What are different philosophical perspectives

Time perspectives

Different perspectives on a fundamental dimension of our world

Time is a fundamental dimension in which we move both as biological-physical and as spiritual beings. Time appears in different manifestations: among other things as physical time, as perceived time, as social-intersubjective time and as historical time. Accordingly, the subject of time has always been the subject of fundamental discussions in various philosophical sub-disciplines - from metaphysics to the philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind to the history of philosophy and ethics. However, the connections and similarities between these discussions are comparatively little treated. This project aims to partially close this gap and show to what extent certain time-theoretical beliefs and assumptions from one sub-discipline (or one philosophical tradition) have consequences for assumptions in other sub-areas of philosophy. As a result, the project develops its own multi-perspective view of the subject of time without falling prey to a philosophical reductionism.

One of the specific questions that will be dealt with in the course of this project concerns the relationship between time and suffering. Both were and are often thought to be closely linked: historically one might think of Plato, Böhme and Spinoza, for example; With a view to contemporary philosophy, for example, traditions as diverse as phenomenology and analytical philosophy. Again and again it is asserted here that the feeling of suffering presupposes a certain form of awareness of and for the past and the future. And it is precisely at this point, which moves in the border area of ​​metaphysical, spiritual-philosophical and normative questions, that the approaches from these different traditions can be fruitfully related to one another and mutually complemented.

These investigations also allow a distinction to be made between variable and invariant aspects of our conception of time. This distinction also shows possible starting points for a philosophical revisionism. In particular, avoidance of suffering, so the assumption, is only possible through a revision of our conception of time - and such a revision can obviously only take place with regard to the variable aspects of this conception. A particularly simple case of such a variable aspect is current metaphorical idioms that view time as a material substance or economic resource and misleadingly speak of "time savings", "time costs", "time pressure", "time lack" and the like.

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