How can I expand my vocabulary every day

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Read. But not necessarily Stern, and BILD ...
Play Scrabble, crossword puzzles, ...
But yes. Enter every strange or strange word online in the browser search line and translate or explain it with wikpedia, synonyms or
1. Read ....
2. Reading ....
3. Communicate .....
Create a flash card box in which you can store new words that you stumble upon and learn and repeat in a targeted manner.
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The croissant
Instead of asking stupid questions, first look for answers yourself!
July 1955
Probably the best way to expand your vocabulary is to read a lot. Everything that could be interesting such as non-fiction and specialist books, crime novels, novels, magazines, technical instructions. It is best to combine different areas of knowledge. If a word appears whose meaning you do not understand, look it up in the Duden. In this way it is particularly memorable. Make contacts e.g. at exhibitions, trade fairs. There is a lively exchange of ideas and you are learning again.
Sophia Arnold
Yes of course. The easiest way that anyone who can read can take to heart is actually reading. Here you should simply not commit yourself to any reading and not read genre but across the board. And preferably no simple novels either. Rather demanding things. Of course, you can also scroll through a synonym dictionary.
The easiest way to do this is by confronting previously unfamiliar language, e.g. by reading different literature. Demanding television and radio broadcasts can also help. It is also very helpful to look up words that you have never heard of before. Another exercise is to make a short list of words that you use very often and consciously avoid them.