What is 1 square meter

Calculate square meters - this is how it works

You should be able to calculate a square meter if, for example, you are laying tiles or want to determine the room size of the apartment or house. In everyday life it is always necessary to master this calculation. In this article we will show you how to calculate a square meter.

This is how you can easily calculate a square meter

You can calculate the square meters yourself in just a few steps. With it you can not only calculate the size of a room, for example to renew the floor, but also calculate the loading area of ​​trucks in order to calculate loading meters.

  • Take a folding rule and measure the length and width of the room on the floor. Make a note of both numbers and then multiply them.
  • If your room is about 5 meters long and 3 meters wide, then the number of square meters in your room is 15. The calculation in this example would be 5 x 3.
  • Tip: If you calculate all the rooms in this way and then add the results together, you get the total square meters of your apartment or house.
  • If your room is not completely rectangular, for example because it has a niche, then divide the room into individual rectangles and calculate the square meters of the individual rectangles separately. Then add the results together to get the total area.

How to calculate a square meter with unequal sides

If you want to calculate the number of square meters for sides of the room of different lengths, proceed as follows:

  • Drag a diagonal from one corner to the opposite corner. This is possible, for example, with an adhesive tape on the floor. It does not matter which of the corners you choose. Measure the length of this diagonal.
  • Then you need to measure how far this diagonal is from the two leftover corners. To do this, take the folding rule and place it at a 90 ° angle to the diagonal. Run the folding rule to the corner and note the length. Do the same for the other corner.
  • Now you have divided the room into two triangles. We have explained to you how to calculate the area of ​​a triangle in another practical tip.

Calculate square meters for a circle

You can also calculate the number of square meters for a circle. The circular area calculation is carried out as follows:

  • For this you need the radius of the circle. You can find this out by drawing a straight line from one side to the other of the circle and measuring the length of this line. The measured length is the diameter. To get the radius, halve this value.
  • For example, if the diameter is 5 meters, the radius is 2.5 meters in length.
  • To calculate the number of square meters there is the formula:Radius² · pi. Plug the measured length into the formula.
  • If you don't have a calculator with a π symbol, you can use 3.14 instead of pi instead.

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In order to renovate your apartment, you should also know the square meters. In another practical tip, we will show you which tools you need to renovate your home.

(Tip originally written by: Jennifer Schneider)