What are some cool whatsapp tricks

The best WhatsApp tricks - with these 12 tricks to become a messenger professional!

1. Blue ticks and Last online- Deactivate display

Sometimes quite practical - but a nuisance for many users: the appearance of the blue tick as soon as you have read a new message. After all, you don't want to have to listen to accusations or feel pressured if you don't immediately respond to a message on a stressful day.

The problem is similar, what the Last online-Status concerns. Overly curious contemporaries can easily determine when you were last on your smartphone, whether you should have already taken note of a new message or even how long you spent the night around your ears.

The solution: the read message and the Last online-Deactivate status!

It's that easy:

Under Settings >> Account >> Data protection, remove the tick next to “Read confirmations” and nobody can see whether a received message has already been read or not. Under the same menu item, you can also set whether every user, only their own contacts or nobody can see when they were last online.