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Myanmar Travel Guide & Travel Literature: The Best Books on Myanmar

Myanmar is one of our all-time favorite travel destinations. We pored over guidebooks across the country and read a lot of novels set in Myanmar. We present our favorites to you here.

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Even if we as travel bloggers are digitally on the move almost always and everywhere, we still prefer the printed version of books and travel guides.

We have dealt very intensively with the choice of the best travel guide for Myanmar and here we will show you which travel guide we have chosen.

There are also some very good novels that are set in Myanmar and are a nice way to get in the mood for the trip or to help wake up memories of this wonderful country after the trip.

So in this article we not only introduce you to Myanmar travel guides, but also novels about Myanmar.

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The best travel guide for Myanmar

Much has happened in the Myanmar travel guide market in recent years. As the country becomes more and more popular as a travel destination, the travel guide publishers have increasingly brought new editions onto the market.

Our favorite: Stefan Loose's travel guide to Myanmar

We had the Myanmar travel guide from Stefan Loose Verlag with us on our trip and can warmly recommend it to you.

The Loose for Myanmar has been published for many years and the four authors are real experts on the country. The contents are well researched and the structure is super practical to travel around the country individually.

Even if it is said again and again that Myanmar is changing rapidly (which, by the way, we don't see it that way), the information on prices and bus times were almost always surprisingly up-to-date.

A brand new edition of the travel guide was published at the end of 2019. 672 pages Price: 24.99 euros.

To the travel guide from Stefan Loose

New: Lonely Planet Myanmar

In addition to the Loose travel guides, the Lonely Planet is one of the classics among travel guides for Southeast Asia.

For a long time, the Lonely Planet for Myanmar was only available in English. In January 2018, a German-language Lonely Planet travel guide for Myanmar was published for the first time.

500 pages are available for 24.99 euros.

To Lonely Planet Myanmar

Alternative: DuMont Travel Guide Travel Guide Myanmar

Before our trip we also ordered the newly published Myanmar travel guide from DuMont Verlag.

At first glance, it looks more valuable than the loose. The paper is thicker, the design is nicer, which is mainly due to the larger number of color photos.

Overall, however, it was less extensive in terms of content and the Loose is definitely the better choice, especially for individual travelers. If you have booked an organized tour, the DuMont is definitely not a bad choice.

The high-quality paper also had another disadvantage for us: Although the DuMont travel guide is almost 150 pages less than the loose, the book is thicker and heavier. That's why we left him at home. 488 pages, price: 25.99 euros.

To the Dumont Travel Guide to Myanmar

Compact: Vis-à-Vis Myanmar Travel Guide

The Vis-à-Vis guides are best known for being very detailed, especially in the areas of history and culture, even if the guide book is relatively compact with 256 pages.

So if you want to deal very intensively with the history of the individual temples and pagodas in Myanmar, you are certainly not wrong with this travel guide.

A nice addition is a small mini cookbook with 11 typical recipes from Myanmar's kitchen. 256 pages, price 22.90 euros.

To the Vis-à-Vis travel guide to Myanmar

Books about Myanmar: Our reading tips

In addition to a travel guide, we recommend four novels with which you can delve even deeper into the country.

Amitav Ghosh: The Glass Palace

The Glass Palace is one of my all-time favorite books. It tells a family story that takes place over several generations.

The book begins with the abdication of the last king from the glass palace in Mandalay and ends in Yangon of the present. In between, the family history leads across Myanmar, India and Malaysia.

An exciting, captivating book that you hardly want to put away. Absolute reading recommendation! 624 pages, price: 12.99 euros.

To the book

George Orwell: Days in Burma

Days in Burma is the absolute classic among Myanmar books. No wonder it is sold by many street vendors in Myanmar.

Most of the time, however, these are only copied copies, mostly in English. From time to time we saw copies of the German version.

George Orwell, the one with his books 1984 and Animal farm became famous, was stationed as a policeman for the British colonial power in Burma for 5 years and writes about this time in this book.

Very interesting insight into the history of the country. Worth reading! 336 pages, price: 12.00 euros.

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Inge Sargent: Twilight over Burma

Inge Sargent comes from Austria. During her studies in the USA, she met her future husband, a true prince from Myanmar.

In 1953 she moved to his homeland with him and suddenly became a princess. In this book she writes about her life and the exciting time as a Shan princess.

Super interesting autobiography about a fairy tale come true. 384 pages, price: 12.95 euros.

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Jan-Philipp Sendker: Listening to the heart

Listening to the heart - the title sounds a bit sappy and this book is actually a romance novel. But it is by no means as cheesy as the title suggests.

Julia sets off from the USA in search of her father, who suddenly disappeared years ago.

She has a 40-year-old love letter with her that takes her to a village near Kalaw.

A very nice story! 304 pages, price: 9.99 euros.

To the book

A second part has now appeared. The book Hearts Voices takes place 10 years after the first part. I haven't read it myself yet, but the reviews are overwhelmingly good. 352 pages, price: 9.99 euros.

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Do you also have a book or travel guide tip for Myanmar?

These were our recommendations for travel guides and novels about Myanmar. Which travel guide did you travel with? Do you know any other great book about Myanmar that we absolutely have to recommend here? We look forward to your comment!