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Some love fashion and beauty, others are interested in technology or deal with recipes. Blogging about it is one thing, making money from it is another. We met blogger Masha Sedgwick, who turned her passion into a job. How she did it, she told us in an interview.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your blog to get started?

Masha: “I am a full-time blogger, 25 years old and live in Berlin. On my blog I blog about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and everything that affects my life. In addition to the blog, I also have a YouTube channel with tutorials and I use other various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Co. "

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done

You study, but you are also a blogger. How do you get that under one roof?

Masha: “To be honest, at a certain point in time I couldn't get it under one roof and had to interrupt my business studies. Coming up with the two is pretty difficult when you're planning to make money off of a blog as well. I blog full-time and for me it has developed into a main job that takes up a lot of time. "

You have been running your blog since 2010. How did it all start and develop into your main activity?

Masha: “At that time I kept the blog with a purely textual focus and wrote about my heartache and everything that bothered me internally. The development into a fashion blog only came about later. To be a fashion blogger and earn money with it, that didn't even exist back then. If I had been told back then where I am now, I would not have believed it because I had no idea how it was supposed to work. The whole thing just developed like that and I really got the hang of it about two years ago with small jobs that got bigger and bigger. Now, four and a half years later, I make a living from it. "

Since when have you been earning money full-time and how do you do that?

Masha: “I've been doing this full-time for about a year and a half and there are three ways to finance yourself with it: On the one hand, through advertising banners that you place on your blog or website. There is also the possibility of affiliates - i. That is, when a product is sold through my site, I get a commission for it. Or you can finance yourself through so-called advertorials - a type of product placement. In the case of these advertorials, I am assigned an order to wear or present a specific product. Of course only under the condition that I personally like this product, because authenticity is the most important thing when blogging. "

What does the everyday life of a blogger look like?

Masha: “I don't have a real everyday life. Rather, I have certain tasks to master that I can use to shape my day myself. My daily tasks include writing blog entries, taking photos, preparing posts, etc., which is actually more laborious than many think. At the same time, I have to use all of my social media channels and keep them up to date. Then there is the daily answering of e-mails, answering readers' questions, giving interviews and taking professional photos with my photographer, with whom I meet regularly. For this, a lot has to be prepared and followed up, which I count towards the general creation of the blog posts. Although I have a good knowledge of HTML, an added value that definitely benefits blogging, I have employed a technician especially for the layout.

Of course, I also have to face boring tasks, such as filing the tax return or dealing with unsightly things like criticism.
And don't forget: I also go to events and travel a lot, which of course also makes up a large part of my work. There are weeks in which I sit on the plane at least once and tingle from event to event, but at the same time have to continue working normally. "

You have already achieved international fame - your blog is available in English and German and your entries on Facebook and Co. are bilingual. Is that a prerequisite for long-term success?

Masha: “Of course, my focus is on Germany and it will always stay there. I just got to a point in my career where I had to see how I wanted to continue and what direction I wanted to develop. And then I decided to get more readers from other countries, to become more international and to face the challenge of being able to withstand international competition. "

You take part in a campaign of glamor against "hating". What is your experience with cyberbullying and what do you advise those affected?

Masha: “Unfortunately, I had to experience haters at an early age. As a blogger you are in public, you are easily attackable and an easy target. Lots of people just don't know any limits on the Internet and especially as a blogger you reveal a lot of private things about yourself. Some people just enjoy finding out things about you and then picking up on them. You actually have to learn to deal with it first and it took me some time to ignore it as much as possible. But that is what I can advise those affected - just delete and ignore, because if they cannot be heard, then at some point they will leave it.
If you are a blogger and z. If, for example, you work with WordPress like I do, you can understand the IP addresses of the people and notice, as in some cases with me, that it is often the same people. It is good to know when you think that five different people have had you, but that there is only one person who wants to make life difficult for you. "

What do you like most about your job and what do you like less?

Masha: “What I love about my job is the freedom and the fact that I can and even have to deal with the things that I particularly love and that I particularly enjoy. I basically make money being me.
Of course, there are also disadvantages. I am self-employed, i. H. I don't have a fixed salary and am constantly dependent on getting enough jobs. You have to be prepared for the fact that it can be over from now on.
And although you are occupied with beautiful things, you end up having very little free time. I work every day from Monday to Sunday, so vacation and weekends are almost impossible. You have to cut back a lot in your private life, but my work is my life, so it basically runs into each other. You just have to be aware of this constant availability and be able to live with it. "

What are the biggest prejudices you have to deal with in your job?

Masha: “First and foremost, many think blogging is not a real profession. Of course it is, that's how I end up making a living!
One is often smiled at and viewed as a stupid fashion-loving girl who has somehow got lucky. Some just don't want to see how much work is behind it and that you have to be pretty clever to do it. That's annoying, but at some point you learn to deal with it. "

What advice do you have to those interested who also want to become a blogger? What is the best way to do this?

Masha: “If you really want to blog full-time, you shouldn't even start with the intention of blogging full-time, because that destroys a blog that should be personal and must be run with a lot of love.
You shouldn't put everything on one card because it usually takes several years and you are in a large shark tank, where a plan B is definitely advisable. Therefore, I would recommend everyone to start an apprenticeship or study at the same time and to see in which direction the blog is developing. And then when you realize that there are more and more readers, the inquiries grow and you become better known, then you can still decide to just concentrate on blogging, as was the case with me. My economics studies, even if not completed, had a positive impact on me in many ways. In any case, it is always important to be patient and stay on the ball, which is sometimes the greatest challenge for most.
Finally, I can only give you the advice: Be yourself and stay true to yourself - that is the be-all and end-all of blogging. "

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Cover picture: © Masha Sedgwick

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