How will you enjoy life without nothing

Enjoy life - 5 tips for more joy in everyday life

Do you sometimes feel like you're caught in the rut of your life? Do you have an inkling that you have lost sight of the beautiful things a little? Do not worry. Because in this article you will learn how to enjoy life again.

You wake up in the morning and the alarm goes off.

Another day again. A new routine. Gray weather. Bad mood.

There are times in life when it is not so easy for us to stroll through world history in a good mood. Sometimes we don't even know why. We'd rather hide, fall asleep and wake up completely happy.

The interesting thing is: It is precisely these times that give us one or the other Strategy for a more active seizure of our happiness demand.

It is for this reason that I wrote the following article. In the following lines you will find out how you can enjoy your life again with the help of 5 tips.

1. Enjoy life: start with yourself

Try new things

If you are in danger of sinking a little too much into gray everyday life, it is worth trying something new.

By doing this you start doing that To look at life from a different perspective again. You sniff a little fresh air, so to speak, and create the chance to become more aware of the abundance and beauty of life again.

Are you lacking in creativity?

Here are a few examples of new things you can try:

  • Treat yourself to a short vacation - learn one new city or a new land
    If this is not organizationally possible for you, a district that you have not yet dared to visit is sufficient. Or a restaurant that you've always wanted to try.
  • Overcome yourself again.
    Do it in the cold too outside sportgo ice bathing or try something else that you've never done before. Or that you otherwise lack the courage to do.
  • Learn something new.
    Read an interesting book. Learn a new language. Or take one exciting workshop part.

There are no limits to your creativity when trying out new things

You will find that sometimes even small changes are enough to get a ball rolling in your life. Not just because these changes can affect the way you view life and your frame of mind. Often through these changes you get to know interesting people who will accompany you on your further life.

If you want to enjoy your life to the fullest, try something new every now and then.

Get into the flow

I love the term Flow.

What is meant is a state in which the things that we do from one certain ease are fulfilled. A state in which we are at the same time completely relaxed and highly focused as productive are - one with the world and without resistance to what is happening.

Most of the time we reach this state while doing a certain activity for which we are motivated from within. But we can also manage to spend large parts of our lives in flow.

Sounds great, doesn't it? But how do you manage to get into the flow now?

Work in flow & enjoy life

Even if science is still not one hundred percent sure how the flow works best, it is largely agreed that a few factors favor this state in a certain activity:

  • Have a clear goal in mind.
    You should know where you want to go and where you are right now. Therefore, when you take on a new task, it should always have a clear goal. It is also helpful if you can clearly measure your progress towards your goal. Like a book that tells you how many pages you have already read at any time.
  • Avoid being overwhelmed.
    A surefire way to get out of the flow is through stress and excessive demands. A task should therefore put you in demand exactly the right amount - Not too much and not too little.
  • Give yourself breaks.
    Not only being overwhelmed is a flow killer. Time pressure also ensures that you leave this state very quickly. So you should always enough time for breaks when you take on a new task. You can then still decide whether you want to take this time up.

Without Flow, stunts like this would not be possible at all

Follow your values

How do you manage to lead a life in constant flow?

The key to this is integrity.

What do I mean by that?

If you are regularly in a Conflict with your own values - for example, where you say one thing but act differently - it becomes pretty pretty for you find it difficult to achieve a state of flow.

If your Thoughts, words, feelings and actions however to match, will be yours Life very much more fluid and more harmonious run away.

By the way, this is not always easy. If you want to enjoy your life, however, you should still make an effort to be true to yourself - and to follow your own values.

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Know your needs

Only when you've found out what things are good for you, you will really be able to enjoy your life.

  • What activities do you enjoy? Which ones charge you up?
  • What harms you, puts you in a bad mood or pulls you down?
  • What types of people do you want in your life? How much contact do you need with these people?
  • Do you have needs that are repeatedly neglected in your life? What ways can you find to meet these needs?

Once you start answering these kinds of questions, you begin to track down your own needs. Little by little you will also learn to respond more to these needs.

Do you want to enjoy life? Listen to your needs.

If you're having trouble figuring out whether something is good for you or not, just ask yourself the following question:

Does that feel good right now?

You may now be surprised at the simplicity of this question. And that's no wonder either. To listen to our feelings is a skill that we use a lot these days forgotten to have. The above question can help you regain access to this ability. And that way you will be able to enjoy life again.

2. Enjoy life: Experience your environment in a completely different way

Enjoy the little things in life

It's the many little things that make life worth living.

You may have heard this saying before. And even if it may seem a little trite - there is a lot of truth in the saying.

People who can enjoy small things can enjoy life better. This has now been proven by enough studies.

Therefore, begin to consciously focus your focus on these things.

  • Pause
    Several times a day, draw your attention to what is currently beautiful - the chirping of birds around you, the company of a great person or the delicious foodthat is standing in front of you.
  • Practice gratitude.
    Make yourself aware of the abundance in your life by exercising gratitude on a regular basis. You can do it for example three things a day list that you are grateful for that day.
  • Sweeten your day.
    Do you have the feeling that there just aren't enough beautiful things in your life right now? Never mind. Then just start helping your satisfaction a little. For example with one Relaxation bath in the evening, a great movie or a cooking evening together with friends.

Enjoy life often means enjoy little things

You may have thought that some people are naturally better able to enjoy little things. And even if this is true to a certain extent: In general, that you can learn to enjoy the finer things in life.

3. Enjoy life: Invest in friendships & relationships with other people

Where we are already at the much quoted wisdom of life:

"Shared pain is half of the pain" is another saying that has a lot of truth in it.

Just as joy shared doubles - or at least increases.

Because of this, it is imperative to you to be surrounded by great peopleif you want to enjoy life.

Not only because you can have fun and exciting adventures with them.

Good friends also listen to you, give you security and cheer you up if you are not doing so well. Are there for you - just as you are there for them.

Actually pretty natural, right?

Well, unfortunately not always. Because nowadays we have become more and more used to it, as a lone warrior through the world to go. The setting "I can do it alone" Sometimes it gets in our way more than it helps.

Friendships make life worth living

In addition, due to Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. we have forgotten what real friendship means. We forgot a couple Text messages are no substitute for an honest, intense conversation can.

That the number of our Facebook friends matters less. And more that we a person in our life to whom we can entrust our deepest fears and worries - as well as our happiest experiences.

Do you want to enjoy your life?

Then invest in fulfilling relationships:

  • Learn to listen and understand the people around you.
  • Give your time, smile, and attention to the people around you.
  • Create memories together with your friends that you will not easily forget.

You will find that in good company you can easily enjoy life.

And even if it may appear that way now and then - a content life is not rocket science. It's mostly the simple things that make us a little happier every day. That put a smile on our faces and warm our hearts.

So start doing a little more of these things every day. Soon you will be enjoying life.

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