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Poll: is managed WordPress hosting worth the extra cost?

Paying for managed WordPress hosting services can be expensive, but is it really worth it if you're a small to medium business owner or blogger?

WordPress powers 38.5% of the internet and more popular with business owners and bloggers, it's not surprising that some people prefer extra care when it comes to hosting services.

However, not all managed WordPress hosting services are created equal, and for some users it may not be worth it at all. To get to the bottom of this, we decided to conduct a survey asking users if they were thinking about the cost of managed WordPress hosting.

Also, we're going to cover a few topics related to WordPress managed hosting and the factors that can help you determine whether or not it's worth the extra cost.

5 big takeaways from our survey

We recently sent out a survey to a number of people asking what their thoughts and opinions are about WordPress managed hosting. The results were very interesting to say the least.

1. 52.2% of users say managed WordPress hosting is worth the extra cost

More than half of those surveyed say managed WordPress hosting services are definitely worth the extra cost. The reason for this is that you get professional support and curated server services to handle a large amount of traffic.

[bctt tweet = ā€¯Survey: 52.2% of users think WP managed hosting is worth the extra cost. "Username =" WHSRnet "]

2. The rest believe they can do it themselves

While more than half think the extra support and server performance are worth the extra cost, the rest of the opinion think it's not worth it as they have the knowledge to handle all of the technical parts themselves if the professional support becomes pointless.

3. Support is the biggest problem for most users

One of the biggest problems with hosting services for users is the quality of the support. Given that this service is about ensuring that extra attention to detail, good support is probably the main consideration, especially for WordPress users on the survey.

4. Most users pay $ 6 / month and more for hosting

At least 82.6% of survey users currently pay at least $ 6 a month to host their websites. This should come as no surprise, as most shared hosting, small business hosting, and WordPress hosting services fall within this price range.

# 5: Users choose managed WordPress hosting when they can't do it themselves

If they didn't have the knowledge or time to handle the technical aspects on their own, most users would choose to use managed WordPress hosting services.

Recommended managed WordPress hosting

1. Kinsta

Kinsta is a name that many should be familiar with, although its niche is very specific. They are only aimed at WordPress users who are looking for top-notch performance at all costs. In this regard, it has gained a great reputation among enterprise users and is highly recommended by advanced developers as well.

Hosting a WordPress site with ~ 20,000 visits and 10GB of storage costs $ 300 per year.

2. WPX hosting

WPX Hosting only offers two things - lightning-fast WordPress hosting and domain names. Their cloud-based hosting runs on WPX Cloud, a customized CDN that is combined to give users the ultimate WordPress performance. This host has already been recommended by famous bloggers and got good results in ReviewSignal tests.

The entry-level plan at WPX, which lets you host up to 5 websites with 10GB of storage, costs $ 20.83 / month when paid annually.

What happened when people switched to a WP managed host?

Success story No. 1: WHSR + WP Engine

WP-Engine is one of the best WordPress hosting companies and I have personally tested their services. One thing that stood out was their server performance, which we used to host our sister site Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR).

We just got amazing results with hosting uptime over 99%, TTFB (Time-to-First-Byte) under 250ms and an A + rating for the Bitcatcha speed test.

All of these benefits without additional fine-tuning mean that WP Engine Hosting is optimized for WordPress websites.

Success story # 2: Intelisys + LiquidWeb

We're not the only one who has benefited from the move to more WordPress-centric hosting. Intelisys is another company that has made significant improvements in terms of server performance when they switched to managed WordPress hosting with LiquidWeb.

But it also goes beyond the technical aspect. LiquidWeb offered Interlisys comprehensive support as part of its package 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gave Interlisys the confidence and ability to focus on their work without worrying about technical issues.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Right For You?


A managed WordPress host is for you if you're after ...

1. Speed

The way managed WordPress hosts are optimized makes it perfect for running WordPress websites. While exact speeds tend to vary, expect better overall performance compared to shared hosting.

2. WordPress focused tools

From free themes to multifunctional tools like JetPack, you can expect plenty of WordPress-specific programs to be available to you.

3. WordPress support

Given that you are using WordPress, you probably need WordPress experts to help you out. With managed WordPress hosting, all the experts are the experts on WordPress issues that can help you.

4. Developer friendly environment

If you're a developer or want to tinker with your website, managed WordPress hosts offer a range of developer-oriented tools. So, if you want to make custom changes or play around with your system, you can do so without worrying about the destruction of your website.


While WP managed hosting sounds utopian to many, there are reasons why this type of service might not be right for your website. Here are the two biggest drawbacks to having a managed WordPress host.

1st Prize

Across the board, managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than shared hosting services. This can be over budget for bloggers or website owners who are just starting out.

2. WordPress only

As the name suggests, managed WordPress hosting only applies to WordPress websites. If you want to try a different CMS, you'll have to start over.

Selection: what should be considered? Sign up for a managed WordPress host

As you can see from the results of our survey, there are a number of interesting statistics out there about users and how they perceive managed WordPress hosting services.

But what about you?

Whether you're a small business or an aspiring blogger, can you justify the price of using managed WordPress hosting?

The answer: it all depends on what your website needs.

Before deciding on a managed WordPress hosting plan, consider the following factors to decide if they are worth the additional cost.

1. Time and knowledge

This is often the deciding factor in whether or not to use managed WordPress hosting and whether it is worth paying a little more than the average WordPress hosting plans.

If you're someone who knows and knows about WordPress hosting, you probably don't need to hire someone else to take care of the technical aspects.

Many of our survey respondents are more than happy to manage their website themselves and believe that managed WordPress hosting isn't worth the extra when they can do it themselves.

However, if you don't have that technical know-how or don't have the time to effectively maintain a WordPress website, a managed WordPress hosting service can easily help you take care of all the technical details.

I've got used to WordPress and can manage most things there. I've been in web design / development for years and very rarely have problems these days. But I think for those who are new to WordPress and don't have a lot of experience with the websites, managed WordPress hosting might come in handy. - - Marina Barayeva

Happy where i am! I'm on a dedicated server with HostGator. I enjoy the freedom, versatility and speed of this service. - - Erik Emanuelli

Personally, I have enough technical skills to manage all of our hosting myself. I'm not a fan of the WordPress platform either, mostly because of its upsell monetization model. - - Aleksey Weyman

2. Website traffic

Let's say you have a WordPress blog or website that is growing tremendously and has a lot of traffic. Using managed WordPress hosting might be a better choice for you.

In general, regular shared hosting plans can't handle a lot of traffic because your server resources are shared with other users. So if you have used up all of the resources allocated for your website, the page will load slowly and you will need to upgrade to another plan.

With managed WordPress hosting, the amount of server resources you have at your disposal can help you handle large amounts of inbound traffic.

However, it's important to remember that unless you are getting that much traffic consistently, you are basically paying extra for server resources that you won't even use.

Knowing your website's traffic and activity is important so that you can better understand what server resources your WordPress website needs.

I think it depends on the traffic. I would definitely consider paying extra if my website regularly receives heavy traffic that shared hosting can't support and isn't optimized for WordPress. I believe that shared hosting plans from some good hosting companies are reasonable for most bloggers, and paying additional costs for managed WordPress hosting is not cost effective for them. Personally, I won't pay until I see a regular look at the site traffic. - - Harpreet Siddhu

Managed WordPress hosting plans are generally more expensive than traditional shared hosting plans. You may want to consider your traffic stats and the size of your website before choosing this hosting service. For smaller blogs, shared hosting resources are mostly sufficient. - - Devesh Sharma

3. Concerns from the hosting company

In our survey, we listed a number of concerns that users can choose from (and that they can choose for more than one option) when it comes to hosting concerns for a WordPress website.

Here are the results, starting with the greatest concerns to the smallest:

  1. 78.3% of users chose support as the biggest problem for WordPress websites.
  2. 69.6% equally agreed that optimizing security and speed is an important concern.
  3. 30.4% are concerned about the maintenance of their WordPress website.
  4. The rest were the things that users had little or no concern with when it came to WordPress websites, such as: B. Renewal costs, SSL support, WHM and cPanel surface.

If you share many of the concerns with our survey takers, signing up with managed WordPress hosting will help address many of those concerns.

For starters, there are tons of benefits you can get with managed WordPress over traditional shared hosting plans, such as: B. Better security, speed and customer support.

I would NEVER go back to traditional shared hosting. First of all, a regular shared host would not be able to handle the traffic. And that's incredibly important.

But even if I were to start a site from scratch, I would still go for a managed WordPress host because everything else is so much better too. Especially the support.

For example, I host using WPX hosting. They respond to most support tickets within 10 minutes and their servers are fast.

Shared hosts have their place and are a great option if you are on a budget, but they're not always as inexpensive as what they seem on the surface. - - Adam Connell

(Not back to conventional shared hosting) because managed is better for a busy blogger like me. - - Ryan Biddulph

4. Prepare for the growth of the website

One factor to consider when hosting WordPress is whether or not you can scale your hosting plans as your website grows. When using a shared hosting plan, you are often stuck with server resources and have very little room for scalability.

With managed WordPress hosting, you have better scalability of your website compared to a shared hosting plan.

If you have a WordPress website with a lot of visitors, you probably want the ability to scale your server resources as needed. I would definitely recommend going with managed WordPress hosting if you're willing to pay a little extra.

Yes, I would consider paying more for managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is usually more powerful and optimized to work with WordPress. Another important benefit is that growth is often more scalable than shared hosting. Comparing managed WordPress hosting to shared hosting has other benefits like security, speed, and better support.

Then you can ask the question, does everyone need managed WordPress hosting? My answer to that is no, doesn't everyone have to manage WordPress hosting?

If you have a busy WordPress website, want more scalability, and are willing to pay a little more, I would recommend managed WordPress hosting.

If you are a beginner, newbie blogger, maybe you have a small blog? It works very well with a shared hosting provider that costs a few dollars a month.

Would you consider paying extra for managed WordPress hosting? Yes I would! Managed WordPress hosting is definitely a better solution than shared hosting. - - Peter Nilsson

5. WordPress focused features

One of the advantages of using a WordPress-focused hosting service is that it usually includes features that will improve the performance of your WordPress website. Below are some of the WordPress-related features you can expect from a managed WordPress hosting plan.

WordPress features:

You can expect to pay anywhere from $ 19.95 / month to $ 37.50 / month for a managed WordPress plan. However, in addition to general features like free SSL, they offer additional features like free enterprise-level malware scanning and removal, DDoS protection, and free CDN.

In general, the average shared hosting company doesn't offer these services as part of their plans. Instead, you're more likely to use an outside provider or service to get all of these features (and they tend to get expensive!).

Absolutely not (switching to conventional shared hosting), I don't have time to bother with it, and it usually performs poorly. - - Shane

I probably wouldn't consider switching back to traditional shared hosting (from managed WordPress hosting) unless I run out of budget. Shared hosting is great for small blogs where budget is paramount and resources aren't a big issue. However, if you run a business or professional website, managed hosting can give you peace of mind, full control of your blog, and more resources. Ammar Ali

(Don't switch back to conventional shared hosting) Simply because managed WordPress hosting is more secure and powerful than conventional shared hosting. - -Abhijit Rawool


Managed WordPress hosting can be a great arsenal, but only if your website requires it. If you meet all of the necessary requirements, it is definitely worth the additional cost of a managed WordPress hosting plan. Bill Acholla, Maddy Osman, Bridget M Willard, James Hunt, and Marsha Kelly are among the website owners / bloggers who think managed WordPress hosting is worth the extra cost.

However, if you are starting out and are still a small blog or website, it may not be worth spending that much money on. Janice Wald, Bill Gassett, Adrian Jock and Ashley are among the participants who would not pay the extra charge.

Bottom line: not everyone has to use WordPress managed hosting, but if you do it is definitely worth it!

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