How does Quora deal with false reports

What a stroke of luck: Several Internet users are now reporting that they have been given thousands of Bitcoins out of nowhere. But can you keep them?

What actually happens when you encrypt bitcoins? Or the cell phone with coins on it was stolen? Certainly some worried users ask this from time to time. But vice versa, the question also arises: What if someone sent bitcoins to the wrong account - mine? Can I keep them - or will I be punished if I don't return them?

Bitcoins "given" in the millions - can I keep them?

This thought also haunted an anonymous user when he excitedly posted on the US question portal Quora that he allegedly just received a whopping 18,500 bitcoins worth 66.6 million euros. The lucky one, however, did not know from whom. Another user also claimed on the platform that he got 2,042 Bitcoins (around 7.3 million euros) out of nowhere.

According to the start-up scene, both are said to have asked for advice on the question portal on what to do with it now. After all, it is often difficult to find the owner because of the encrypted blockchain technology behind it. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether these transactions really happened like this, after all, the sums involved are suspiciously high.

Nonetheless, other Quora users immediately came to their "help" - and advised them to go into hiding with the money. Provided that the previous owner was involved in criminal activities. Because researchers were able to find out the IP address - and thus the exact location - of up to 60 percent of the Bitcoin transactions examined in 2014. And the original owner could also do that.

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Legal procedure: "Free" Bitcoins must be taxed

But what does it actually look like legally? If I happen to get bitcoins, will they be mine? "No," says Florian Gatz, IT lawyer and president of the Federal Blockchain Association, to the start-up scene. "It is a Case of unjust enrichment. There is a right to surrender according to ยง 812 BGB. "

But how do you give it back if the sender can no longer be found? After all, some send addresses are only valid for a short time. And a Referral back could be bad for both sides - by losing bitcoins. If the sender's claim expires due to a lack of identifiability, according to Gatz, "the amount should of course be taxed. It may be possible to define it as a gift."

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How to avoid taxation of Bitcoins

But it's not that simple: You can do it like one free gift, for example, like a Christmas present. But since Bitcoins are not considered an official means of payment in Germany, but are considered a foreign currency, a different strategy has to be found. And it goes like this: You wait a year and then sell the "free" bitcoins.

Only at this point in time are profits from trading in Bitcoins generally considered tax-free for private individuals. Otherwise there is a risk of taxation - and that can turn out to be in the millions, as in the case of a donation of 18,500 Bitcoins. After all, the statutory exemption for so-called speculative transactions is just 600 euros.

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