Who are the allies of Malaysia

In Malaysia, desire for more predictability

The outcome of the US election will not have much of an impact on the Malaysian economy. The government and the opposition have congratulated the US President-elect, Joe Biden, on his election.

It is hoped that he will return to a fairer, more reliable and more predictable bilateral relationship. Above all, the unpredictability of US actions has presented relations with new challenges over the past four years. This applies not least to the trade disputes between the USA and China. A better relationship between the two superpowers would also open up new markets for Malaysia for its exports.

However, this conflict also had its positive aspects. Several US companies have withdrawn their branches from China and relocated to Malaysia. This particularly affected the semiconductor industry. The investments from the USA in 2019 alone were around 6.5 billion US $ and thus well above those of the long-standing frontrunner China. These capital transfers increased further in the first nine months of 2020.

Even if Malaysia hopes for better relations between the US and China, the new US administration is also expected to have a "clearer edge" when it comes to Chinese expansion in the South China Sea. The exclusive focus on US interests regardless of the needs and concerns of friendly or allied states should be a thing of the past.

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