How do you harm yourself deeply

Injured people often hurt other people too

The problem with injured people is that they think what they do is normal because they don't know anything else.

Last update: 03 January, 2019

Almost all of us have been injured by others on several occasions. But have you ever wondered why people do this? Hurt people can hurt others.

We only think about ourselves, but we hardly think about what is going on in the other person and what is causing the hurtful behavior.

Sometimes have hurt people endure so much that they are bitter and don't know the difference between good and bad.

Perhaps they are simply trying to protect themselves through their wrong behavior and do not even notice that they are hurting others so as not to get hurt themselves.

Injured people have suffered badly

First, let's give a few examples to understand why some injured people act like this:

  • Imagine someone who has been abused from childhood and has seen a parent being abused as well. The affected person subconsciously believes that this behavior is normaland therefore acts in the same way.
  • Even if that person is deeply hurt and hurt, they can also abuse their life partner or be violent when someone objects.
  • If this type of aggression is experienced in adulthood, the person concerned may act in the same way in future relationships to prevent them from being hurt again.
  • Some of those affected think quite unconsciously: "Better the other than myself again."

Even people who lacked affective attention can show this behavior. They often suffer from terrible emotional addiction.

How much can this hurt?

Jealousy, the need to control one's life partner so as not to be abandoned, feelings of guilt ...

The partner can feel drained in such a relationship because it is toxic.

How can you deal with an injured person?

We cannot change anyone, not even the injured person. Everyone has to become aware of this for themselves, but this is not always easy.

Others find it difficult to influence this process of consciousness. In most cases, the actions of those affected are not intended, but they have to become aware of it themselves.

So what can we do? The following advice can help:

  • Keep a certain distance. Sometimes they will try to manipulate you. In other cases, you may discover their past and feel sorry for them as a result. Even so, you have to think of yourself and protect yourself. If you still want to approach them, then be careful and if you reach your limits, then dinance yourself.
  • Avoid doing what they do. Affected people are deeply hurt and will not change if you act the same as them. This only adds to their self-esteem. If you notice that they are hurting you, keep your distance!
  • Don't tell them what to do. Nobody can help another person if they don't want to. You cannot change their character, no matter how hard you try.

Accept them

The best decision is to accept the injured person for who they are. Each of us has been hurt before, and many of us have hurt others without wanting to.

Our instinct for survival does not always act correctly. He knows no values, norms or rules. He just wants you to survive and overwhelm what you experienced.

A child who abuses another at school is likely to have low self-esteem and major problems at home.

Of course you have to try to improve this behavior and also the living conditions of this child,there are experts who can help. If nothing is done in childhood, it becomes all the more difficult in adulthood.

If the injured person is already an adult, then it can only be they who open their eyes and notice what is wrong with them. Only then can she seek help herself and stop hurting others.

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