave his life for this repatriation. In the son, the “1” bends down to the “6”, the human being.
The sum of these first 3 numbers is “6”, the human number. In his trinity, God makes salvation history for the "6". The performer is the son. The number for the son (2) and for man (6) are in the numerical value "26" for YHWH contain. The Son becomes man, becomes flesh, and brings salvation to all. Moses, as the leader of his chosen people, was the 26th after Adam.

The "1" for the "6", God for man.
In the „1“ and „6“ we see another biblical number that „16“. In Israel's camp order, God ordered 4x4 = 16 groups. The living beings around the throne have 4x4 = 16 faces. The descendants of Shem, Ham and Japhet were 16. Romans has 2x8 = 16 chapters, 8 for the goal and 8 for the way to the goal. The 1st word of the Bible, divided into 2x3 = 6 letters for the goal and the way. See page 12. All creation lives in duality and continues to run into multiplicity. Duality means that a division took place which always means a reduction for each part and this reduction was caused by God. Therefore it cannot be otherwise what is shared is intended to restore unity, Isa 45:23.
So an infinite forlornness of unbelievers is inconceivable. It contradicts the accounting of God in his word. A count that no one forgets and that is tied to God's faithfulness. God has sworn to himself that all covenants with man will be kept, even if man fails (I, I say ... said ... it should ... it won't ...). I, I made the earth, Isa. 45:12. I am the Lord, Isa. 45,5; 44.6. I am the one who comforts you, Isa. 51:12. See, I work new things, Isa. 43:19. Who helps you, Isa. 41:14.

The base of the count, 1-2-3, expands to 4. God in his trinity connects with the cosmos in the Son. The second count 4-5-6 can begin. Grace (5) for man (6) and the whole cosmos (4).

4.d (ZW = 4) DaL (ZW = 34) or Da'LäT (ZW = 434)
DaL = door (gap); Da'LäT = the door. Through this gap, this door, the transition to the next count is possible. With the 4 begins a new time. It is also the only way to return to the Father. The 4 is the number of the cosmos and the earth. It is the number in which return to the Father is made possible. In the 8th count, the cosmos (4) connects with the divine trinity 1-2-3 in the highest dimension 100+200+300 = 600+ 400 = 1000. So can with the letter a a „1“ and with the additional point, aO, a "1000" being represented.
This count is about the cosmos, about the number „4“. Everything that has to do with this cosmos is in the „4“ and is led back to the father. This is what the term “salvation history” also means.
Babel (BaBeL) also has the numerical value 34. Babel is the gateway to the world of gods, one false, an anti-christian door. The goal of this door is its demise. Let us trust in Christ who is the door to life.

“4” is, among other things, the number of the earth.
4 seasons; 4 phases of the moon; 4 cardinal points; 4 riders, Rev.6;
4 living beings with: 4 heads, 4 faces, 4 wings,
4 human hands, 4 wheels. Ez. 1 and Rev. 4.
The camp order of Israel, 4 x 4 = 16 groups, Numbers 2.
The 4 proverbs of Balaam, Numbers 23-24. 4 gold rings on the ark.
4 angels at the 4 ends of the earth, they hold the 4 winds, Rev.7.
The 4 symbols of the 4 Gospels, lion, bull, son of man, eagle.
The 4 dimensions of the Gospels are confirmed by Paul in Eph.3: the width, length, height and depth.
These 4 dimensions correspond to the 4 Gospels:
Matthew: Kingdom Gospel of Length, Israel (The King's Son).
Mark: Gospel of the deep, all go through suffering (the servant of suffering).
Luke: Gospel of breadth, for all people (The Son of Man).
John: Gospel of the highest, the 4th dimension (The Son of God).
In the gospels we can see different emphases and a progressive revelation. The Gospel of John is the transition to the Pauline gospel of glory.
4 Advents (the fourfold coming and the resurrections) and others examples.

4 = the earth, 4 x 4 = 16
16 = 2 x 8, 8 is the number of the new beginning and the resurrection.
The 8th day of God. See, God's tent with men, Rev. 21,3. With the 4 a door opens up to the whole cosmos. A door to return to the Father via the 400 (22nd Hebrew letter), the goal of God's salvation history.
The goal is also fruit for God. From the 4, the cosmos, divine fruit is supposed to arise. This happens when grace "5" is added. 4 + 5 = 9 (fruit). For fruit to emerge, the 4 must first be brought into fullness: 10 x 4 = 40. “40” is the number of sufferings, trials, and preparation. See also the 40 years of Israel's desert migration. Jesus was in the desert for 40 days. Saul, David and Salomon each ruled for 40 years, 3 times a preparation time for Israel. 3x40 = 120 years, the number of Israel (12) brought into abundance (10 x 12). Moses died at the age of 120.

The world of numbers!

Mathematics surrounds us, orders the chaos and creates clarity where the focus on the essential is blocked. No wonder that through the centuries for philosophers and scientists Mathematics was the language in which God wrote down the rules of the universe. Mathematics is a universal language. The Babylonians and the Egyptians knew this language as early as 2000 BC. Known. Quotation from Rheinischer Post from March 1st, 2008 on the year of mathematics.

The term “numbers” has its origin in the Old High German word “zala”, which means notched mark. Numbers are older than any language. Animals and babies use them unconsciously, e.g. animals when they calculate the trajectory of an insect and then snap. Or when the baby has to choose between one or more candies.

Don't be afraid of numbers. In them God gives the highest information.
The strange "zero".
Mathematicians found it difficult to calculate with something that doesn't even exist. For this reason the "0" was introduced into the European number system towards the end of the Middle Ages. In the 9th century, the zero was invented in India. The zero was used, although it itself does not represent a value. Even today, the Hebrew alphabet does not recognize a zero. There is another way of doing this, e.g. with dots above the letter.
God also counts on zeros. The zeros after a number make it much more valuable and bigger.
Fallen humanity has gone below zero. All are zero and nothing. And yet God can and wants to use it. When returning to the father, the "1", the a becomes 1000, the aO with dots. However, a zero without a number in front of it cannot do anything in terms of value. A year "0" must therefore also be disregarded in the calendar. If we are zeros, then we need something in front of us in order for us to have value.

The number "8", it shines like the queen of the night.
The 8 is very attractive: 2 x 2 x 2 = 8. Two is a symmetry number, four is doubled symmetry, eight is another one. The "8" is something aesthetically beautiful, but it also has a certain distance. She shines within herself, like the queen of the night. The "8" rotated by 90 degrees is the symbol for infinity. Quote from the Rh. Post dated March 1, 2008, Albrecht Beutelspacher.
The “8” is the biblical number of renewal, new beginning and resurrection. The 8th day of God. Behold, God's tent with men. The goal of the completion of the kingdom of God the Father can begin. The 8th and last count in the Hebrew alphabet occurs with the number 400, the door to return to the Father. A whole new era begins.

The goal is to return to the father.
The door to this is Jesus, John 10: 9.
Shown in the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet (t = 400). 22 = Through suffering to glory.
d (ZW = 4) DaL = gap. DaLäT = the door.
The "4" is the door to light, to life, to love. At the beginning 4 rivers of water of life for the whole earth. At the end only one stream (return), but with 4 depths.
The first Hebrew word of the Bible has the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet as the last letter,t (ZW = 400) TaW, ZW = 406. A hidden return to "1". In the Hebrew alphabet, the 4 in the highest dimension is the 400 (based on a single Hebrew letter). It shows the further development from the units to the tens to the hundreds level.
d m t = 4 40 400 = return to 1000 aO
The "4" is the door as a hidden return to the „1“. Comparable to the 4 dimensions of the 4 Gospels. The 4th dimension is represented in the Gospel of John, the Gospel of the highest and in Paul with the Gospel of glory. The 4th dimension is also the time, the Chronos, in which everything is led to the goal in periods of 7.
The 4th dimension is mostly hidden from us humans, Romans 11:33. Nevertheless, the return to the Father, for all of creation, is carried out in the 4th dimension. This is how the ages find their fulfillment, Heb. 9:26. So that God is all in all.
40 is the number of preparation and the way to 400, to completeness.
The 400 represents completeness. Returning to "1" closes the circle (see PI).

400 Years of complete humiliation for Israel came to an end with the exodus from Egypt, Genesis 15:13. At the same time, it was a new beginning in a new era of preparation (40 years of wandering in the desert).

400 Shekel of silver was the full price Abraham paid for the field where he buried Sarah (Gen. 23: 16-18.

400 is the completeness: of the garnet fruits, 2Ch.4,13.
of Esau, Genesis 32,7.
of David, 1Sam.22,2; 25.13.
of the prophets, 2Chr. 18,5.
des Theudas, Acts 5:36 (Gamaliel speaks, Acts 22,3).
The secrets witnessed in the Word of God are gradually revealed to the believer and confirmed by the numbers of God's accounting. The believer only experiences it when he is today busy with the word of God.

What does the return of creation mean?

In Genesis 1:31, after the restoration of the earth and the creation of man in his image, God says:

And see, it was very good!

Then came the fall of man, a disaster story that made a salvation story necessary to make heaven and earth, angels and people whole again. God does this through his Son and he has promised us:
See, I'm doing everything new! (Rev.21,5)
The Son will hand over the healed creation to the Father.

Is creation then very good again, as it was in the beginning?
That would not be good, because then we could ask God: O God, why all this suffering and misery? Then the ages would not have been worth it. But God speaks of reward, Isa. 40: 10-11; 62.11. And he speaks of the fullness of God, Eph. 3:19, into which everything should be brought.

The solution is: in the end everything will be on a higher spiritual level and it will not only be very good, it will be wonderful. Then God has achieved his goal with people and angels. A fellowship with God is then possible on the level of free love for God. God did not force anyone and yet everyone will have found their way back to Him. In his faithfulness he has and will fulfill all his promises.
That's why we know:
Through the door of dying, we go into a new life.
God's glory becomes visible through suffering and misery.

Can people even bear this burden? God knows they can't, that's why he sent his son, and this son now tells us:
Roll the burden of your journey on the LORD,
and rest in trust in Him, He will act!
According to Psalm 37: 5.

Dying is the only way to divine life. That is why Paul says: I die every day. But that also means: I am renewed every day and am allowed to grow in the inner man to him who is my head, Christ.
Only those who know the goals of God will understand the way. God tells us both in his word. He shows us the way and the goal.
See also the first word of the Bible:

BöRE-SchiJT = 2 - 200 - 1 (The goal); - 300 - 10 - 400 (The Way).
400 = The door for the return to the father.
The Almighty says: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Aleph a (1) and the Thau t (400), Rev.1,8; 21.6; 22.13.

The "3" as a divine number.

In the biblical number symbolism, the 3 appears again and again.
Although I am against the dogmatized doctrine of the Trinity of the Roman Catholic. I am church and against all who interpret it similarly, it is certain that God shows himself in a trinity in the whole word. Through these 3, Father, Son and Spirit, the whole creation arises anew - see, I am making everything new! Just as with the election of believers for different tasks, there is a division of tasks between the Father, Son and Spirit, which leads in a divine unity to the glory of God.
Jn 15:26: But when the assistance comes, which I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, which goes out from the Father, he will testify of me.
This verse shows three:
The Father, the as Spirit of truth designated (bystanders) and indirectly the sending one Son.
The Spirit is at the Father's side first. The spirit called aside is power and can represent itself like a person, at least in terms of objects, e.g. as a dove or a flame of fire. (John 14:26: who teaches everything; John 16: 8: who convicts; John 16:13: who leads into truth).
Joh 16,7: Here the sending of the spirit takes place by the son and presupposes that the son has first returned to the father's side.

Is the Holy Spirit a Person?
This question can be answered with “yes” or “no”.It depends on the level of consideration.
The exalted deity, or the deity made visible to man. The Son of Man, who is also the Son of God, sends the Comforter who leads us into all truth.

Dr. E. Lubahn answered as follows (quote):
The Father redeemed His world in the Incarnation and Sacrifice of His Son. That is the center of the whole gospel of the Father and the Son. And what do we need the Holy Spirit for? He represents and transfigures the Son for us through the revelation of the word of God in the church of Jesus. Through word and spirit, Jesus takes us by the hand and leads us to God the Father. No one can call Jesus a Lord, except through the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12: 3). “Nobody comes to the Father, because through me” (John 14: 6). Our path of faith goes through the Holy Spirit (in the Word of God) to Jesus the Lord and through Him to God the Father.

Is the Holy Spirit a person now?
The Holy Spirit finds a personification in the church of Jesus. In other words: The spirit of the Father and of the Son finds form in the church of Jesus, in his firstfruits, and shows the world the way to Jesus in order to come to the Father through him. The Holy Spirit in the church of Jesus is the extended arm of God for salvation in the name of his Son. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus dwells as Lord in the hearts of his own. Where this has happened in faith, he begins his work of transformation in them. A metamorphosis begins: the path from one's own old being to a new being in Christ Jesus, the new creature (2 Cor. 5:17). Quote end.
In the center there is always the love of God, which is or is poured out in our hearts through the Spirit of the Father and the Son. Everything in our life is effected by his spirit.

The answer may be this:
There is a biblical "Monotheistic Trinity".
Monotheistic = only one god. One EL is not a god among gods. In contrast to polytheism = polytheism = the religion of paganism.
Trinity = This one God presents himself to us in a trinity, father, son and spirit. (This refers to the biblical and not the interpretation of the Trinity often advocated by churches).
A person is always made up of three, mind, soul and body.Man can only see the spirit if he has a body (dove, flame of fire). That is why God also presents himself as a spirit in a person. Although the Spirit of God on the level of God, is never a person, but the Spirit of the Father and Son. With this, God can also represent himself in three persons, see Genesis 18: 2. Even if two of the three men are later referred to as angels (commissioners), a trinity of God is demonstrated here.
In the end it is always about the one EL, the eternal being, the father of all fatherhoods, who will lead everything back to himself through the Holy Spirit and the Son. So that the promise finds its fulfillment: God all in all and in all.

  • “3” = the number of spirit, wholeness, essence of a person or thing. Like the number 1, the god number and target number and the 2, the number of the Incarnation and the Son is, so is this 3 the number of spirit and wholeness, i.e. the 1 and the 2 only result in the 3. Thus the spirit is never to be seen as separate from the father or son. The whole thing is a secret that we have to endure.
All three also appear as a ghost:
1. God who is Spirit, John 4:24.
2. The Son, the Lord, called the Spirit, 2 Corinthians 3:17.
3. The bystander who is the Holy Spirit in John 14:26 and from the Father
in the name of Jesus and is called the spirit of truth in John 15:26. The father and the son are involved in the sending of the spirit, Joh.16,7; 14.26. The mind was active from the very beginning. He brooded over the destroyed primordial earth, Genesis 1: 2.

God's will is also shown in three ways, Romans 12: 2:
1. The good will of God, or the advice of his will. Everything that happens is contained in this will, e.g .: Is there a misfortune in the city that God does not cause?
2. The pleasing will of God.In this will everything happens for the good pleasure of God, e.g .: God has no pleasure in judgment and vengeance, but in mercy and grace, Mich. 7: 18-20.
3. The perfect will of God.In this will of God everything is brought into the love of God so that everything becomes the love of God. It is the highest dimension of development towards God.
If the creation story says: And it was very good, then it does not mean for a long time that it was as God intended it to be in its perfection. God's intermediate goals are all good, but they are not God's ultimate goal. Because God sees the intermediate goals as necessities for the ultimate goal, the intermediate goals are also very good. The final goal flows into the glory of God that is incomprehensible to our minds today. It can only be believed and that belief is a gift from his love.

  • When the all is related to God in Romans 11:36, it happens in three ways: "From him and through him and for him is the all".
  • Three are the sons of Noah, from them the whole population of the world proceeds.
  • God shows himself to Abraham in a trinity, Genesis 18.
  • In 2 Pet.3 we read of 3 heavens and 3 earths. The earth then, now and the future. Jer 22:29: O land, land, land (earth - earthland), hear the word of the LORD (YHWH).
  • 1 John 5: 8 names three witnesses, the spirit, the water and the blood (yellow, blue, red).
  • In 1 Cor. 13:13 it is these three: faith, hope and love.
  • Man is also created in a 3-fold image, spirit, soul and body. His faith should grow, from the child through the young man to the Father in Christ. Shaded at the temple: forecourt, sanctuary and holy of holies. See also: “Growth of Faith in 3 Stages” in Volume 3, page 84.
  • At the temple, the symbolism of the metals is shown in three ways: forecourt = bronze; Sanctuary = silver and gold; Holy of holies only gold.
  • The series can be continued.

The Name (Shem) of the Lord - YHWH = 26
The whole history of salvation takes place in this one name.
The son (2) for man (6).
The numerical value for ScheM (the name) is 10 times 34 (Dal, the door).
The name of the Lord - YHWH - the tetragram, consists of 4 letters and has the numerical value 10 - 5 - 6 - 5 = 26. With this the name of God is connected with the 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10, the hidden and the becoming EL, Eph.1.11b. This hidden EL is the one that creates everything.
26 is also the atomic number of iron. See the picture after Dan 2: Gold, silver, bronze, iron. The iron kingdom is in the Duality given (2 legs). The Creator connects with man (first and last Adam) and the iron world so that it can rise in stages to gold. They are from Adam to Moses 26 generations. At Sinai the glory of God is revealed and the people were given the 10 words of God on 2 stone tablets, which are supposed to show a new way. 5 words that concern God and heaven and 5 words that concern man, Exodus 19-24. The silver of the Word of God is for all, given at the entrance to the earth, Ps.12: 7.
See also the report: "From Silver to Gold" by G. Kringe.

The 26 families from Adam to Moses can be divided into 4 periods ("4" is the number of the cosmos):

1. From Adam to Noah 10
Here the false abundance, which is removed by judgment (flood) except for a remnant (8). In doing so, God saved mankind and
it can continue with the line of election via Sem.
2. From Sem to Peleg 5
A new era begins with Peleg. The earth was distributed.
3. From Regu to Isaac 6
God chose Isaac, and not Ishmael, as one of two 12 lines.
4. From Jacob to Moses 5
The people get the 10 words that will have their meaning up to the 1000th year and are tools for Israel for their tasks.

26 = YHWH (Hebrew) - Kyrios (Greek)
The Name (Shem) - The Word of God
The becoming-making God - Jesus who came into the flesh - The risen Lord

I started from the original enumeration of the Hebrew letters 1-2-3. Biblical parallels can also be found for the further counts 4-5-6 and 7-8-9 and then the tens and hundreds series.

Word of God for all people.

In Luke, the gospel of breadth, (breadth refers to all people - the Son of Man, 2nd Adam) are from Jesus to Adam 77, and see you god 78 Generations or steps counted.
77 = 2x goal achievement, for the duality of creation, for heaven and earth.
In the Gospel of Matthew the gospel of length (kingdom gospel), a counting method from Adam to Jesus is used.
Frosted. = From God to the work of redemption of Jesus Christ.
Luk. = From Jesus Christ to perfection in God the Father.
From Jesus to God = 78 = achievement of goals and a new beginning and the resurrection for everyone in the 8th day of God. It is counted to Jesus and then from Jesus to Adam, to God the Father.
The whole word and with it the symbolism of numbers shows us the return of creation to the one God, the EL, the eternal being.

The ultimate goal is God, the kingdom of God the Father, in perfection.
With the 8th day of God there is a new beginning.
The number “8” also stands for gold and the Holy of Holies.

The word of God, given as silver (Psalm 12: 7), becomes the gold of our faith through Christ.
If we want gold, then we have to deal with silver.

The meaning of the numbers
K. Neumann put it this way:

The number is the basic folder of all things
God's creation rests on it.
Numbers are not human inventions
but expressions of the great God
and his works.

The information by means of the Hebrew language takes place on three levels:

The information of the numbers = level of the spirit
The information of the letter = level of the soul
The information of the vocalization = level of the body

So all three work together for:

Spirit - soul and body, man in the image of God.
Gen 1.27

Quote from F.H.Baader:
Concerning the biblical symbolism of numbers it can be said in summary that the essence of a Hebrew letter appears as a living elementary particle of God's words through the spirit, soul and body of the letter, which are revealed as number, symbol and name.
(Semantics of Biblical Hebrew, 2nd Edition, p.103)

Let us let the information through the Word of God work on us across the board, so that we may be filled to the fullness of God. In order to recognize the whole breadth, length, height and depth, the love of God that surpasses everything, Ephesians 3:14 ff.
Let us no longer ask: Why do I have to know all this? Let us ask our Lord: What would you like to reveal to me today when I deal with you and thus with your word? God's revelations make us grow in faith. That we grow is the will of God. Each one individually according to his God-prepared tasks, in this and in the future life. Let us not wait for the time after this earthly life, but let us live the life of Christ today and see the tasks on our way today.
God's word changes and gives insight. It gives us profile in a time without profile.
God's word endures and cannot perish. Voltaire would have known this if he had still been alive.The French Philosopher Voltaire prophesied that in 100 years the word of God would no longer exist (Paris 1694 - 1778). Fifty years later, the French Bible was printed in his home.

Arthur Muhl also wrote about the reality and uniqueness of the Bible:
The Bible is the only book that has existed unchanged for thousands of years and is now available in almost all languages ​​and worldwide. It is also the best-selling book in the world, the bestseller of all bestsellers. Your editions are not to be counted.

The Bible itself testifies:
Joh.1,1 In the beginning there was the word ... “It grows and runs a lot
Acts 6.7 fast and unstoppable ”.
Ps.147.15 He sends his saying on earth, his word runs very quickly.
Matt. 24:35 Jesus Christ says: "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away." And: "I am the way, the truth and the life."

The Bible is the only book with prophecies that are thousands of years old and that are being fulfilled very realistically today.
Isa 42,10 “I preach new things to you; before it happens, I will let you hear it. ”(He does this today by his word).
Isa 46:10 "To whom I proclaim the end from the beginning, and to whom I say: My counsel shall come about and I will do all my pleasure." (Everything he does is his pleasure in view of his goal)
Genesis 49: 1 I will tell you what will happen to you at the end of the day. "
In his library a father says to his son:
My son, give me the book! Son: But father, there are so many books here. The father: My son, there is only one book that deserves the name book:
"The Book of Books"

The Bible is also:
"The book of numbers and living information"
"The Book of Life"

The Bible is the only book in which love and mercy are testified as the eternal essence of the only, true God.
That is why a glorious redemption and perfection is guaranteed for all creation.

John 3:16 "For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but have eternal life."

Jak.2,13 Mercy triumphs over judgment. "

Micah 7: 18-19 Who is a god like you who is to blame?
Isa 57:16 forgives and pardons offense to the remnant of his inheritance. He does not keep his anger forever, for he takes pleasure in grace.
He will have mercy on us again, will trample down our guilt; and you will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea. You will show loyalty to Jacob, grace to Abraham, which you swore to our fathers from the days of old.

Rö. 11: 32-36 For God hath locked up all together in disobedience, that he might have mercy on all.

O depth of riches, both of wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How inexplicable are his judgments and how untraceable are his ways! For who recognized the Lord's meaning, or who was his co-advisor? Or who gave him beforehand and it will be repaid to him? For out of him and through him and towards him are all things! To him be the glory forever! Amen.

The Bible is not a book of stories
but the book of history (salvation history).
A piece of information about life.
The Bible is the only book
in which us the goal and the way
is declared for all of creation.

This goal requires the return to "1",
to the father of all fatherhoods, Eph. 3: 14-15.

Thus creation is in God and
God is all in all.

1 Corinthians 15:28